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The elusive Raashi Mal speaks to us……


Gauri Lada……the bad …bad…girl

Its not often heard, the ‘Bad Girl’ of any show, loved and lauded by the audience. We see Gauri Lada has broken the shackles with Paanch. What is the secret behind this huge fan following?

I think what people saw in Gauri was a girl of today, a girl in control, a girl who knows her mind and knows how to get things done. She is strong and independent with a calm confidence, leave aside the means and tactics she employs. These are all very desirable traits. Girls get inspired by it and boys admire it. That is what I have gathered from all the messages I get on a daily basis.

You were called ‘Gauri’ in the show…’Gauri’..the other name of Goddess Durga, stood for destroying anything evil, making wrongs right…but in this show ‘Gauri’ led everything evil, wicked and malicious are her middle names, was there a theory behind this contradiction ?
What are your thoughts on this ?

I am not entirely sure so much thought went into the meaning of the name. But I think the name Gauri Laada had a certain ring to it. It went well with the character. I’ve also been told the name suited me. The names of some characters were changed to better suit the people who were cast from what I know, although I believe the name Gauri was always the first choice for my character.

Do you think an actor gets more opportunity to explore his/her talent while portraying a negative character?
Is it more challenging to play a negative character?

Each character is different. I can’t really say it is more difficult as each character has its own complexities. But it was definitely fun, I can tell you that. Secretly we all want to boss over people and get our way all the time, dont we? 🙂


Moving from Gauri to Rashi Mal………..
An engineer… a dancer…a theatre personality………an actress….
What defines you the best ? Any regrets on this huge change over ?

To answer your first question I’ll quote a teacher I am training with here in New York who just today said to me ” Dont let them define you as just one thing. Just go out there and make art, do your thing” She was a dancer who had a career ending injury and then became an actor. Today she is a Director and Choreographer. And to answer the second question I’ll quote Jim Carrey. He said he learnt from his father that you can fail at what you don’t want, so you’d rather to do what you really want. I don’t regret my choice for a minute.

Gauri enjoyed her authority, control and power, any threat to her position made her see red.
Is there any similarity between Rashi ‘n’ Gauri as per this attitude of hers? Is Rashi a totally different human being ?

Ofcourse I am a different person. But no person is devoid of all these emotions you just listed, just the degrees vary in my opinion. We all have shades of grey. Nothing is black or white in its entirety. Besides you can always find things to relate with in any character. I am very head strong as well and I like to do things my own way.

What keeps Raashi Mal going ? What are the dreams she is pursuing currently ?

My curiosity keeps me going. I am currently in New York taking dance, acting and singing lessons so I guess I am living my dreams. I want to bring back my experiences here to my work and life and storm ahead in the performing arts.


About Rashi Mal ……………

Sapnon ka shehar ………..New York

AnokhaBandhan……………With my brother




Hero No. 1 ……………..Ranbir Kapoor if you mean in terms of acting

Aab Kuchh Masti Ho Jaye…………………….

If you were to imagine each of your co-actor as a cartoon character…….what would they be ?


Tweety bird. I always told her she looks like tweety in the short hair. 🙂


Johnny bravo – you know the muscles and all. 🙂 🙂


Michelangelo perhaps from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cause he is always jumping around. Kiran also possess an extraordinary talent of being able to sleep at the drop of a hat literally anywhere. Sleepy Man was the super hero name we came up with for him on set. 🙂


Jughead from Archies. Only because I cant think of any other cartoon character who is sweet,calm, collected and non meddlesome. Shrey was also known for the big bag of food he carried on set. Jughead loves his food too.But Shrey is any day much better looking than Jughead. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Bart Simpson. He is just so so naughty. 🙂 🙂


Betty from Archies. She is smart and a best friend to everybody. 🙂 🙂


Professor Utonium from the powerpuff girls cause he has to take care of and put up with us crazy people.
🙂 🙂 🙂

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Our very own Bala Jeeju……


The adorable Bala Jiju of Yeh Hai Mohabbataein…..Angad Singh Maan of Bani…..
Pehchaan Toh Liye Honge……

Yes our very own Pankaj Bhatia, the actor behind these roles, ensures his presence captivates the audience whenever he is on screen…..Dulhan, Hawan, Sabki Laadli Bebo……he has left a mark with power packed performance in all these shows.

Happenstance talks to the handsome Pankaj Bhatia on his role in YHM and his fundas of life.

Bala is one of the most endearing characters of the show YHM. A near perfect…caring husband, a wonderful son-in-law, a dutiful father …how much of Bala is Pankaj ?

Pretty much… thats what my dad in law says… My wife can tell better whether I m a caring hubby or not but yes I m trying my level best to be a dutiful father (as I ve recently become a father) and learning new things with each passing day… Let’s c…

YHM a late night show, 11 pm slot, nonetheless managed to climb up the TRP charts upsetting quite a few big wigs on prime time. What’s so unique about the show? How is it being a part of this wonderful journey?

Oh yes… When YHM got an 11 pm slot after a good delay of 8 months we all were shattered to the core but Ekta told us that we have a challenge to convert the late night slot into a prime time slot… Best part about YHM is dat all the actors were specifically told not to act… May be that is the reason why the show is looking so real and fresh and also inter links between different characters is USP of YHM .. Oh it’s a wonderful experience being associated with YHM…


Vandita, your wife in the show holds a better position in college, she is the Principal and you are a professor. Yet there is a strong influence on each other, a mutual sense of values, an unsaid understanding, facing the world together. Is this just a fictional phantasm? Are relationships such as this possible in real life?

Yes why not… I’ve seen couples like these in real life too where wife earns more than the husband… Especially in our profession where both are actors or freelancers sometimes (actually at times) women are employed for a longer period of time than their husbands…..


Bala Jiju and Ishita share a special bond. It’s a pleasure to watch them stand up for each other and be the much required strength at times of dilemma and quandary. What do you think makes this relationship so special?

For this I would like to give credit to the writers of the show who have essayed this bonding so well… Ishita and I are more of friends as compared to jiju n saali… Div is a wonderful actor and very flexible too…

Unlike most fictional shows that run a risk of getting things all wrong when it comes to mundane realism, YHM is a paragon of near factual accuracy. How would you compare this show to the others that you have been a part of?

YHM is very different… Interlinkage of characters is very good and above all story is very good… Would I have not been part of Yhm I would have been definitely watching this show… YHM gives me a lot of Creative Satisfaction…

Chandigarh Ki Galiyon Se Mumbai Di Galiyaaan ……Kaise ??? What was the journey like?

Like a dream… Never thought that I could make it a reality but I literally kept praying to God about realisation of my dream and how it all happened and when did it happen, I did’t even come to know…..

After quite a few daily shows, a role as Vibhishan in Mahadev. How was it to portray Vibhishan, the great satvic King of Lanka?

I’ve shot for this role for 7 to 8 days only but the experience was really good…

Ab Kuch Khatti Meethi and Chatpatti Batein……Dil Se…..

Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi ….Woh ek Khwaish jispe dum nikle ????? Filmfare….

Sapnon Ka Shehar ??? Mumbai

Khatti Meethi Yadein ? Meeting my wife for d first time

Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai ? Sab kuch Achcha achcha sa lagta hai

An actor/Actress you would love working with ? Aamir khan (I ve his autograph also on my car’s steering)

A day off shooting …how does it look? Sleep sleep and sleep

Dream vacation locale ? Kashmir during snow

Chalte Chalte Yuhin Koi…. Kabhi Mila Tha ? Kaun?? Top secret…

A particular role, a dream role that you aspire for ? A Mentally retarded man…

Congrats on the new addition to the family. Parenthood is one of the best journey’s in life, Enjoy the ride.
Wishing many more exciting work and projects your way.


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An exclusive Interview of Rashi Mal.

Gauri couldn’t be more different from who I really am – Rashi Mal
by Preetam Juneja 16-Jan-2014.


The gorgeous talented beauty who plays the ruthless gang leader ‘Gauri Lada’ in TV Show ‘Paanch’ – Don’t Get Mad, Get Even is a powerhouse of talent. The actress is receiving rave reviews for her performance in the show. We got in touch with the talented girl to know about her character, the show and her future plans.

Happenstance reloads her exclusive interview on special request from fans…..

MyNews : Tell us about the character ‘Gauri’ you play in the show ‘Paanch’ – Don’t Get Mad Get Even.

Rashi : My understanding of Gauri is that she is a misguided young girl. She has made her own place in the college and this gang of friends is her whole world. She is sharp, perceptive and loves being in control, possibly because of the lack of attention caused by her parents not being around much. She loves her brother and her friends to death although her way of showing it is not necessarily conventional.

MyNews: Tell us about your background and how did you land up on this show?

Rashi : By qualification I am an IT Engineer and have a diploma in film making from New York Film Academy. I did a brief stint with Citibank before I left to pursue the performing arts full fledged. I have worked extensively in theatre for several years with leading names such as Makrand Deshpande, Hidayat Sami, Sunil Shanbag and Divya Palat. I have done many TVCs including Acer, Nivea, Lays and Hide n Seek etc.
I also worked on MTV Rush with Mr Bejoy Nambiar.
I am a professionally trained dancer in Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and have worked as a dancer, choreographer and teacher with The Danceworx (run by dancer/choreographer Ashley Lobo) and Salsa India Dance Company and also trained under renowned dance teacher Sandip Soparkar. Last year I was invited to perform the Tango at the International India Dance Congress held in Bangalore. I also sing and am training my voice with a renowned vocal coach.
In addition, I have some experience in direction (short films and plays) and a little writing experience (cartoons/play) as well. I landed this role by a chance audition when I went to audition for another part in a different project altogether. I guess life has its own plans. So here I am today and very happy to have made this decision. All credit to the casting and production team for believing that I could do justice to this part.

MyNews: Do you relate anything with ‘Gauri’?

Rashi : Gauri couldn’t be more different from who I really am. There was not much to draw from, from my real life as far as the events in Gauri’s life are concerned. I never bullied anyone and scenes that require me to slap someone often leave me more distressed than the people being slapped. Having said that, the very joy of acting is in playing parts that are so totally different from you. We all have a whole palette of emotions and different facets to our personality and you can always find something for you to identify with in the character that you are playing. I think characters on TV or film are a lot of times designed to have one exaggerated personality trait. Like Gauri I think I can be very strong headed and like to do things my own way.

MyNews: How has been the response to your character and the show?

Rashi : The response has been phenomenal actually. It’s far exceeded my expectations. Playing a gray character I guess somewhere at the back of your mind you hope people don’t hate you as it’s easy for people to forget that’s not who you really are. But I am overwhelmed by the love and support that has come my way via fan pages and messages that continue to pour in daily.

MyNews: If given a chance, which character would you like to play in the show apart from ‘Gauri’?

Rashi : Like I said, the joy of acting is being able to experience many lives…those vastly different from your own. I would love to play a drug addict like Roy. The more different from you the character is, the more challenging it gets, which is turn is more fun

MyNews: What is your dream role?

Rashi : I don’t know if there is such a thing as a dream role. Every role that you take on should push your personal boundaries in some way. But a role I would love to play would be one that combines acting, dancing and singing since I am very inspired by musical theatre. From recent times a role I would love to do would be Priyanka Chopra’s from Barfi. I think it was one of the hardest parts and she did an outstanding job.

MyNews: What’s next after ‘Paanch’ ?

Rashi : Wait and watch This is just the beginning

MyNews: Finally a message for your fans.

Rashi : Thank you for all the love and support you are giving to our show and to my character. It makes work worthwhile and more so it puts responsibility on us to put our best out there for you guys to watch. So thank you for the motivation and the encouragement both.


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Yeh Kaun Aaya Roshan Ho Gayi Mehfil Kiske Naam Se…..

A lot of fans have written to us requesting a translation of Kunal Karan Kapoor’s interview in English.
So here you go folks …..
Hope you enjoy the read.

This is Akashwani Rampur, we now present our daily programme “Yuvwani”. In today’s progromme we are broadcasting a talk with Kunal Karan Kapoor, who is a very popular TV actor.

Nita: Kunal first of all our audience would like to know something about you as a child, were you naughty, playful, quiet?

Kunal: I was a little naughty, a little playful, a little quiet as a child. I think mixture of all these But I used to mostly stay aloof. I was good in studies and used to run a lot.

Nita: Run a lot? What did you run away from?

Kunal: Nothing – I just used to run around!

Nita: Did you participate in plays in school or any other competitions?

Kunal: Hmm… No, not really. I only remember participating in a play where I had to play the role of a bush!

Nita: Bush! You have come a long way from there.

Kunal: Hopefully!

Nita: Not many people are aware that your first break was a small role in the popular serial Rajni at the age of 13. How did you land that role?

Kunal: I used to go around offices looking for a role. I had met someone from the production house that had produced Rajini. Fortunately, someone there remembered that a young boy was looking for a role. They informed me that there is a small role and whether I was interested in it. That’s how I got the role.

Nita: How did your family and friends react to this?

Kunal: No one believed me when I told everyone. But when it was finally telecast they were shocked to actually see me onscreen. It was nice.

Nita: After Rajni you have been associated with acting since 2004. How did you finally join the mainstream TV acting?

Kunal: As I told you earlier I had met a lot of people with regard to roles on TV when I was 13-14 years old. I felt I my life had come to a standstill in my job in a call center. I felt I need to do something more, so I tried to contact people I had met, Shristi Arya was the producer of Remix and I had met her as a child. She called me and said if you are not doing anything, come audition for the role. Thankfully that worked. That was my first show Remix.

Nita: Could you tell us about the other roles you have played?

Kunal: Remix was my first serial, then came Left Right Left, Mayka, Man ki awaz Pratigya, Rishton se badi Pratha and then came Na Bole Tum Na Maine kuch Kaha.

Nita: What kind of character did you portray in these serials?

Kunal: In Remix I played the role of an under-confident student, who did not talk much, used to stammer, basically a nerd. Who finally with the help of his friends and family tries to overcome his disabilities and fears; and he makes it through. Left right left was an army cadet, in Mayka a fun loving guy who is a thief initially who later mends his ways. In Pratha as a friend to the main hero and the character was called Amrik, who helps them. Pratha was about honor killing, the boy and girl run away and Amriks helps them and in the process gets killed.. Pratigya was Angad a bad guy, a negative role and in the end Na Bole Tum Na maine Kuch Kaha – Mohan Bhatnagar.

Nita: In Na Bole Tum you have played three variations of the main character – two as Mohan Bhatnagar and one as Vasu. How difficult was it to get into the character, how much did you have to prepare?

Kunal: Honestly, you follow the script. You read the script and try to ascertain what the writer and director wants from you. You form the character in your mind, preparation as in a case study or research was not done. But an effort to go and work every day and do something new every day and work hard.

Nita: Basically you try to understand the character and play the part.

Kunal: That is the basic aim and there are many people who help you.

Nita: You have got a lot of love and acclaim as Mohan Bhatnagar. How did you land this role?

Kunal: I had given an audition 2-3 years ago for Sunshine Production. Sudhir Sir the producer saw the audition and called me. I met him and I was like “I don’t want to act, please give me some creative work”. He asked me to give it a try and we shot something.

Nita: And you got the role!

Kunal: Absolutely!

Nita: In one of the interview you had said there are a lot of similarities between the Mohan Bhatnagar of season 1. Did you personally evolve with season 2?

Kunal: I never said there is a lot of similarity, I always said 60:40. In season 2 I just went with the flow I just went with character that has gone through 12 years and how he would think. So the base was the same, main character type was the same he had only matured a bit.

Nita: Did you mature personally too?

Kunal: I hope so!

Nita: NBT is a serial where fans are very emotionally attached; each one has their own reason for this attachment. Is this a special show for you too and what are your reasons?

Kunal: Yes, this is definitely a very special show for me too. I haven’t worked so much before. I have gained a lot from this show, a chance to work hard, many opportunities, a lot of love, and a lot of recognition. So definitely it is very important it has been a life changing role.

Nita: When during NBT season 1 did you feel you have become a celebrity?

Kunal: I don’t feel that even today.

Nita: What have you been doing after NBT and what do you want to do in future?

Kunal: Honestly, I want to do better roles. I have relaxed after NBT, traveled a bit… rather travelled a lot!! Am looking for work now!

Nita: We would like to play an old song of your choice for our audience, which one would it be

Kunal: Neele neele amber par……………

Nita: Finally some rapid fire questions, if there was heaven would you have been granted permission to enter?

Kunal: I hope so, but I don’t know if I would have entered or not?

Nita: It you had entered what was the first thing you would have said to God?

Kunal: Probably I would have said thank you. Since I got an opportunity to see so much in life!

Nita: Among small-small thing what is it that brings a smile on your face?

Kunal: Smell of soil, first rain

Nita: Brings tears to your eyes

Kunal: Memory of my mother

Nita: Makes you angry

Kunal: Injustice

Nita: A moment that you do not want to forget.

Kunal: There are many but to name one – when I received best actor award

Nita: Worst habit of yours

Kunal: Smoking

Nita: Things on your bedside table

Kunal: My phone, usually my laptop and some book

Nita: If you get stranded alone somewhere, what are the three items you would want?

Kunal : Camera, book and water

Nita: Beautiful eyes or smile

Kunal: Difficult – but eyes!

Nita: Your face book fans are increasing by the day, so what is the message you would like to give your fans?

Kunal: Thank you for all the love. Thanks a lot for all the support. It seems like an extended family, which is a rare feeling in my life. It feels very nice; it feels very-very humble.

— That was Nita Khandekar for Happenstance. —


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Jab Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya …………….


Pratap Hada, the new kid on the block…..Gauti…Gautam of Paanch……..peep in to see what he feels about Valentine’s Day …..and of course his show….Paanch on Channel V…..

At the outset, Happenstance wishes you a fabulous Valentine’s Day.
Dedicating one of the famous Valentine’s Day quote to you.

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one, so I never have to live without you.” Beautifully said,right?

So tell us what makes Valentine’s Day so special to you? Is it a special day at all?
Yes its a special day as it gives an opportunity to make someone feel special and feel special yourself.

What are you doing this Valentine’sDay? Apart from shooting of course.
Well, I haven’t planned anything yet but yes i would try not to spend it like a regular day.

Would you mind sharing one of your most interesting Valentine’s Day story? How much do you remember and cherish this?
I remember each and every valentines story as there always a lot of outflow of money . LOL

There is a lot that has been said, unsaid about this day. Traditionally not one of those celebrations in India, wise men feel, it’s aping the west. What are your thoughts on this?
No we are not aping anybody… expressing love is a beautiful thing and it’s not a crime .
We should stop being hypocrites.

If you were to change something about this day, the concept, the notion, the celebrations, what would it be?
Just the acceptance of the people towards this day, And secondly this year let the boys feel pampered..

Our fans would like to know,what are some of the gifts that you would suggest for their Valentines.
Gifts are immaterial,’s the thought behind it.

From your heart…for your Valentine, a special quote:
Jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya.
On a concluding note, the show Paanch,in a very short time shot to fame for it gripping storyline, some excellent casting, great direction and not to forget an inimitable presentation.
How has the journey been? How do you feel being center stage to so much of adulation and popularity?

It’s been wonderful till now . We all are very happy with the show and the popularity it has received.
A special mention for the Captain of the Ship Shashank Sir.

All Gauti fans out there ….Dil Thaam Ke……….you will see you fav actor in an upcoming YRF film…Bewakoofiyan….releasing March 14th, 2014… Immi……..
Finally, thanks a ton for the interview.
Wishing you success and more with this show and many more to come.


— Credits : Sharmila Gupta Sen ; Lekz —

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Versatile Dushyant Uday Wagh……


Dushyant Wagh ….Naam Toh Suna Hoga…….

With the sensitive portrayal of a mentally challenged child in Mahesh Manjrekar’s film ‘Tera Mera Saath Rahe’ Dushyant started his illustrious acting career. We spoke to Dushyant to find out how it all happened, who identified the ‘actor’ in him.

I went to Balmohan Vidyamandir, a famous school in Dadar, Shivaji Park area. Many actors in Marathi industry r from the same school. In our school, Vidya Patwardhan, drawing teacher, but she mainly takes care of the extra-curricular activities…mainly acting n drama. She gave me the 1st opportunity in her own produced Marathi show ‘De Dhamaal’ on Zee TV Marathi. At the same time Mahesh Manjrekar Sir was casting for a young kid who could act in his upcoming film.
Vidya ma’am suggested him my name and I got “Tera Mera Saath Rahen” (in the year 2000?).
So to conclude.. Vidya mam is MY GURU…


Movies or TV is an oft asked question to actors, we asked Dushyant the same, having worked on both the media what gave him the creative satisfaction.

This is the most common question. I feel people do ask us, I mean to all the artists. TV or Film.
Well, I would say it depends upon what is your priority.
In films, of course, job satisfaction, acceptance is huge than a daily soap, if you ask me.
Working for TV is like working in any office. You have a boss, you have to follow certain rules n regulations, if your boss wants something you will have to delivery what he wants.. But the most imp thing is you are surely gonna get some fixed amount. Like salary at the end of the month. This is one of the important factors in our uncertain field. If you ask me, I enjoy both.
I love to for TV as people can interact with you on a daily basis. You are on the screen continuously, so aap logon ke dimaag main rehte ho.. which is again beneficial.
Films are like one shot and credit is for lifetime. For both of my films, Tera Mera Saath Rahen & 3 idiots I still get complements. People still recognize me by my character names. It’s like proud feeling.
In other words ultimate job satisfaction, if you ask me. Wink…….


‘Centimetre’ to ‘Guru’ Safar Kaisa Raha, how was the journey ?

Hmmm… Amazing….
It’s a superb feeling that you are being recognized by both of your characters, ‘Centimetre’ and ‘Guru’.
I am blessed that people loved me in both…

‘Sapne…Sapne …..Hona Zaroori Hai’……..we asked Dushyant what was his dream role something that he was dreaming about …..

A dream role….hmmm… any role with negative shade.
I don’t have a specific character or role in my mind. But I would love to portray a negative role.
Something which I have not done yet..

‘Mohan and Guru – will always be a thought apart and will live in our hearts forever’.
How can we not talk about these characters ?
So what does Dushyant feel ?

Mohan- Guru and NBT ….
I’m really really blessed that I got opportunity to work with Sunshine Productions.
Sudhir Sharma Sir is Gem of a person. In fact everyone in the team is so like your own family.

Mohan – Guru… you will see this kind of relationship in any random house. We just tried to be very natural. We are best buddies in real life. I guess this reflects in the performances. This role, the chemistry, the show is very close to my Heart.

‘Your success and happiness lies in YOU’ they say. Kya Rai Hai Aapka Iske Bare Mein ?

Totally.. Your happiness lies in ‘YOU’.
I believe in this principal. Success needs a slight push by your destiny.

2014, the new year what are Dushyant’s plans.
Something major you plan to buy/own : Something major I plan to buy was my own car which I bought in May. So right now I’m enjoying it.


A milestone with career : A milestone with career depends upon the opportunity I get.
Till date whatever I have worked I have done it from the bottom of my heart. I’m sure, soon I’ll get a good opportunity.

And finally he signs up in a true Guru style…..

Achchee logon ke saath hamesha achchaa hi hota hain… (wink..)

Dushyant, Happenstance and all the Na Bole Tum fans across the globe, wish you a fabulous 2014, a year filled with Happiness, Success and Prosperity.

Thanks for the lovely interview.

— Special Thanks to Sharmila Gupta Sen —

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Tete-a-tete with Deepak Panth


Deepak Panth, Head of Productions, Sunshine Productions shares his journey from Uttarakhand to Mumbai, a peek into his dreams, goals and achievements.

Uttarakhand to Nepal and then to Mumbai ……..Can you tell us about it all ?

Uttarakhand mere Dadaji ko Virasat mein mila ; Nepal mere Papa ko ; Mumbai main aapne baccho ko dena chahata hun unki virasat mein so all over its a nice journey….

Pics : Deepak Ji’s farmhouse in Nepal…..


“More dreams are realized and extinguished in Mumbai than any other place in India” they say, what are your reactions to Mumbai as a city ?

Mumbai naa hota toh yakeenan main bhi aaj yahan nahi hota 🙂

How did Television happen? Could you share a few details on your projects ?

Ji, Shuru toh filmo se kiyaa thaa…TV mein aakar rukgaya. I was in direction before with Mr. Ravi Rai. Paisa kamaane aaya thaa Mumbai toh doston se suna thaa bachpan me ki film industry me bahut paisa hai, bas… usi paiso ko dhundhte dhundhte pahunch gaye Ravi ji ke paas. Television aur din ki shuruwat it’s the same koi farak nahi hai ……….

Collage k baad seedha yahi aagaya thaa
Kuch kitab padkar jo shayad kabhi naa seekh pata industry ne wo sab bhi dikhaya hai muje.

Sailaab, Thoda he Thode Ki jarurat hai, Teacher, Hero, Yeh pyar na hoga kam, Yes Boss, Son Pari, Ghar Ki Laxmi betiyaan, Maikaa, Kyun Hota hai pyar, Baba aiso var dhoondo, Devon ke dev Mahadev, Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha aur ab Paanch ………kuch projects hain jinpe maine kaam kiya hai!

There are so many people working behind the scenes to put an episode together, could you tell us on an average how many people work on the set in different areas? On a typical day what time does your day start and when does it end?

There are around 80- 100 people, main aapna bataun toh mujhe har insaan important lagta hai, har insaan ki aapni aapni capability hai.
Din ki shuruwat camera roll hone ke baad aur din ka end kabhi Hota hee nahi (a winking smiley)

Someone said, “Small wins, small projects, small differences often make huge differences” which small project of yours do you think created that huge difference?

No muje aisa nahi lagta infact small projects mein aur jyada mehnat karni padti hai taki wo chote naa lage and also small project mujhe aaj tak samajh nahi aaya ki hum kisko small bolte hai ; har cheez toh wahi hota hai even duration also is the same as others so small kaise huaa….

“When a gifted team dedicates itself to unselfish trust and combines instinct with boldness and effort, it is ready to climb”… such instance where you felt this did not work.

Koi nahi

Ab kuch rapid fire ho jaaye………….

A movie unforgettable : Kagaz ke phool

A show most enjoyed : Only one Na bole tum na Maine Kuch Kaha

A character unforgettable : Guru Dutt Sahab from Pyaasa as Vijay

All time favorite song : ‘Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya’ from the same movie

Life’s motto : Aisa Kuch khash nahi – Kisan ka beta hun jo paliya kafi hai as ye barkarar rahe pyar milta rahe aur kuch khas nahi

A favourite quote : Har din ek naya quote (LOL)

A dream holiday to : Chuti Milti nahi so kabhi socha nahi haan kabhi mauka lage toh aapne hee farm house Nepal
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Happenstance wishes You Success, Happiness and lot of Holidays this Year Deepak Ji.
Thanks a ton for the time and the interview.

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