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Ek Boond Ishq – The week that was….

Week ending 7 March 2014

Epi 125 : Jaiaraj is totally shattered as Mritunjay has to return back to prison. Dadu consoles him and confronts RP as they are kids. RP fume in anger,but hides it and leaves. Later at night Nirmala consoles Jairaj, in their room. Daija informs her that she has received a courier. Nirmala asks her to wait outside. She then checks the courier and gets shocked to see pictures of Radha being humiliated by RP.
Seeing the dates of the picture she understands that RP has played with her and Adi. She goes to confront RP. RP drags her in and threatens her that he will reveal her past of being pregnant from her lover. He then tells that how he got her married to Jairaj and reveals that he has killed her first son. Nirmala breaks down. Yug comes to see Mritunjay. He discloses that he is aware of RP’s evilness. Mritunjay tries to control him and ask him to gather proofs so that it can lead to RP’s downfall.

Next morning Tara prepares breakfast as per Mritunjay’s likes. Police enter Shekhwat mansion to arrest him. Tara pleads to RP to stop it but RP disagrees. Mritunjay hears this and takes Tara to their room. He reveals to her that how RP has trapped him in Radha’s case due to Adi and also that Adi is innocent. He takes a vow from Tara that she will save the shekhwats from RP in his absence. Cops arrest Mritunjay. Tara and Jairaj also follows the police van. Mritunjay reaches the Bhopal jail. Tara tries to enter but they stop her and Mj is taken inside. Later RP comes to prison to meet some prisoners and instructs them on something. Back in shekhwat Mansion Tara is shattered.she goes to meet Dadu .Dadu shares Mritunjay’s child hood memories with Tara. He then tells her to keep distance from RP as he’s evil. When questioned further Dadu asks Tara for Bhagavat Gita.

Tara finds it out from Daija that Bhagavat Gita is in RP’s room. She looks for Fahim, as he’s unavailable she herself goes to Rp’s room to get the book. RP is dressing as kalawati in his hideout. Tara knocks the room. He gets alert and hides. Tara finds out Bhagavat Gita and as she takes it,the secret hideout behind the book shelf opens. She gets surprised to see the materials in the room. RP is hiding and watching her. She gets scared seeing all that and runs outside the room and closes the hideout. Power goes off. Tara sees a picture of RP and she notices the eyes. She tries to correlate her meetings with kalawati and understands that kalawati is none other than RP!

Epi 126 : Power comes and Tara runs out of the room. She decides to inform about this to Mritunjay. In jail, Mritunjay is about to take his dinner,some prisoners purposely tease him,but he remains silent and controls his anger. Meethi and Adi relation further deteriorates. Nandini gets a call in the midnight. Next morning,Tara goes to prison and tries to meet Mritunjay.
Prisoners still try to instigate fight with Mritunjay. Cops drag Mritunjay and Tara sees this. Police officer orders solitary confinement for Mritunjay and refuses his meeting with Tara. Mritunjay also sees Tara. Tara is shattered. RP comes to the prison, he sees Tara and they get into a confrontation. He reveals that he’s behind all this. Tara informs him that she’s aware of his truth and challenges him that she will reveal it to the family members.
RP too challenges her back. Yug is worried and sad due to Radha’s death. Nandini consoles and cheers him up. MJ gets beaten up by the cops too and is badly injured. He wants to meet Taara. He requests them to let him meet her but they lock him in a dark room. He then hears a voice over which asks him to accept his fate there but MJ is adamant of coming out of jail to be with his love Tara. Tara decides to inform Jairaj on RP’s truth, but finds that he has gone out.she makes a call and tries to convey it to Jairaj. She informs Jairaj that Mritunjay has been given solitary confinement.

Later tries to speak about RP’s truth but Jairaj’s phone gets disconnected. Jairaj asks the driver to take him to the central prison. Niramala reaches an orphanage and tries to find out about her elder son who was born on May 16,1987. She finds out the respective page missing from the register and thinks RP must have done it. Aditya and meethi fights. Tara overhears it. As questioned Aditya asks her to question Nandini on this. Nandini gets a call from someone. She disagrees to that persons demands and starts crying, then Yug comes and calls her. He proposes her.
Tara too reaches there. Yug informs Tara about his proposal. Tara goes to nandini &ask her about her decision.

Before Nandini could answer Tara slaps her.


Epi 127 : Tara confronts Nandini and asks her why she revealed about her’s and Aditya’s affair to meethi. Tara requests Nandini to tell Meethi that she has no relation with Aditya at present,but Nandini doesn’t react. Tara challenges Nandini and informs her that if she further tries to spoil Meethi and Aditya’s relation,she will have to face Tara as her biggest enemy.
Tara leaves. Jairaj questions the Jailor and ask him to cancel Mritunjay’s solitary confinement,but he disagrees. Meethi decides to leave shekhwat mansion but later changes her decision as per Tara’s request. Tara then asks her to bring all the family members to the hall as she wants to reveal a secret. She further goes to RP’s room and takes pictures of kalawati’s room & materials. Fahim Chacha sees her, they get into an argument . He reveals that he is loyal to both RP and Jairaj. Tara is shocked to know that Fahim chacha knew about RP being kalawati. Fahim chacha requests her to delete the pictures,Tara disagrees & leaves.

In the cell,Mritunjay is weak & injured. Prisoners trick him by not giving food. Voice over from the other cell shares food with him and quotes

“Zindagi meim kisi ka madath nahi Kiya tho kya Kiya”.
Mritunjay starts to address him as ‘guruji’. Voice over tells him that he was trapped by his own loved ones before 15 yrs. Meethi,Nirmala ,Aditya and Jairaj wait for Tara in the hall. Tara reaches as she’s about to reveal the truth, RP enters. He informs, the truth is that he got married and Tara has seen them in the temple. Everyone is shocked to hear the news of RP’s wedding. Nirmala does the aarthi and asks the new Dulhan to remove her ghoonghat.
Aradhana is worried as nandini hasn’t reached. Yug is also in search of her. Aradhana is surprised to note the concern in his voice and he tells her that he is willing to accept her,she has gone astray and they can bring her to the right path. Ardhana feels happy and request him to accept Nandini. In shekhwat mansion, new Dulhan removes her ghoonghat and everyone get surprised & shocked to see nandini as RP’s wife. Jairaj even questions RP on this. Tara is outraged at this and she blasts Rudra for taking advantage of nandini. He tells her that they took this decision on their own and no one forced nandini. He further asks Jairaj to take Nandinis blessings as she’s Tayiji ,the elder Bahu of the house. Jairaj,Nirmala,Aditya & meethi take her blessings. Nandini caresses Aditya’s face. She whispers to meethi ‘sadha suhagan na raho’.
RP then asks a shocked Tara to take Nandini’s blessings


Epi 128 : Shattered Tara takes the blessings of RP & Nandini. RP asks her to decorate the bedroom for the wedding night. Nandini asks meethi to help Tara. Fahim feels sad for nandini and promises Tara that if he finds RP evil he will definitely help her in this mission of fighting against RP. Fahim leaves. Meethi joins Tara,she tells Tara that she has decided to leave shekhwat mansion.
Fire breaks out in Mritunjay’s cell and he feels suffocated, cops come to his rescue. He finds out that gurujis life too is in danger and rushes to save him. He saves Guruji and they address each other. RP gets a call from the fellow prisoners that they have acted as per his plan and succeeded in creating a short circuit in Mritunjay’s cell. He orders them to kill Mritunjay. Fahim overhears and confronts RP on this but RP misleads him by saying that he had ordered to punish the prisoners who were troubling MJ. Fahim further asks RP about his wedding to nandini but before RP could say something Nandini supports RP and thanks RP for saving her from sucidal attempt.
Fahim gets convinced and leaves,where as RP appreciates Nandini for making stories in a convincing way. They promises to help each other. Meethi leaves shekhwat mansion though Adi tries to stop her. Nirmala is annoyed due to the wedding.Tara comes there to talk to Jairaj but then she hears nandini’s scream. RP convinces her that he will hurt Nandini if she blurts out the truth. He further reveals how he tried to MJ in prison. Tara rushes to make a call to the prison and gets to know about the fire in Mj’s cell. She gets scared about nandini’s future and goes to her room.

Tara pleads to nandini to believe her and reveals to her that RP is an eunuch. Nandini slaps Tara and asks her to leave. RP too reaches there. RP recollects how he had approached Nandini to marry him. He revealed himself to be an eunuch. Though Nandini had denied the proposal, her hatred towards Tara forced her to take up this seeing offer. Next morning Nandini through an argument & with the help of RP’s support manages to get the keys of shekhwat mansion. Aradhana & Yug get worried as nandini is missing. They decide to go to Tara’s house. There they get shocked to see nandini with sindhoor and mangal sutra. Aradhana confronts her, RP introduces himself as Nandini’s husband.

As nandini is about to take Aradhana blessings she stops her and tries to slap her. Nandini blocks her and asks her to behave properly as its her haveli.

Epi 129 : Tara goes to Yug’s house and She tries to console Yug and Aradhana. She then requests Yug to take her to central prison as she wants to meet Mritunjay. Yug agrees.Tara informs Fahim chacha that she’s at her mom’s house and will come back late. Tara & Yug reach the prison but the Jailer refuses their request to meet Mritunjay.
Yug finds out there is a need of electrician in the prison. Tara enters the prison on disguise and manages to meet Mritunjay. She reveals to him that kalawati is RP, about his secret hideout in shekhwat mansion & also that RP has married Nandini to keep her shut. Mritunjay gets worried on Tara’s safety. Later they both manage to spend some cute romantic moments in prison. Jairaj on the other hand gets worried as Tara’s phone remains switched off. Fahim informs Jairaj that Tara is with Aradhana . He tries to contact Aradhana but gets to know that Tara has left early.
He is confused why Tara lied to fahim. Meethi reaches her brother’s house,but her Bhabhi is not so happy to see her. Aditya tries to call meethi ,but she warns him. Aditya reveals to Nirmala of his past affair with nandini and how meethi has left him due to that. He later promises Nirmala that he will set Everything right. Next morning Tara tries to call Aradhana. Aradhana informs her that Jairaj had called but before Tara could say something phone gets disconnected. She then calls Meethi and asks her to lie to Jairaj that she was with meethi. Meethi agrees. Meethis Bhabhi invites Nandini & RP to their house for lunch. Nandini tries to defame

Tara but Meethi answers her back in favor of Tara. Further Nandini tries to spoil Tara’s and Meethi’s relation by lying to her that Tara has always supported her’s and Adi’s affair. Meethi gets shocked to hear that. Kalawati is happy that Tara is loosing all her supports & will be alone in the battle field soon so that she can attack her. She further says she will throw nandini out once she gets her work done.


— Credit : Divya Nair (EBI Troika) —
— Picture credit : Mritunjay&Taara aka Mriara Dream Land —


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Ek Boond Ishq…..Week that was…


Kahani This Week

Epi 121 : Yug confronts Radha and asks her to leave. She requests him to give her a chance to see Tara to which he agrees. As she moves her bracelet falls down. RP also reaches the wedding venue. RP is tensed and worried due to his loss in elections.
Jairaj and adi asks him on the results but RP tells them to concentrate on the wedding first. Radha reaches Tara’s make up room with the ghoonghat and tries to help her in getting dressed. Tara praises on her Dulha and adha breaks down. Tara raises the ghoonghat and is shocked to find out that it’s Radha. Later Tara thanks Radha for making Mriyunjay confess his love for her.

She finds out Radha’s feelings for Mritunjay and apologies for coming in between them. Radha corrects and tells Tara that she has entered Mritunjay’s life and she’s is very happy for them from the heart. They both hug and as Aradhana comes to the room Radha leaves. Mritunjay is waiting for his Dulhan impatiently and gets teased by Vasu & Meethi .
Tara reaches the Mandap and wedding of Mj-Tara takes place with proper rituals of pheras, Mangal sutra and sindhoor. Radha finds out that she has lost her bracelet and goes to Mritunjay’s room in search of it. She sees RP’s room being open and goes inside. She notices the light behind the book shelf and opens RP’s hide out. She gets shocked to see the room behind and the material inside the room. She realizes that kalawati & RP is the same.

Then a call comes she freaks out and accidentally the call gets connected. Through the call she finds out that RP is an eunuch. She desperately leaves to inform Mritunjay on this. She reaches the venue and finds Mritunjay engaged in wedding rituals. Yug on the other hand tries to reach Radha but he could connect the call. Radha sees RP and gets scared. She tries to reach Mritunjay by serving drinks and RP calls her.
Epi 122 : Radha serves drink to RP, he doesnt recognize her and she hides. Then she sends a message to Mritunjay to meet her after the wedding and leaves the venue. Mritunjay leaves the phone on the wedding Dias as he’s busy in wedding rituals. Vasu gets the phone, she gives it to adi and he handovers it to Yug and finally it reaches Mritunjay .
As he’s about to check the message he’s been called for helping to Tara sit in the doli. As he bends, the phone slips from his pocket. Bride, the groom and the family leave the venue . RP notices the phone and checks the message. Back home Radha is eagerly waiting for meet to reveal the dual identity of RP. She says she will make RP pay for his sins, but gets worried as Mritunjay hasn’t called her yet. Someone rings the bell, Radha rushes to open, thinking its her brother.

She opens the door an gets shocked! In shekhwat mansion Meethi & Vasu teases Tara and later Mritunjay for the gift. Tara gives Mj’s wallet to them and ask them to enjoy. In police station, police officer informs DIG that they call MJas it’s his wedding day and will be called tomorrow. Mritunjay helps Tara to remove her ornaments and they share a romantic moment. He apologize for all the pain & sufferings that he has given to her. Tara consoles him and asks him to forget the past and to start a new life with full of love. Just then Tara’s phone rings, she finds it is Yug’s call and gives it to MJ.

Yug informs him about the door being opened and Radha missing. Both Mj and Tara gets shocked.
Epi 123 : Mritunjay tells Yug that he will meet him and will go in search of Radha. He disconnects the call. Tara informs Mritunjay that Radha had come for their wedding. Mritunjay gets shocked and asks her why she didn’t inform him on it. Then he makes a call to Yug asking him when he met Radha the last. Yug reveals that he had seen her on Mritunjay’s wedding. Mj is surprised to know that Yug was aware of this. He tells Yug to wait for him.

Tara too wants to accompany them but Mritunjay refuses and leaves. Mritunjay and Yug go in search of Radha but they fail to find her. Next morning Tara informs Jairaj that Radha is missing. Jairaj gets worried. Yug and Mritunjay reach shekhwat mansion. Both of them disappointedly informs that they couldn’t find Radha. Just then Tara gets a call from Radha that she is being chased by some guns ,but she promises Tara that she will manage to reach the court to give the statement. RP comes and asks them whether everything is fine. Jayraj says everything is fine and they are going to meet the lawyer. He gives a weird look to MJ before he leaves with Jayraj. RP says to himself that his people must have caught Radha by then and she will not come to court. Meethi and Adi shares some romantic moments and he leaves to office. Meethi checks the gift given to her by Tara’s family and gets shocked to see nandini’s pictures with Adi. Mritunjay, Tara ,Yug & Jairaj waits for Radha in the court premises. Lawyer asks them about Radha and Mritunjay informs him that Radha has gone missing. Kalawati’s henchmen have caught Radha and she gives a call to Mritunjay.

Mritunjay hears Radha’s voice. Kalawati asks Mritunjay to come to Kali ghati and strictly instructs that this invitation is only for him and his wife and not for anyone else. If he does, then she won’t spare him and cuts the call. Yug too wants to accompany them but Mritunjay refuses and assures him that he will bring Radha safe. He leaves to Kali Ghati with Tara. Kalawati then tells Radha that her message in Mritunjay’s phone and her bracelet in Yug’s hand helped him to reach her. Meethi reaches Aradhana’s house and she confronts Nandini about her relation with adi. She shows the pictures of Adi and nandini to Aradhana. Nandini fumes in anger. She reveals about how adi has hid his marital status from her and how he cheated her. Meethi is shattered to hear this. Mritunjay and Tara reaches Kali Ghati. The eunuchs are dancing around Radha who is tied to a wheel that has balloons around. Mritunjay and Tara spots Radha and rush to reach her but they get blocked by kalawati’s henchmen. Kala comes near radha, covering her face with a scarf, holding a gun.

Epi 124 : Kalawati keeps a condition before Mritunjay and Tara. She welcomes them to the game ‘Dil ki baazi’ and asks them to play it. If they win, they will be getting radha in return. She then throws a gun to Mritunjay and orders him to shoot at the balloons around Radha. Mritunjay first points at the balloons, suddenly aims at kalawati and shoots at her. Unfortunately the gun was not loaded. He gets caught by kalawati’s henchmen. Kalawati declares that Mritunjay is out of the game and orders Tara to play. When Tara refuses, she threatens Tara by trying to slit Mritunjay’s neck. Tara agrees to the challenge. She fire the balloons and wins the game. Kalawati releases Mritunjay but she pushes Radha down. Mritunjay and Tara tries to save her but gets beaten up by kalawati’s henchmen.
Kalawati checks Radha’s pulses and declares her dead. Radha is dragged by kalawati’s men in front of Mritunjay & Tara. In shekhwat mansion meethi questions adi about his relationship with nandini. Adi refuses his relation with Nandini, but meethi doesn’t believe him. She walks off. Aradhana and Yug comes to meet Mritunjay and Tara. Tara tells them that Radha is no more. Yug breaks down and Mritunjay consoles him. Jairaj looks disturbed. Tara comes to his room and tells him to find out Radha’s corpse. Jairaj tells her that it’s not so easy. Tara breaks down and says she has no hopes left. Jairaj requests her to be strong. Tara then tells that at any cost she will prove Mritunjay’s innocence.

Epi 125 : Kalawati is celebrating on her hideout as she killed Radha. She promises herself that Mritunjay and Tara too will suffer for playing with her. Jairaj gets a call from the IG saying that Mritunjay has to report to the police station for the identification parade. Though Tara objects to this, Mritunjay agrees to go. Tara and Jairaj accompany him. Guddan gives statement against Mritunjay. IG cancels Mritunjay’s parole for further investigation.
Hearing this Tara faints. Jairaj requests to the IG to give them time till the next day morning to which IG agrees. Yug is shattered with Radha death. Aradhana asks him to accompany her to shekhwat mansion but he denies. He informs her that he will be at peace only after punishing the real culprit of Radha and thereby giving justice to her.

Nandini tries to talk to Aradhana, but Aradhana is upset with her, for her relation with Adi. Later nandini too leaves to shekhawat mansion with Aradhana . In shekhwat mansion, Adi sees them. He greets Aradhana but gets annoyed at Nandini and leaves to his room. Nandini follows him and threatens him for spoiling her life. They get into an argument. She further creates misunderstanding between Adi and meethi. Adi runs behind Meethi to mend his relation. Nandini is elated that both Tara’s and Meethi’s lives are spoiled. Later nandini tries to call someone. Aradhana gives prasad to Mritunjay and Tara. She breaks down but Mritunjay and Tara console her.

—Credit ..Divya Nair ( Ebi Troika) —
— Pic credit ..Mritunjay&Taara aka Mriara Dream Land —


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Ek Boondh Ishq – Week that was……


Kahani is week – week ending 21 February 2014

Epi 116 : RP enters the shekhwat mansion and gets shocked to see Dadu. Jairaj informs him that Dadu recognizes only Mritunjay. RP feels relieved and does a drama of missing him. Vasu takes a picture of Dadu and shows it to Tara. Tara realizes it as the same man whom she helped and brought to shekhwat mansion. As she wanted to inform Mritunjay on this Meethi stops her due to the rules of wedding rituals. Later they make a call to Mritunjay where Tara demands for a haircut and clean shaven face of Mritunjay for muhdhikayi. Radha is excited about the wedding events in Shekhwat mansion.

Yug confronts her on this and she reveals her love for Mritunjay, but she says Mritunjay has loved only Tara and she’s happy for them. Mritunjay comes to meet Radha & Yug. Yug promises him that he will prove him innocent. He also warns Radha not to put herself in peril and to stay safe at home. Kalawati gets a call from the lawyer saying that Jairaj wants to reopen radha murder case. He tells kalawati that Jairaj sounded very confident. She disconnects the call and rants. Later assures herself that she will win this time as the lawyer is with her. Everyone is shekhwat mansion get worried about Mritunjay’s whereabouts. Meeti tries to call him, but he disconnects saying he is busy due to an important work.

Aradhana, nandini and Yug leave to shekhwat mansion for the Haldi function. Tara receives a message from Mritunjay to inform him when everyone leaves. DIG gets a call from his subordinate that they have tracked the person who kept the pistol in Tara’s bag. In UC, Tara is getting ready; suddenly she sees a shadow and gets scared. She hides herself and later comes out surprised to see her man Mriyunjay Singh shekhwat in short hair and trimmed beard, as she wished.

Mritunjay asks Tara whether she liked his new looks. Tara finds it difficult to express and gets shy. She then asks him to leave as it’s a bad omen to meet before the wedding. Mritunjay leaves saying he will be back. Radha is all excited and frustrated that she cannot attend Meer’s wedding, she calls Yug and tries to get the details about the ceremony.

Later Tara calls her and promises that she and Mritunjay will come and meet her after the wedding and also tells her to stay at home and remain safe. But radha decides to attend the haldi ceremony at any cost. Police arrests the person who has kept the pistol in Tara’s bag.

They question him but he refuses to answer. Jairaj introduces Dadu to Aradhana; Nandu & Yug. Niramala informs them that they have arranged dancers for the ritual. Radha reaches shekhwat mansion along with the dancers. Everyone gets shocked seeing Mritunjay’s new look.
Haldi rasam starts. Everyone applies haldi on Mritunjay and Radha too applies haldi on him while dancing. She feels sad and leaves the venue. Niramala sees her and orders her to join the dancers. Suddenly she sees RP and tries to hide. RP gets a call from the DIG about Guddan’s arrest and he request RP to bring Mritunjay & Tara to the police station for further interrogation.
RP asks to punish Mritunjay or Tara, if they are the culprits. Radha over hears it. She tries to run but RP calls her from back.

Epi 118 : Radha gets nervous, Daija comes and handover her wallet and ask her to leave. As she’s about to leave with the dancers Aradhana gifts them all. Radha asks the dancers to call her further for all the rituals and pays them. Mritunjay and Tara share a cute phone conversation where both reveal how they are yearning for each other. Later they decide to send messages through phone. RP informs Jairaj that he won’t be able to attend mehendi function as he is supposed to attend some important party work. Mritunjay calls Radha and asks her to stay safe.

He promises that he will come to see her immediately after the wedding. Guddan is getting questioned by the cops. RP also sees this along with DIG. Guddan reveals that he will be able to identify the person as he is not aware of that person’s name. DIG as per RP’s instructions ask to call up Mritunjay also for the identification parade. Tara gets ready for the rasam.
Yug teases Tara for wanting to be prim and proper before her in laws. Tara teases him back that she will ask him when it’s his time to get married and asks him if he has any girl in mind and he looks at Nandu. Tara understands & tells him when he gets the guts to confess he can tell her and she will take care of it and he agrees. Mehendi rasam starts in ujada chaman. Tara messages Mritunjay that she won’t be able to send messages further as she is going to apply mehendi.
MJ replies back reminding her about the deal they had made to message each other and no matter what she has to text him.
Nandini purposely sends some pictures of Aditya’s and hers to Meethi’s phone. Meeti fails to check the message as Aradhana takes for mehendi rasam. Radha reaches for the mehendi rasam and she starts applying mehendi in Tara’s hands. Nirmala asks her to remove her ghoonghat, but she denies it by giving excuses. Meethi too applies mehendi. Aditya comes and sits next to her. He takes up Meethis phone and starts to check the message. Nandini gets shocked.
Nandini purposely bumps into Aadi. Meethi’s phone slips into a decorative pot filled with water and gets spoiled. Nandini then apologizes. Radha applies mehendi for Tara. Mritunjay text to Tara. She asks for Radha’s help to reply. They keep texting to each other. The wedding day :- Tara cries as she misses Bunty and she feels sad that she will be missing her maternal place soon.

Aradhana cheers her up saying she is lucky that he got a husband like Mritunjay! Mritunjay in shekhwat mansion is all excited for the wedding. He is lost in Tara’s thoughts and Jairaj comes. He informs him of Radha’s case being reopened. Mritunjay reveals his excitement and feelings to his baba. He recalls how strange and unattached he felt when he got married in jail with Tara just for baba’s happiness and today how he’s excited to bring her back to his life. Radha hallucinates of putting Sehra to Mritunjay.
Yug comes in and tells her that someone has come to see her. Mritunjay tells her that he has to be here for her best friend. He asks her to make him wear the Sehra. He keeps on telling her to stay safe and not to take any risk. Then he leaves. Yug reaches shekhwat mansion with Mritunjay’s wedding attire and shera. Jairaj informs him that the case is reopened and the date of hearing will be the next day. Radha gets a call from the dancers saying that they won’t be going for the wedding.

She feels sad hearing as she won’t be able to attend Meer’s wedding . Yug calls up radha to inform about the case reopening. She gets excited to hear that. He tells her that he is going to help MJ to get ready.. Radha insists him to be as late as he could and not to proceed the barat on time.. In ujada Chaman Tara scolds nandini for being late. Nandini justifies herself saying she went to dress up for her sister’s wedding. Later they hug each other. Nandini has an envelope on her hand. Niramala and meethi reaches with Tara’s wedding attire. They are welcomed by Aradhana . Niramala informs them as per their custom, bride should be sent off from mayka in the clothes given by sasural.
Tara gets emotional seeing this . She runs inside while she sees an envelope which is half way tucked in the bed.

Epi 120 : Tara gets the envelope but nandini snatches it from her and asks her to get ready. Meethi and Vasu comes to see Tara. Nandini manages to out the envelope in the gift packet for Meethi. Then she distributes the gifts for everyone. As meethi is about to see her gift, Fahim chacha calls her ,she keeps her gift there and leaves. In shekhwat mansion, Yug helps Mritunjay to dress up. Daija enters with a woman and tells Mritunjay that the woman wants to see whether the shoes will fit him. Mritunjay agrees to it. As she sits ,she tries to hide her bracelet. Yug sees this and recognizes that it’s Radha. Nirmala comes there and asks the woman to leave, but Yug recommends to which Mritunjay also supports.
Later Radha helps Yug to dress up Mritunjay. Later Mritunjay takes blessings from Jairaj ,but Nirmala backs off.
He then takes Dadu’s blessings also and leaves to the wedding venue. Kalawati is in her hideout. She is taking snaps and celebrating as she’s leading for 15000 votes. Jairaj too makes a call and informs the same. As she starts celebrating her victory she gets another call saying she lost the election. Kalawati fumes in anger and despair of this loss. Mritunjay reaches ujada chaman with the Bharath. Rituals starts to welcome him. Aradhana puts tilak on him. Meethi welcomes Jairaj & Adi with garlands. Tara sees all this through the window.

Mritunjay too sees her. Meeti goes near Tara and teases her.
Later they hug sharing the old memories of the first wedding . Yug takes Radha to a side and scolds her for coming for the wedding. He makes her realize how dangerous it could be for her and Mritunjay. RP comes for the wedding, Yug asks Radha to wear her ghoonghat. Radha sees RP and gets shocked.

— Credit updates : Divya Nair ; Picture : Mritunjay&Taara aka Mriara Dream Land


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Ek Boond Ishq – Synopsis

The Week That Was ….Feb 16th 2014 …

Epi 114 : Jairaj praises Tara for finding out Radha. Mrityunjay admires Tara. Meeti and Vasu tease Tara in the kitchen. Meeti asks Tara to sleep in her room as aadi is not there. Tara agrees. Mriyunjay feels sad. He finds excuses to take Tara back, but in vain. Radha breaks down, checking her babas pen and other stuffs.Yug comes and consoles her.
They share their childhood memories and comfort each other. Radha reveals to Yug that Mrityunjay is innocent. Nandini over hears it. She becomes jealous on thinking about Tara’s happiness and luxurious life and decides to spoil Tara’s life by hook or crook. RP cries over his bad fate and goes to his secret hide out in shekhwat mansion.
Tara gets restless and decides to go to her room as Meeti is asleep. While she passes by RP’s room, she hears someone crying and gets startled. Mrityunjay comes there and tells it’s just her imagination and takes her to their room.
RP promises himself to trap Mrityunjay in such a way that even gods won’t be able to save him.


Mritunjay and Tara shares a cute moment when Alarm rings. As the clock strikes 6 am, Tara goes to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Jairaj. Yug tries to make Radha cheerful by sharing some childhood memories.
Nandini joins them and tries to dig out what happened on that night, but Yug warns her. He tells her not to reveal anything about Radha to the outsiders.
Nandini agrees to it. Mritunjay and Jairaj leave to DIG’s office to give further clarification on the pistol found in Tara’s bag. In the police headquarters MJ reveals that he took the blame as he didn’t want his wife to come to the police station for a mistake which she has never done. Aradhana and Nandhini reach shekhwat mansion with The proposal of Mritunjay and Tara getting married again. Jairaj and Mritunjay agree to it. Everyone in the family is eager about the upcoming wedding.
Tara tells Jairaj that she wants her palanquin (doli) to come from asthabal. Jairaj agrees to her wish. Meeti packs Tara’s dress. Mritunjay gets to know that he’s not supposed to see Tara till the completion of pheras. RP goes to DIGs office and asks them to carry on the investigation against Mritunjay and Tara. Further Mritunjay goes to see Dadu, but finds him missing.
So he decides to cancel the wedding till he finds out about Dadu. Yug gives all the updates regarding marriage ceremony to Radha on phone as promised. Niramala goes to Asthabal to give the Shagun to Tara. Vasu comes and informs her about Jairaj.
In shekhwat mansion Mritunjay comes to inform Jairaj about the cancellation of wedding but gets surprised to see Dadu there. Jairaj tells him that he accidentally found Dadu in a temple. Everyone is happy to see Dadu back.

Just then RP enters and he gets shocked seeing Dadu in shekhwat mansion.
He moves towards Dadu ,but gets blocked by Mritunjay.

— Credit : Divya Nair ; Picture : Mritunjay&Taara aka Mriara Dream Land —


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Ek Boond Ishq – The week that was…..

Week February 3 – 7 2014

Mrityunjay, Tara and Radha continue their journey as per the stranger’s shown direction. They reach a dead end and MJ takes reverse, then their car gets blocked by another car. MJ gets down and rants at the driver. Suddenly some henchmen come out and trap him on a net. Tara and Radha too gets caught. Kalawati comes out of the car and Thanks Radha for being a bait, so that she could reach Mrityunjay and Tara, her prey! Mrityunjay gets beaten up, Tara tries to save her husband from all the blows and she manages to release Mrityunjay from the net.
Tara and Mrityunjay beat up the goons and they escape from kalawatis’s clutches. Yug reaches his house.Aradhana and Nandini are shocked to see him without crutches. Yug shares about his babas death,Ardhana pacifies him,where as Nandu looks disturbed with Yugs sudden revelations. In shekhwat Mansion,nirmala shows concern for jairaj and lets him how worried she was due to his absence. Jairaj feels contended & shares his worry about Mrityujnay and Tara’s phone being unreachable. Mrityunjay,Tara and Radha get caught. Kalawati physically tortures Radha in Mrityunjay and Tara’s presence.


Nirmala questions Jairaj about Mrityunjay and Tara. fahim comes and asks for RP as some party people are waiting to see him. Jairaj calls RP. Kalawati is torturing radha in Mrityunjay and Tara’s presence,then she gets Jairajs call. Jairaj informs about the party people and Mrityunjay’s new lawyer.

Kalawati decides to punish Radha ,Tara and Mrityunjay. aradhana consoles Yug and asks Nandini to take care of him. Nandini asks Yug ,why he lied? Yug reveals his past,saying that he was thrown out of the house due to his bad habits and how his sister helped him to recover.He then reveals about his sister’s ill fate and also tells that the girl who was shot in the rally was his sister.Just then he gets a call from Jairaj asking him to meet. Kalawati questions Mrityunjay about Rp’s dad.

He denies to answer and further beats him. Kalawati locks Mritunjay, Tara and Radha in a room and goes for pooja. She asks her henchmen to keep an eye on them. Tara and Mrityunjay tries to find out a way to escape. Mritunjay sees a door,opens it but someone hits on his head. Jairaj informs Yug that Radha is safe and is With Mritunjay.Yug gets angry but Jairaj tries to convince him.


Mritunjay,Tara and Radha are locked in a chamber and poisonous gas is leaked. Mriyunjay and Tara tries to untie their hands but ends in vain. Mj collapses ,radha also faints. Kalawatis henchmen inform her that her work is done and all her three enemies are dead. kalawati thanks god and feels she can live peacefully hereafter and destroy jairaj & his family.

In shekhwat mansion,DIG comes to meet jairaj and informs that the matter is getting serious and Mrityunjay has to report to the Police Headquarters by the next day.Jairaj tries to call Mritunjay and Tara ,but their phones remains unreachable. Yug fumes in anger and declares that he will find out his fathers murderer. Aradhana tries to console him. Mrityunjay ,Tara and Radha manages to escape with the help of Taras plan. Radha regains her consciousness and Mrityunjay feels elated. Ardhana too tries to contact Tara,she gets worried when Tara doesn’t anwser and asks nandini to go to shekhwat mansion to check.Nandini agrees.

Nandini reaches shekhwat mansion,jairaj informs her that Tara and Mrityunjay has gone to mangalgad. She then goes to meet meethi in the kitchen. Adi comes to the kitchen and helps meeti. Nandini sees this ,get shocked to see the progress in the Relation. she curses Tara. Tara tries to distance from Mrityunjay as she feels she came in between Radha and Mrityunjay. Radha asks Mrityunjay,who Tara is ?

Mrityunjay replies,’Tara meri Patni hei’ !!


Mrityunjay tells Radha that Tara is his wife. Radha is shocked and tears rolls down.she wipes her tears and ask Mrityunjay whether his marriage was love or arranged? Mrityunjay narrates the journey of his married life of how they got married in prison,his rash behavior and denial towards Tara, but Tara’s fight and determination to prove him innocent. Radha feels sad for Tara and asks Mrityunjay to shower her with love and care.she praises Tara for supporting Mrityunjay in his tough times. Tara on the other hand tries to distance from Mrityunjay .

She roams around in the jungle to find out a way to reach Bhopal . Jairaj informs nirmala that he’s going out to find Mrityunjay and Tara as their phones are unreachable. Nirmala informs RP on this. Jairaj is on his way to Ramnagar,gets a call from DIG that Mrityunjay should report police Head quarters by tomorrow, or his parole will be cancelled and new charges will be filed as he violated the rules. Jairaj promises DIG that he will bring back Mritunjay.

Mrityunjay asks radha about the fateful night, Nov 27. Radha tells him that someone had mixed alcohol in her drink and she was feeling dizzy. So she went to rest in Mrityunjays room. Aditya too came there and he locked the room and cupped her face,but she fainted. When she became conscious,RP was sitting next to her. He then hit her badly with an iron rod.

Mrityunjay fumes in anger and promises that Rp will be punished for this . Mrityunjay feels sad and tells radha,that as a friend he couldnot save her from getting raped. Radha gets shocked and informs him that she was never raped. RP gets a dream of him being stabbed by Mrityunjay. But consoles himself saying that Mriyunjay is dead and prepares for election campaign in Bhopal.

Later,Radha asks Mritunjay to confess his love for Tara.


— Divya Nair —
Picture credit : Mritunjay&Taara aka Mriara Dream Land ; TT


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Ek Boond Ishq – The week that was……

Week 27th January until 31 January 2014.

Mrityunjay and Tara leaves to Ramnagar. On the way Mritunjay loses his wallet & MJ, Tara share a cute moment in the car. In Shekhwat house, Jairaj looks disturbed which makes Rudrapratap question him, whether he’s missing his son & daughter in law. Jairaj informs everyone that MJ & Tara has reached Mangalgad & they will be visiting ‘tomb of Fateh bibi’. Just then, RP gets a call and his men informs him that MJ & Tara hasn’t reached Mangalgad. He smells fowl that Jayraj is up to something! RP doubts whether MJ and Tara are on their way to find out about Radha. Radha tries to escape from Kalawatis men, but she gets caught. Later as per Kalavatis instruction Radha is allowed to escape so that she reaches MJ, which may help Kalawati to get more information on MJ and Tara’s destination and mission.

Aradhana and Nandini celebrates Yugs birthday, were as Yug gets reminded about her sister in their childhood days. Media reports about the girl ( Radha ) who got shot in the rally of RP, being taken away from Bhopal. MJ and Yug notices the news. RudraPratap instructs nirmala to find out what jairaj is hiding from the family about MJ and Tara.
MJ & Tara’s car breaks down. As per the mechanic’s instruction they decide to continue their journey by bus. Cops come to shekhawat mansion for further questioning Mritunjay as the pistol found in Tara’s bag belongs to a Guddan singh.Jairaj informs them that Mrityunjay & Tara has gone to Mangalgad .Tara calls Meeti and asks her to inform Jairaj that they will be reaching Ramnagar soon, which Nirmala overhears. Meeti informs Tara about the cops & news regarding pistol. Radha is shown struggling to reach Bhopal whereas Yug finds his father dead. MJ and Tara reaches kalawati’s hideout, there they find out a wig & Radha’s notes, which Mritunjay recognizes. Further they try to find out Radha. Mrityunjay goes to arrange money, by that time Tara sees 2 policemen &gets scared & she hides out.
Tara tries to call Mrityunjay, but as the call gets connected the battery of the phone goes down. Mrityunjay comes in search of Tara & finds out that she’s missing. He starts enquiring about her.Tara, too comes out of her hiding place, and gets worried about Mrityunjay and starts looking out for him. Nirmala questions meeti about Tara & Mrityunjay’s whereabouts, to which meeti lies. Nirmala gets a call from RP. She informs RP that meeti is not willing to divulge anything when she herself saw her talking to Tara, which means she is hiding something.RP, instructs her to get the information from meeti. as early as possible. Radha is running through the streets whereas kala’s men are following her. She tries to hide in a temple. Tara too reaches there & prays to the gods to unite her with Mriyunjay. She finds out that her phone is on, but the battery is still low. She tries to call Mrityunjay, though the phone gets connected, they are unable to hear each other due to the sound of the bells.

By this time, Kalavati passes by, without noticing each other. Radha sees Kalavati & hides. Mrityunjay realizes that he has heard the sound of the bells and deduces that it was coming from a temple. He asks a passerby & reaches the temple. Kalawati is praying inside the temple whereas Tara is also praying outside the temple. Tara turns and sees Mrityunjay, runs towards him & they hug each other.
Mrityunjay asks Tara, where she disappeared all of a sudden? Tara informs him about what meeti has told her about the cops reaching Shekhwat mansion. Mrityunjay loses his hope of Radha Being in Ramnagar & asks Tara to return to Bhopal .Radha on the other side manages to escape from the temple. As Mrityunjay & Tara is about to leave, they see Radha. Kalawati’s men see radha & tries to attack them. They manage to escape, by misleading the henchmen. Kalawatis men informs her that Radha has escaped &she punishes her followers for that. In Shekhwat mansion,Nirmala is worried about Jairaj and she decides to find out the person who attacked her husband. Further,she questions meeti about Tara & Mrityunja, which Meeti avoids. Nirmala tells her that Mrityunjay will never be able to love Tara as he has loved only person ,his best friend, Radha, leaving a startled Adi & shocked meeti. Mrityunjay and radha shares their childhood memories & MJ hugs radha ,to which Tara gets disturbed & as she’s about to move, Mrityunjay holds her & gestures her, not to leave.
Jairaj gets a call about Raghu kaka’s demise.He reaches kaka’s house & finds Yug there,but conceals about Radha being alive. Mrityunjay ,Tara & Radha reaches the workshop. Mechanic demands about Rs.5000 for repairing the car. when the mechanic finds that they have no money ,he demands for the brooch .Mrityunjay gives him the brooch,though Tara refuses. As the car moves,the number plate falls down. On the way Tara informs Jairaj about Radha & Jairaj shares the news of kaka’s death to Mrityunjay . Mrityunjay hides it from both the ladies. Kalawatis car’s tyre gets punctured & she too reaches the same workshop with her men. There she finds Mritunjay’s car’s Number plate & the brooch. she finds out from the mechanic more Information on it.she handovers the number plate to mechanic and takes down his number ,so that she can use him in future.

Mrityunjay stops the car as the road heading to Bhopal is closed. He asks a person near by about the alternative route to which the person just points out the other route. Mrityunjay leaves & later the person is revealed as none other than Kalawati!

— Divya Nair —
Pic credit ..Mritunjay &Taara aka Mriara Dream Land


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Ek Boond Ishq….Kuch hamari zubaani…..

The two weeks that were…………

Mrityunjay apologizes for his harsh behavior towards Tara to which she asks him to tell the truth but instead of telling her the truth Mrityunjay takes a vow of silence. Tara tries her best to break his vow but fails. At last she burns her duppatta and while saving her Mrityunjay’s vow breaks. She says “khushi iss baat ki hai ki tumse mujhe aag mein jalte dekha nahi gaya” and giving him an indication that she could go to any extent for him.

On the other hand Raghu kaka is waiting for the recovery of a mysterious girl who seems to be against Rudra. Rudra plans to kill Jairaj in a rally.

Tara decides to keep Karva Chauth for Mrityunjay and informs him about the same. Mrityunjay refuses to come to break her fast and goes to meet his Dadu who had to be admitted in hospital due to bad health. In the hospital Mrityunjay keeps day-dreaming of Tara.

He refuses to go back to her but his heart is lost in thoughts of Tara. From the nurse he learns that Rudra is going to visit the hospital so he takes away Dadu with him.
Back at home Tara gets ready for Karva Chauth and witnesses someone with a gun in her room near window. She gets scared and keeps wondering who was there in her room in the house.

Later it’s revealed that Fahim Chacha was holding the gun.

He wonders does Mrityunjay know the meaning of the letter “K” written on the gun. He hides the gun in shoe box when he hears the sound of Jairaj’s footsteps.

Meethi and Vasu ask Mrityunjay to come home to break Tara’s fast and he asks them to decorate the stable. Meethi and Vasu take Jairaj with them to stable and decorate it as asked by Mrityunjay. The decorations were quite similar to the one Tara did it on Diwali. Now the stable is no longer Ujda Chaman.

Since Rudra’s men were after them he thinks that his stable would be the best place to hide Dadu for the time being. So he goes back to the stable where Tara was waiting for him. In the presence of Jairaj, Meethi and Vasu he open’s Tara’s fast and also accepts her as his wife. Later he asks Tara to go back to Shekhawat mansion and promises her that he’ll come there soon. Tara goes back with Meethi and Vasu.

In the house Nirmala taunts Tara for coming home alone. She says she was alone even during her grihapravesh. Tara feels sad about it but Jairaj supports Tara by saying husband-wife are not side by side always…even during phera sometimes husband is in front and wife is at back and vice versa. Mrityunjay comes back home after hiding dadu in the stable.

Tara thanks him for breaking his fast and Mrityunjay asks her to take rest. In their room Mrityunjay keeps pacing up and down. Tara asks him what is that he is thinking. She tries to make him talk and starts talking about his future.

She says that she knows palmistry and he has a long life but Mrityunjay says “dhyan se dekho yeh jeevan rekha fasi ke fande pe jaake rukti hai”.

This makes Tara sad and brings her back to the harsh reality that her husband is facing death sentence. After gathering some strength she says now that I’ve kept Karva Chauth for you, you’ll live longer. She sleeps after this and Mrityunjay goes back to stable.

In the morning she doesn’t find Mrityunjay in their room so she goes to stable in search of him. Mrityunjay misleads her so that she doesn’t find out dadu. He asks her to bring water for him. Tara goes back to take water and he takes away dadu from there. When she comes back and doesn’t find Mrityunjay in the stable she gets angry with him. Meethi and Jairaj also come there in search of them.

When Mrityunjay comes back Tara confronts him for fooling her and demands sorry from him to which he refuses. Both fight with each other and when Mrityunjay refuses to say sorry Tara refuses to go back to the house.

Rudra asks to deliver a parcel from one place to another. He keeps wondering what’s there in such a heavy parcel. When he reaches the place to deliver the parcel he finds out the baba who visited Shekhawat mansion few days back. After Fahim’s departure baba opens the parcel which had rifle in it to shoot Jairaj.

Jairaj asks Mrityunjay to pacify Tara and bring her home. He gives him a tip to make Tara happy. Mrityunjay comes to the stable with chaat. Tara pretends that Chaat is not delicious and directly confronts him to say sorry. Both fight again and Jairaj feels sandwiched between husband-wife’s fight. Things were back to square one. Neither Tara went home nor Mrityunjay said sorry.

Nandini finds some Rakhi in Yug’s room. She asks him about his family and sister but he avoids the topic.
Back home Jairaj stopped talking to Mrityunjay. Meethi and Vasu try to make them talk but fail. Night falls but Tara doesn’t come back home. Mrityunjay feels restless and goes to stable. He doesn’t find Tara there and speaks his heart out to Mariya (the horse).

Tara who was hiding in the stable itself feels touched and forgives him. Both start walking side by side and collide with each other. Tara says “jab humare raste baar baar takra hi rahe hain toh kyu na hum bhi rasta ek saath tay Karen… humare yeh ghar ki taraf badhte hue kadam agar hum ek saath aage badhayen toh kaisa rahe…” and holds his hands.

Both come back and Meethi-Vasu ties them with a thread and then asks them to go to their room tied like this. Nirmala notices them and tries to remind Mrityunjay of his promise and he immediately frees himself.

Yug burns some pics of Raghu kaka and the mysterious girl with a flower. Nandini is disturbed by mosquitoes so she comes to Yug’s room and asks for some mosquito repellent. He stops her from seeing those pictures.
Mrityunjay helps Tara in freeing from those threads. Tara misses her mother and calls her but her mother refuses to talk to her.

She shares her pain with Mrityunjay and he asks her why you didn’t go with her mom. Tara says that she knows that he is innocent and she can’t let her innocent husband go to jail. She reveals to him that she saw the plane ticket and has met Raghu kaka. After hearing her talks Mrityunjay decides to talk to Tara’s mother.

At night Mrityunjay had a bad dream in which Tara is chocked to death. Tara tries to comfort him and reads Hanuman Chalisa for him. On the other hand Aaradhna feels worried for Tara. Next day Fahim and others plan to celebrate Christmas. Mrityunjay goes to the stable and takes out the pearl which Tara gave him. He recalls the moments he spent with her and looks at the ray of light coming from a little crack of the wall.

He confesses this pearl belongs to you… mine pearl is you which I’ve got. He says I feel scared to lose you. Now I want to live with you as if it is last moment of my life. This was one of the beautiful love confessions I ever saw on television.

Jairaj, Meethi, Tara and Vasu come to the stable and decide to celebrate Christmas there as Nirmala has refused to give permission to celebrate in the house. Night falls and they celebrate Christmas near bone fire and enjoy. Everyone puts his/her wishes in little socks and puts it on Christmas tree. Destiny plays another game as they become each other’s secret Santa.

Mrityunjay wishes that Tara gets her pearl back and Tara wishes that her mother reconciles with her. Tara reads Mrityunjay’s wish and says I already have my pearl with me because you are my peal and I’ve got you. On the other hand Mrityunjay decides to fulfill Tara’s wish.

Next morning Mrityunjay goes to meet Aaradhna who takes a promise from to leave Tara and go to jail in lieu of accepting Tara once again. Mrityunjay promises her to follow her wishes. Tara writes a letter to Aardhna and hopes that her mother will forgive her. Mrityunjay decides to go back to jail.

He was talking to someone on phone and Tara hears the conversation. She confronts him and asserts her determination not to let him go to jail no matter what happens.

Rudra’s men plan to kill Jairaj in the rally. Entire family gets ready to leave for the rally except Mrityunjay. Both Tara and Mrityunjay feel as if something bad is going to happen.

— Mamta Kumari —


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