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An exclusive Interview of Rashi Mal.

Gauri couldn’t be more different from who I really am – Rashi Mal
by Preetam Juneja 16-Jan-2014.


The gorgeous talented beauty who plays the ruthless gang leader ‘Gauri Lada’ in TV Show ‘Paanch’ – Don’t Get Mad, Get Even is a powerhouse of talent. The actress is receiving rave reviews for her performance in the show. We got in touch with the talented girl to know about her character, the show and her future plans.

Happenstance reloads her exclusive interview on special request from fans…..

MyNews : Tell us about the character ‘Gauri’ you play in the show ‘Paanch’ – Don’t Get Mad Get Even.

Rashi : My understanding of Gauri is that she is a misguided young girl. She has made her own place in the college and this gang of friends is her whole world. She is sharp, perceptive and loves being in control, possibly because of the lack of attention caused by her parents not being around much. She loves her brother and her friends to death although her way of showing it is not necessarily conventional.

MyNews: Tell us about your background and how did you land up on this show?

Rashi : By qualification I am an IT Engineer and have a diploma in film making from New York Film Academy. I did a brief stint with Citibank before I left to pursue the performing arts full fledged. I have worked extensively in theatre for several years with leading names such as Makrand Deshpande, Hidayat Sami, Sunil Shanbag and Divya Palat. I have done many TVCs including Acer, Nivea, Lays and Hide n Seek etc.
I also worked on MTV Rush with Mr Bejoy Nambiar.
I am a professionally trained dancer in Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and have worked as a dancer, choreographer and teacher with The Danceworx (run by dancer/choreographer Ashley Lobo) and Salsa India Dance Company and also trained under renowned dance teacher Sandip Soparkar. Last year I was invited to perform the Tango at the International India Dance Congress held in Bangalore. I also sing and am training my voice with a renowned vocal coach.
In addition, I have some experience in direction (short films and plays) and a little writing experience (cartoons/play) as well. I landed this role by a chance audition when I went to audition for another part in a different project altogether. I guess life has its own plans. So here I am today and very happy to have made this decision. All credit to the casting and production team for believing that I could do justice to this part.

MyNews: Do you relate anything with ‘Gauri’?

Rashi : Gauri couldn’t be more different from who I really am. There was not much to draw from, from my real life as far as the events in Gauri’s life are concerned. I never bullied anyone and scenes that require me to slap someone often leave me more distressed than the people being slapped. Having said that, the very joy of acting is in playing parts that are so totally different from you. We all have a whole palette of emotions and different facets to our personality and you can always find something for you to identify with in the character that you are playing. I think characters on TV or film are a lot of times designed to have one exaggerated personality trait. Like Gauri I think I can be very strong headed and like to do things my own way.

MyNews: How has been the response to your character and the show?

Rashi : The response has been phenomenal actually. It’s far exceeded my expectations. Playing a gray character I guess somewhere at the back of your mind you hope people don’t hate you as it’s easy for people to forget that’s not who you really are. But I am overwhelmed by the love and support that has come my way via fan pages and messages that continue to pour in daily.

MyNews: If given a chance, which character would you like to play in the show apart from ‘Gauri’?

Rashi : Like I said, the joy of acting is being able to experience many lives…those vastly different from your own. I would love to play a drug addict like Roy. The more different from you the character is, the more challenging it gets, which is turn is more fun

MyNews: What is your dream role?

Rashi : I don’t know if there is such a thing as a dream role. Every role that you take on should push your personal boundaries in some way. But a role I would love to play would be one that combines acting, dancing and singing since I am very inspired by musical theatre. From recent times a role I would love to do would be Priyanka Chopra’s from Barfi. I think it was one of the hardest parts and she did an outstanding job.

MyNews: What’s next after ‘Paanch’ ?

Rashi : Wait and watch This is just the beginning

MyNews: Finally a message for your fans.

Rashi : Thank you for all the love and support you are giving to our show and to my character. It makes work worthwhile and more so it puts responsibility on us to put our best out there for you guys to watch. So thank you for the motivation and the encouragement both.


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Interview with Ravjeet Singh

Today Happenstance brings you the interview of cute and charming Ravjeet Singh aka Nikhil from the show “PAANCH”

Hope all you fans have a great time watching the video.

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