Our very own Bala Jeeju……


The adorable Bala Jiju of Yeh Hai Mohabbataein…..Angad Singh Maan of Bani…..
Pehchaan Toh Liye Honge……

Yes our very own Pankaj Bhatia, the actor behind these roles, ensures his presence captivates the audience whenever he is on screen…..Dulhan, Hawan, Sabki Laadli Bebo……he has left a mark with power packed performance in all these shows.

Happenstance talks to the handsome Pankaj Bhatia on his role in YHM and his fundas of life.

Bala is one of the most endearing characters of the show YHM. A near perfect…caring husband, a wonderful son-in-law, a dutiful father …how much of Bala is Pankaj ?

Pretty much… thats what my dad in law says… My wife can tell better whether I m a caring hubby or not but yes I m trying my level best to be a dutiful father (as I ve recently become a father) and learning new things with each passing day… Let’s c…

YHM a late night show, 11 pm slot, nonetheless managed to climb up the TRP charts upsetting quite a few big wigs on prime time. What’s so unique about the show? How is it being a part of this wonderful journey?

Oh yes… When YHM got an 11 pm slot after a good delay of 8 months we all were shattered to the core but Ekta told us that we have a challenge to convert the late night slot into a prime time slot… Best part about YHM is dat all the actors were specifically told not to act… May be that is the reason why the show is looking so real and fresh and also inter links between different characters is USP of YHM .. Oh it’s a wonderful experience being associated with YHM…


Vandita, your wife in the show holds a better position in college, she is the Principal and you are a professor. Yet there is a strong influence on each other, a mutual sense of values, an unsaid understanding, facing the world together. Is this just a fictional phantasm? Are relationships such as this possible in real life?

Yes why not… I’ve seen couples like these in real life too where wife earns more than the husband… Especially in our profession where both are actors or freelancers sometimes (actually at times) women are employed for a longer period of time than their husbands…..


Bala Jiju and Ishita share a special bond. It’s a pleasure to watch them stand up for each other and be the much required strength at times of dilemma and quandary. What do you think makes this relationship so special?

For this I would like to give credit to the writers of the show who have essayed this bonding so well… Ishita and I are more of friends as compared to jiju n saali… Div is a wonderful actor and very flexible too…

Unlike most fictional shows that run a risk of getting things all wrong when it comes to mundane realism, YHM is a paragon of near factual accuracy. How would you compare this show to the others that you have been a part of?

YHM is very different… Interlinkage of characters is very good and above all story is very good… Would I have not been part of Yhm I would have been definitely watching this show… YHM gives me a lot of Creative Satisfaction…

Chandigarh Ki Galiyon Se Mumbai Di Galiyaaan ……Kaise ??? What was the journey like?

Like a dream… Never thought that I could make it a reality but I literally kept praying to God about realisation of my dream and how it all happened and when did it happen, I did’t even come to know…..

After quite a few daily shows, a role as Vibhishan in Mahadev. How was it to portray Vibhishan, the great satvic King of Lanka?

I’ve shot for this role for 7 to 8 days only but the experience was really good…

Ab Kuch Khatti Meethi and Chatpatti Batein……Dil Se…..

Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi ….Woh ek Khwaish jispe dum nikle ????? Filmfare….

Sapnon Ka Shehar ??? Mumbai

Khatti Meethi Yadein ? Meeting my wife for d first time

Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai ? Sab kuch Achcha achcha sa lagta hai

An actor/Actress you would love working with ? Aamir khan (I ve his autograph also on my car’s steering)

A day off shooting …how does it look? Sleep sleep and sleep

Dream vacation locale ? Kashmir during snow

Chalte Chalte Yuhin Koi…. Kabhi Mila Tha ? Kaun?? Top secret…

A particular role, a dream role that you aspire for ? A Mentally retarded man…

Congrats on the new addition to the family. Parenthood is one of the best journey’s in life, Enjoy the ride.
Wishing many more exciting work and projects your way.


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