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Aur Ek Thi Mrs. Vyaas

She came across with a character so strong
Took down everyone, even when treated so wrong!
Her conviction sometimes would shatter,
But then she never let it matter!

Continued she and kept her audience enthralled,
Such strength of character she had shown!
She was beautiful as the morning dew,
With long hair and skin of golden hue!
The actress emotions at length can display,
And why not since theater was her forte!

Tears roll out by just emoting no glycerin required,
This girl can do it every time without getting tired!
Initially, Mohan was irritated, bowled but not unaffected,
And how could he be for she was so connected!
Megha had our Mohan following her around,
Dreams of her started him hound!

Then more seriously Mohan began her to pursue,
As if there had initially been no issues!
Farm house mein jake, badli Mohan ki aas,
But then she wrenched his hope appearing crass!
In her heart she loved him, she could not tell him so,
For word she had given, to her would be mom-in law!

Like every love story all is well in the end,
Except we don’t know how now time to spend!
We all love her and can’t forget the chemistry between them,
That we can’t help, other serials criticize and condemn!!
We keep wishing and hoping they get back,
And our lives once again crack!!

— Nita Khandekar —

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Hi Kunalians;
Here I am with my small tribute to Kunal and all the lovely Kunalians. Our day revolves around kunal and his thoughts. We watch and re-watch the videos, epis, read the interviews time and again and also enjoy the VM’s and edits, thanks to the creative bunch out there. All this just, to get a glimpse of kunal and to feel connected. Alas, we still can’t get enough of him.

So, here I have tried to express our crazy union and love for Kunal in my own way. I hope you all like it.
My Inspiration, My hero
Thank you for inspiring me to share my poem. It’s your words that encouraged me to widen my boundaries and share it with all the fans. I hope you enjoy it.
I cannot move on, before thanking you dear. Thank you for encouraging me and being there with me, in all my craziness.
Thank you guys, for letting us fans post our creations on your blog. That means a lot.

Aapka zikr hote hi..
Nazaroon main maano rang bharjaata hai..
Khwabon ki duniya mein,
Ek nasha sa chhaa jaata hai.

Anjaane log pal bhar main hi..
saath hojate hai..
Batein jo sirf aapse ho judi ,
Unhi baaton se ek safar shuru hota hai.
Aur is safar main…
Aap shamil na hokar bhi, saath rehte hain,

Koi student, to koi working woman,
Koi single hai to someone is mother..
Koi shayad aapse mohabbat karta hai,
To Koi aapki ibadat karta hai
par hum sabhi..aap par Garv karte hai

Alag alag NUKKAD SE,
Apne busy schedule mein ..
Aapki baaton ko yaad karke muskuralete hai,
AUR fursat milte hi, aajate hai..
WAHI jahan aapka thikana hai..

Aap ki ek baat par, kisse shuru kar dete hai..
Aapki Baaton se khud ko jod lete hai…
Aur aapki kahi baatein baar baar dohrate hai..
Aapse kuch kehne ki guzarish karte hai..
Aur aapke ek jawab PAR deewane ho jaate hai..
Kabhi aapki tasveer par..
To kabhi aapki keechein tasveeron par fida ho jaate hai..

Aapki khamoshi hume bechain karti hai..
Aapki germojudgi se DIL pareshan hota hai..
Aur har pal aapki ek jhalak ka intezaar karte hai..

Hum jaante hai hamari saari maange jayaaz nahi,
Par dil ko aapke siva kisi aur Se koi ummed bhi to nahi..

Aap bhi shayad soch mein padjaate honge
Hamari harkaton se kabhi pareshan bhi hote honge..
Aur phir bhi,.
Ruk kar aap hamari baatoin main shamil hote hain..
Hamari khushiyon main bhi shamil hote hain..
Khaas mauko ko aur bhi yaadgar bana dete hain..
Humare chehre par badi muskaan le aate hain..

Un lamho ke liye dil se sukhriya karte hai..
Hum deewane hai aapke.. ikrrar karte hai..
Har ghadhi
Aappki Salamati aur safalta ki chah rakhte hai..
AAP Humesha Khush rahe.
Yahi ek DUA Karte hai..

One Crazy fan —- Urmi —-


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Ek Tha Mohan Bhatnagar

Unheralded, unsung and without a big bang
Out of the blue, into our mundane lives he sprang!
He got us all hooked, kids, women and men,
All glued to their screens, at half past ten!
Such was the lure of the man,
He made millions, into diehard fans!
My first encounter, got me curious,
I had everyone around me, furious!
My life revolved, around the serial,
Other things, in comparison become menial!
“Have a life”, was someone’s reaction,
But I couldn’t get over, watching Mohan in action!


It’s late slot though, was daunting me,
“Dere na,” wouldn’t stop haunting me,
I had to talk, or I would go mad,
So I held forth to my friends, when lunch we had!
In our fifties, an age for meditation, books and Tai chi,
My outpourings brought bemused looks, smiles, and some hehe!
Bas yeh thi meri dukh bhari kahani,
The angst of a Mohan diwani, kise ne na jani,
Till came a time, a few viewed and thought,
Yes, there is something about the man to make her besot!
Coffee at 10, and phone at five,
Become the most awaited hours, of my life!

Discussions we held, at the expense of chores,
In their absence now, Oh! Life is such a bore!
Any character Kunal, effortlessly can, portray,
But as Mohan, he simply took our breaths away!
This ‘king of expression’, young hearts so enthralls,
That seeking any nugget, the net they trawl!
To get a response, is every fan’s dream,
When one does, in their eyes, there is such a gleam!
Siggies, Avtar, VM were words unheard,
Now I’m trying them undaunted, unfazed and not unnerved!
Writing for many became a passion,
As if it was the latest fashion!

Fan club on fb, a page and twitter,
A blog! And our lives began to glitter!
Virtual friends have come in, for instance,
A family became we, at “Happenstance”!
To do something to make him happy,
Our efforts sometimes, got a little crappy!
He inspires us, though it is difficult to fathom why?
For he himself, is humble and oh! So shy!
A trip to Mumbai did not suffice,
I found myself walking on thin ice!!
It’s crazy, silly, amusing, not hell
The way he cast us, under his spell!

The fact of it, has still not dawned,
That for now, from our screens, he has gone!
Life without him is dull and slack,
Oh! how we wish , he was back!
Watching NBT reruns some pleasure we derive
He left without telling us how to survive!
“Come back” they clamour his fans galore,
Come back, we want you, on our screen once more!
So, Kunal K Kapoor this blog, we dedicate to you,
For the things in us, you have inspired and we have imbued!

-Nita Khandekar-


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