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Sheetal Singh speaks to us……..


Happenstance wishes Sheetal Singh many more exciting and thrilling projects.


Get Your Shine On…….

Creativity at its best from Tanvi Agarwal…..


Some Mind Blowing creations from Krithika Rao…..


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Saray raah jo unsay nazar mili …….



And it is some serious magic, you don’t think it’s possible, you don’t believe in it but “abracadabra” and you’re in love with him.

What’s great is that he is not your average poster boy, I mean he honestly would destroy a Fair and Handsome ad and the company along with it (which doesn’t seem like such a bad thing in retrospect). He isn’t even good looking, as good looking men go. If you’ve been hearing a lot about him, searching on google for his pictures is not a great idea either because that would just turn you off him. But watch him act,.. not just any show but NBT and you realize he’s charming. A couple of episodes down the line he becomes cute, intense, adorable and then, before you know it he is downright handsome! It’s crazy I know, but it happens,……true story!!!


Why I said “not just any show” is not because he wasn’t a good actor earlier, in fact if you watch his old performances now, you realize that he was very good even back then, when no one noticed him. It’s because Mohan, is pretty much him. It has come up many times that the character Mohan is a lot like Kunal and that is exactly how this spell has been cast on us, because that is what all of us are, isn’t it? Spell bound. All the sarcastic humor, guilt, good nature, pain, everything, it’s all him. And that is why it is so easy to become involved with him.

To love Mohan is to love Kunal. And you might have noticed that as they first changed his character in season 2 and then his entire personality, the spell’s hold on us started to loosen. It won’t break of course because it lives through Kunal, but as the daily spell-strengthening ritual of watching Mohan (read Mohan from Season 1) came to an end we all experienced a sudden disconnect, a sense of unreality and betrayal. Because this new Mohan, we didn’t know him.

Kunal being a brilliant actor still had us cry during the scene in the Awaz India office with Nanhi, after he discovers her identity, but I’m still not with the season 2 Mohan, like I was with our Mohan. Then came Vasu, and Kunal proved again that he is a victor, you throw anything at him and he will conquer it. How cute is it when talks in Marathi, right?! The last few months saw a revival of Kunal, thus reviving us from the enchanted sleep we had all seemed to be falling into. The parts with Vasu were great, unpolished and rude (but in a totally different sensibility from Mohan), Kunal managed to bewitch us all over again and in an all new avatar! But still, somehow, it just couldn’t match up to the sensation started by Mohan Bhatnager.


Of course a great deal of the credit also goes to the character Mohan, if not for him we would never have met the great person behind him. And if not for Kunal, the character of Mohan would never have developed into what it did. But that’s just it, it’s Kunal and it has always been him.

He’s damaged and flawed and so very real. Mohan becomes real to us because Kunal is and reality always warms your heart and touches your soul. Makes you want to help someone, wipe their tears, cover their wounds, be with them while they heal and keep them safe. So much of his on screen magic comes from his real life that you cannot but feel for him and I don’t know if he relates his life to that of his characters’, but in my head he does and that just fuels the whole craze.


So, not meaning any disrespect, cast Mohan out of your minds I say. Let’s give it up for Kunal. Cheers to him and his attitude that colours all his actions. And cheers to that piercing, knowing gaze of his that stirs our souls and keeps the magic living.

— Signed as a FAN —-


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A chat with Shashank Bharadwaj

The followers of our blog which comprise of a lot of NBT fans will be delighted to know that we have with us for a telephonic interview none other than Shashank, the director who have had a lot to do with adding to the magic of NBT and which kept us glued to the screens. Today we will not only get to know of his experiences and some behind the screen masala but will also get to know him better

Shashank where are you basically from and how did you land in Mumbai?

I am basically from Indore. I came to Mumbai to meet my brother, see the industry, how they work and how I can get into the industry. I am lucky that I got to meet and know the right kind of people.

Was Direction a choice?

Yes, direction was a choice for which I had come to Mumbai, I was looking how to enter into it how to do it, and as i said I was lucky to get few good people initially so I was on the right path.

How old were you when you entered the industry and which was your first serial?

I entered the industry when I was twenty. My first project as assistant director was in a show on star plus “Kabhi aaye na judai”. After that I assisted Mr Aashish Karuna in “Kyonki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi”, “Kahani ghar ghar ki” “Arzoo hi tu” .

For a creator all his work have equal value, still what was that special show that gave you the most creative satisfaction ?

“Na bole tum” of course!!

How was NBT different since you have directed KGGK, SBKBT?

Those show were different this is completely different, the trend was different, the time was different, it was like 8- 10 yrs back! Now the trend is changed, the pace is changed. Personally if somebody asked me which TV show do you want to watch? “Na bole tum…..” or “Kyonki….” , so definitely I would love to watch Na bole tum……

How was your experience working with Kunal Kapoor and Akanksha Singh?

Awesome! Kunal and Aakanksha are very good friends of mine and they are very good actors! They both were so much into the character, so it was a great experience working with them.

Tell us about some behind the screen, interesting moments from NBT that come to your mind.

So many moments that’s difficult to recall just one. The fact is that we spent the whole shoot amidst such fun and frolic, before every scene after every scene. I can’t recall anything specific right now!!

Television is tough; the story unfolds each day, keeps changing according to demand, how easy or difficult is it to remain in groove?

This story changing is difficult for a director, you have planned something, you have designed your shot according to the story and suddenly there is a email one day, that the story is changing. It is very difficult for the director, but then its a show for the audience so it is a part of the game. We get used to it since that is how the industry works, you want to give what the audience wants and you understand that!

Success, early in life what would you attribute this to? Who is behind this successful director?

The blessings of my mother and God! She supports me completely.

That dream project which you are still awaiting…..would you share something that’s yet to unfold.

Films, movies, doing films is my dream that is where I would like to be. I have some concepts and written some stories which I would like to work on. I’m waiting for the day when I get the opportunity to do films.

We have recently watched the promos of your new serial, would you tell us something about this project?

The new show Paanch is for Channel V. I’m presently shooting for the show and it is a very different experience. It’s about college ragging. Has different type of scenes, different story, it’s of a girl who takes revenge for her sister. It’s a really nice show and I promise you you’ll like it. Please do watch it! It’ a very nice show and it’s shaping up very well!

Is it a limited format show? And who are the producers?

It’s presently planned for six month, it’s not a daily show its bi-weekly. It’s Sunshine Production, Seema Sudhir.

I must add that I’ve worked with so may production houses but sunshine and Mr Sudhir Sharma and Seema are the best producers I’ve worked with in my career!!


If you were to name one person against all the questions below, who would that be?

A director’s shoes you would like to be in? There are two names : Sanjay Leela Bansali and Himanshu Budia

Childhood friend you miss. Farid from my school days in Indore

An actor you dream directing. Mr Amithabh Bacchan

An actor actress pair you loved working with. Kunal and Akanksha

Who you feel is a challenge for you professionally? No one I have my own style

3 AM friend? I reach home by 3 am. The industry never sleeps so everyone is your 3 am friend. But I guess my brother would fit the bill!!

Godfather? God is my God father!!

— Thanks a ton Shashank for spending time with us, Happenstance wishes you the very best in all your future endeavors —

— Nita Khandekar speaks to Shashank —


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Hi Kunalians;
Here I am with my small tribute to Kunal and all the lovely Kunalians. Our day revolves around kunal and his thoughts. We watch and re-watch the videos, epis, read the interviews time and again and also enjoy the VM’s and edits, thanks to the creative bunch out there. All this just, to get a glimpse of kunal and to feel connected. Alas, we still can’t get enough of him.

So, here I have tried to express our crazy union and love for Kunal in my own way. I hope you all like it.
My Inspiration, My hero
Thank you for inspiring me to share my poem. It’s your words that encouraged me to widen my boundaries and share it with all the fans. I hope you enjoy it.
I cannot move on, before thanking you dear. Thank you for encouraging me and being there with me, in all my craziness.
Thank you guys, for letting us fans post our creations on your blog. That means a lot.

Aapka zikr hote hi..
Nazaroon main maano rang bharjaata hai..
Khwabon ki duniya mein,
Ek nasha sa chhaa jaata hai.

Anjaane log pal bhar main hi..
saath hojate hai..
Batein jo sirf aapse ho judi ,
Unhi baaton se ek safar shuru hota hai.
Aur is safar main…
Aap shamil na hokar bhi, saath rehte hain,

Koi student, to koi working woman,
Koi single hai to someone is mother..
Koi shayad aapse mohabbat karta hai,
To Koi aapki ibadat karta hai
par hum sabhi..aap par Garv karte hai

Alag alag NUKKAD SE,
Apne busy schedule mein ..
Aapki baaton ko yaad karke muskuralete hai,
AUR fursat milte hi, aajate hai..
WAHI jahan aapka thikana hai..

Aap ki ek baat par, kisse shuru kar dete hai..
Aapki Baaton se khud ko jod lete hai…
Aur aapki kahi baatein baar baar dohrate hai..
Aapse kuch kehne ki guzarish karte hai..
Aur aapke ek jawab PAR deewane ho jaate hai..
Kabhi aapki tasveer par..
To kabhi aapki keechein tasveeron par fida ho jaate hai..

Aapki khamoshi hume bechain karti hai..
Aapki germojudgi se DIL pareshan hota hai..
Aur har pal aapki ek jhalak ka intezaar karte hai..

Hum jaante hai hamari saari maange jayaaz nahi,
Par dil ko aapke siva kisi aur Se koi ummed bhi to nahi..

Aap bhi shayad soch mein padjaate honge
Hamari harkaton se kabhi pareshan bhi hote honge..
Aur phir bhi,.
Ruk kar aap hamari baatoin main shamil hote hain..
Hamari khushiyon main bhi shamil hote hain..
Khaas mauko ko aur bhi yaadgar bana dete hain..
Humare chehre par badi muskaan le aate hain..

Un lamho ke liye dil se sukhriya karte hai..
Hum deewane hai aapke.. ikrrar karte hai..
Har ghadhi
Aappki Salamati aur safalta ki chah rakhte hai..
AAP Humesha Khush rahe.
Yahi ek DUA Karte hai..

One Crazy fan —- Urmi —-


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Khelti Hai Zindagi, Aankh Micholi – Updated : 29 November 2013.

Episodes..18th Nov to 22nd Nov. and 25th Nov. to 29th Nov.

Sanjay takes Shruti with him for his ‘Shaadi Shopping’ and purchases stuff as per her choice. He then requests Shruti to attend his Sangeet function. On Sangeet Shruti feels very very envious whenever Sanjay comes close to Bhavna. She realizes how much she loves Sanjay and wants him in her life. Sanjay, who’s intentionally coming close to Bhavna notices Shruti ad once again becomes sure about her love for him. Sanjay’s mother is very much annoyed with Shruti’s presence and emotionally blackmails her by saying , ”Sanjay se shaadi karne k liye tumhe meri lash par se guzarni hogi.”

Shruti conceals her emotion and leaves the place quietly. But Sanjay overhears his mother’s words and decides to leave for U.S.A. for a job without marrying Bhavna. He clearly states that ..If his mother is not ready to understand his emotions, his love for Shruti, then why should he stay back..! He further adds he can stay back only one condition..if his mother requests Shruti to marry Sanjay and give her blessings to Shruti.


To win back Sanjay…Prabhadevi agrees, goes to Shruti’s house and blesses her with their ‘Khaandani Kangan’. Shruti is surprised to see Prabhadevi’s changed behavior. Although she keeps the kangan but fails to take the decision of marrying Sanjay immediately.
Ami is still against this marriage but Kumkumji, Shruti’s mother makes her understand the situation…Ami reluctantly agrees for her mother’s marriage to Sanjay. Kumkumji…along with Baa, ultimately manages to convince Shruti to say ‘Yes’ to Sanjay.

Shruti reaches the marriage venue where Sanjay is still waiting for her reply. True Love breaks all the barriers ‘n’ Sanjay-Shruti unites.
Sanjay becomes speechless when he sees Shruti in Dulhan’s attire..It’s the ‘dream come true’ moment for him..he says overwhelmingly ….”Dekhna chahta hu jagte huye mera sapna kaise dikhta hai…” .
Sharing their happiness, they spends some sweet moments with each other.


Finally ‘Dulha-Dulhan’ arrives at the mandap –after ‘Kanyadaan’ by Baa..they takes pheras. Sanjay not only accepts Shruti as his wife but also accepts fatherhood when he takes Khusboo with them for the last few pheras. Indeed a strong decision and a lovely scene.


Sanjay Mehta is now a happy man..’his Shruti’ has become his wife and his two best friends, Amy n Khushboo, are his children.
Khushboo is very happy and readily accepts Sanjay as her ‘papa’ but Ami who’s still very sensitive about his father Harsh refuses to accept Sanjay as his father.
Sanjay deals the issue with love n care and asks Amy to accept him as her friend only if not as her father.


He further relieves Shruti from her worry regarding Baa by taking her with them to their house.
Sanjay-Shruti..along with their daughters n Baa reaches ‘Mehta Residence’ for ‘Grihapravesh’. Except Sanjay’s father, Yogesh(Sanjay’s bro-in-law) ‘n’ Shani… Mehta parivar is not at all happy with this marriage and baa’s inclusion in their house annoy them further.
Shruti feels fortunate to have Sanjay in her life…Sanjay says that when he decided to marry Shruti, he accepted her with all her responsibilities.

Sanjay-Shruti feel complete with each other…their trust ‘n’ love for each other has brought them together and has blessed them with happiness.


Prabhadevi who’s very unhappy with this marriage plays her move and successfully bitters Shruti’s mind by informing her that Sanjay has emotionally blackmailed her to give permission for their marriage. Shruti is shocked to know this fact & it damages her relationship with Sanjay on the first night itself. Sanjay tries to justify his point of view..but Shruti refuses to accept it.

She further feels humiliated and insulted when on every step she faces ignorance from her mother-in-law and others. Baa and her daughters also face hatred of the family members.

Huge misunderstanding comes between Sanjay-Shruti.

For the time being…Prabhadevi succeeds in ruining their relationship, from Shruti’s perspective.

Will Shruti understand Sanjay?
Will Sanjay win back Shruti’s faith once again?
Will Mehta family accept Baa n Shruti’s daughters?
Will Prabhadevi spit more venom ?

Stay tuned to ZeeTV to catch latest episodes of Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi at 10pm…Monday to Friday ..

For periodic updates visit our Blog…Happenstance..Serendipity of happy discoveries…

— Sharmila Gupta Sen —