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The very first day at work, Meena realizes that it would be impossible for her to work at the same office where Mohan is a star reporter and is being praised for his recent article on Mahananda flyover scam implicating her husband Amar. She immediately decides to quit and leaves the office. Mohan understands the reason and realizing how desperately she needed the job he talks to Dhanya and makes sure that her mother joins back.. He further recommends her name to his boss Mr Praveen for redesigning the office for which Meena gets some remuneration for her work in advance through which she pays school fee for her children.


Meena is very happy about this new found independence. Meena’s mother in law Saroja is not happy with the idea of Meena going to work and when the family comes to know as to whom she is working for, everyone including widowed aunt who is usually supportive of her is extremely upset with her and they wonder what would happen when Mr Veera Raghavan come to know of this on his return back from work.


Meena through her reasoning and steadfastness convinces Mr VeeraRaghavan and others in the family that she has taken the job only for the sake of her children. Mr VeeraRaghavan empathizes with her and permits her to attend the holi party at Mr Praveen’s (Boss) house. During the party, Mr Praveen is drawn towards Meena. Ever since, Dhanya tells Mohan that her Dad was on leave on the day the papers were signed, Mohan is very intrigued and starts reinvestigating the case. On the holi day, in one of his routine missions, he comes to know that he was used by Mr Dinanath in falsely implicating Amar. He is totally devastated not just for his humiliation but at the thought doing wrong to Mrs Meena and her family.


He curses himself for not listening to his instinct which constantly urged him to believe Mrs Meena. He rushes to Mr Praveen ‘s residence where everyone is eagerly awaiting him and he apologizes to Mrs Meena. He tells Dhanya that he has found out that her Dad was not guilty and assures her that this time he will find the truth no matter what.


Meena is quite disturbed at this revelation and is not able to understand Mohan. Mohan wonders as to how to get Meena’s help /co-operation which is is important for unraveling the truth. Meena tells him that if a day can pass without him causing any problem for her, then she can think of helping him. However the day turns out to be a major disaster with both of them stuck up in the lift for a few hours. This encounter reveals the immature and innocent nature of Mohan….


This incident becomes the talk of the office and on hearing that Mohan blasts the people as he doesn’t want to let Meena’s image being tarnished. Mohan is quite annoyed to find Mr Praveen giving undue attention to her and he senses that his intentions are not good. He is quite upset as to why Meena is unable to understand this. The situation is complicated by the request of Prema ( Mrs Praveen) who is Meena’s friend to take care of her husband at the office. Mohan protects Meena from Mr Praveen’s advances during the lunch party at office , thereafter during ride back home with Mr Praveen .

On one occasion he resorts to setting up a false fire alarm to make Meena come out of Mr Praveen’s cabin. When he reveals that he did this to protect her from Mr Praveen, Meena tells him that he is doing this and all earlier acts because he is jealous of the importance given to her and that his status as star reporter is threatened.


He is deeply hurt by Meena’s reaction and when he tells this to Guru ( his house help), he relates Mohan’s feeling through the various anecdotes in the love story of his parents, indirectly conveying that he is in love with Meena. Mohan is not ready to believe this and he vows never to help anyone.


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Nenjum Pesuthe – Updated : 17 November 2013

Kahani November 15th, 2013 Tak…….


Following the newspaper report, the family is extremely angry with Mohan while all his colleagues are partying to celebrate his success at his home. Amidst this, Mohan is ill at ease and finds something amiss in the whole situation. Being a very close neighbor Meena is disgusted and pained to watch all the jubilation taking place. Unable to control his agitation, Mr VeeraRaghavan reaches Mohan’s office and flings his chappal at Mohan. The news reaches Mohan’s househelp, cook cum buddy Guru and his mother. Meanwhile Dhanya also faces lot of humiliation at school. All these developments make Mohan very remorseful and he is very pained when Dhanya breaks her ties with him. Addu in turn expresses his anger by tearing away Mohan’s motorcycle seat and puncturing the tyres. Despite her hatred for Mohan, she takes him to apologize to Mohan and pays for his damage.


Soon after, there is Shivratri festival celebration in the neighbourhood and as fate would have it, Mohan ends up saving Meena from the stampede that takes place. Mohan’s frantic attempt to mend the relationship with Dhanya fails. In one last desperate attempt, he risks going into Mr VeeraRaghavan’s household to meet Dhanya. He reveals his true self and convinces her to meet him. This is witnessed by the widowed Aunt ( Sister of Mr Veeraraghavan). Bothe these incidents set her thinking that Mohan is not really a bad person and this makes her develop a soft corner for him. This is further reiterated when Dhanya confides in the aunt (china patti) that Mohan was the one who traced her when she went missing and not her cousin brother Raju who took undue credit. Meena for her part tries to maintain the minimum courtesy that demands to be extended whenever she happens to meet Mohan.


In the mean time, Sanjay gets a new job and his wife Renu is now pressurizing him to spare money for her son Raju’s CA coaching instead of spending it on school fees for Meena’s kids Renu urges Meena to put her children in charitable school. Her taunts and humiliation is on the rise. Further, Renu listening to her friend Sangeeta’s gossip tries to malign Meena’s reputation saying that something is brewing between Meena and Mohan. Observing all this, Mr Veeraraghavan gives permission to Meena to find a job as he feels that Meena’s self respect is now at stake. She attempts to find job at various places like travel agency, school etc but she is not successful.
After the request from Mohan, Dhanya goes to meet Mohan. There Mohan showing all the evidence collected including her dad’s signed papers explains why he had to believe that her father was behind the scam. Dhanya is very hurt and dosen’t believe him. She points out that the day her Dad had signed was her birthday and that her Dad always takes holiday and that year also he had taken leave and spent time with them.


There is a fancy dress competition in Dhanya’s school. Once again due to unforeseen delay, Meena is forced to take help from Mohan to drop them at school as well as fixing the costume. Mohan hands over his phone to Meena and he forgets to collect. Mohan loves Dhanya and encourages her very much. Dhanya’s portrayal as butterfly and her sensitive message to save the environment to protect the butterflies helps her to get the Ist prize. She credits her mother for writing the poem and coming out with the concept. Noticing Meena’s creativity, the chief guest of the day (editor from a newspaper) offers a position for her in the new magazine “Manasi” which they are about to launch. Meena is very thrilled at the prospect of a new job offer and agrees to join the next day.
In the mean time, Mohan is fuming as he is unable to trace his mobile phone and on recollecting that he had left it with Mrs Meena, he is further agitated with her lack of tact to inform him. He is desperately waiting for her to arrive and soon after they start fighting. Meena tells him that even though she realizes and appreciates all the help that he has done for them but she would never ever be able to excuse him for the once incident with regard to Amar. As a fall out of this, both of them decide not to cross each other’s path and even if they see each other, they would ignore

Mohan is quite upset after this incident and wonders why every time he tries to help Meena it takes a negative direction.

Meena comes to the office without knowing that it is the same newspaper which reported of Amar’s involvement in the scam. She expresses her inability to the boss Mr Praveen who however convinces her to give it a try. Additionally she also has to face the wrath of the Star Reporter “Mohan Prasad” whose table she has been given inadvertently.
Mohan and Meena’s lives continuously cross paths and coupled with the recent developments bring in a subtle transformation in Mohan. For the first time Mohan sees a world beyond himself and slowly becomes aware of the world of Meena…..

Kunal Karan Kapoor as Mohan conveys the turmoil of fighting between his conscience and the so called truth very convincingly.
Meena played by Akanksha Singh displays the perfect restraint and strength that her character demands..

With the prospect of Mohan and Meena working together, expect more fireworks between Mohan and Meena and get your seat belts fastened as now you are on a flight for a beautiful destination …. with lots of turbulence on the way ofcourse……


— J.B.Mythili —

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Nenjum Pesuthe


Tamil channel viewers, gear up to sit back and enjoy a very unusual TV show called Nenjam Pesude on Polimer TV at 9.00 PM, Monday to Friday and retelecast at 12.15 PM, for all those sweet ladies who can’t fight with the family for the TV remote.

Nenjam Pesude is a dubbed Tamil version of the Hindi show “Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha”, all about an unusual love story between an idealistic crime reporter and a strong willed widow with two kids. The story so far …. The widow Mrs Meena and her two kids Dhanya eight years and Aditya alias Addu 6 years come to live with her in laws in Indore after the death of her husband Mr Amar mysteriously during the construction of Mahananada flyover in Bhopal for which he was the Chief Engineer. This incident renders Amar to be a corrupt man and the family to face endless humiliation which follows them to Indore.

The father in law Mr Veera Raghavan and the whole family have full faith in Amar’s character and strongly believe that he had been framed by the corrupt builder Mr Dinanath. Having faith in the judicial system, the family is very confident that the judgment of the court case which is under review for the past two years will be given in favour of Amar soon. The family with a single bread winner in the form of brother in law Mr Sanjay is supported by Mr VeeraRaghavan as an insurance agent. In the absence of an access to Amar’s money from bank accounts due to the ongoing court case, and with the arrival of Meena and her kids the family is living a hand to mouth existence.

Dhanya is a very sensitive child and a silent spectator to the whole scenario of humiliation meted to them by outsiders and taunts by her aunt Renu (wife of Sanjay) about their unwelcome entry into the household. Dhanya decides to rid her mom of all the troubles by publishing an advertisement in a newspaper seeking an alliance for her mom thinking that the new husband will bring back all the cheer in her mother’s life as it is shown in TV serials. She is able to accomplish this with the help of reporter Mr Mohan Prasad (the hero) who is incidentally working for the same newspaper and also happens to be their neighbor. All hell breaks loose after this incident and Meena and family has to once again undergo lot of humiliation and in the process Sanjay also loses his job. Dhanya and the hero Mr Mohan being in the same neighborhood to the family realize the gravity of the situation and this becomes a ground for the two to bond together.

At the same time, Mr Mohan Prasad is investigating the case of Mahananda flyover scam and discovers that Amar is none other the father of Dhanya and Meena’s husband. All the evidences about the Mahnanda flyover scam point a direct role of Amar in the scam. Confronted with a major dilemma of supporting Amar, keeping in mind the unflinching faith his family has on him or going against Amar as per the evidences collected, Mohan takes a very difficult decision and publishes the report in the newspaper implicating Amar in the Mahananda flyover scam.

This article becomes a ground to turn the case against Amar and the investigating committee also implicates Amar in the scam. The family is shattered and devastated…..
PS: A word of caution…. The show takes a very slow pace to start with but please hold on as it is going to take off to amazing heights very soon…… The serial is unique because it is about the triumphs and tribulations of a normal middle class family and the characters so simple, yet dignified with whom each one of us can identify. A lot is conveyed only through eyes and heart as the title says Nenjam Pesude….

Share your views…

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