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Yeh Kaun Aaya Roshan Ho Gayi Mehfil Kiske Naam Se…..

A lot of fans have written to us requesting a translation of Kunal Karan Kapoor’s interview in English.
So here you go folks …..
Hope you enjoy the read.

This is Akashwani Rampur, we now present our daily programme “Yuvwani”. In today’s progromme we are broadcasting a talk with Kunal Karan Kapoor, who is a very popular TV actor.

Nita: Kunal first of all our audience would like to know something about you as a child, were you naughty, playful, quiet?

Kunal: I was a little naughty, a little playful, a little quiet as a child. I think mixture of all these But I used to mostly stay aloof. I was good in studies and used to run a lot.

Nita: Run a lot? What did you run away from?

Kunal: Nothing – I just used to run around!

Nita: Did you participate in plays in school or any other competitions?

Kunal: Hmm… No, not really. I only remember participating in a play where I had to play the role of a bush!

Nita: Bush! You have come a long way from there.

Kunal: Hopefully!

Nita: Not many people are aware that your first break was a small role in the popular serial Rajni at the age of 13. How did you land that role?

Kunal: I used to go around offices looking for a role. I had met someone from the production house that had produced Rajini. Fortunately, someone there remembered that a young boy was looking for a role. They informed me that there is a small role and whether I was interested in it. That’s how I got the role.

Nita: How did your family and friends react to this?

Kunal: No one believed me when I told everyone. But when it was finally telecast they were shocked to actually see me onscreen. It was nice.

Nita: After Rajni you have been associated with acting since 2004. How did you finally join the mainstream TV acting?

Kunal: As I told you earlier I had met a lot of people with regard to roles on TV when I was 13-14 years old. I felt I my life had come to a standstill in my job in a call center. I felt I need to do something more, so I tried to contact people I had met, Shristi Arya was the producer of Remix and I had met her as a child. She called me and said if you are not doing anything, come audition for the role. Thankfully that worked. That was my first show Remix.

Nita: Could you tell us about the other roles you have played?

Kunal: Remix was my first serial, then came Left Right Left, Mayka, Man ki awaz Pratigya, Rishton se badi Pratha and then came Na Bole Tum Na Maine kuch Kaha.

Nita: What kind of character did you portray in these serials?

Kunal: In Remix I played the role of an under-confident student, who did not talk much, used to stammer, basically a nerd. Who finally with the help of his friends and family tries to overcome his disabilities and fears; and he makes it through. Left right left was an army cadet, in Mayka a fun loving guy who is a thief initially who later mends his ways. In Pratha as a friend to the main hero and the character was called Amrik, who helps them. Pratha was about honor killing, the boy and girl run away and Amriks helps them and in the process gets killed.. Pratigya was Angad a bad guy, a negative role and in the end Na Bole Tum Na maine Kuch Kaha – Mohan Bhatnagar.

Nita: In Na Bole Tum you have played three variations of the main character – two as Mohan Bhatnagar and one as Vasu. How difficult was it to get into the character, how much did you have to prepare?

Kunal: Honestly, you follow the script. You read the script and try to ascertain what the writer and director wants from you. You form the character in your mind, preparation as in a case study or research was not done. But an effort to go and work every day and do something new every day and work hard.

Nita: Basically you try to understand the character and play the part.

Kunal: That is the basic aim and there are many people who help you.

Nita: You have got a lot of love and acclaim as Mohan Bhatnagar. How did you land this role?

Kunal: I had given an audition 2-3 years ago for Sunshine Production. Sudhir Sir the producer saw the audition and called me. I met him and I was like “I don’t want to act, please give me some creative work”. He asked me to give it a try and we shot something.

Nita: And you got the role!

Kunal: Absolutely!

Nita: In one of the interview you had said there are a lot of similarities between the Mohan Bhatnagar of season 1. Did you personally evolve with season 2?

Kunal: I never said there is a lot of similarity, I always said 60:40. In season 2 I just went with the flow I just went with character that has gone through 12 years and how he would think. So the base was the same, main character type was the same he had only matured a bit.

Nita: Did you mature personally too?

Kunal: I hope so!

Nita: NBT is a serial where fans are very emotionally attached; each one has their own reason for this attachment. Is this a special show for you too and what are your reasons?

Kunal: Yes, this is definitely a very special show for me too. I haven’t worked so much before. I have gained a lot from this show, a chance to work hard, many opportunities, a lot of love, and a lot of recognition. So definitely it is very important it has been a life changing role.

Nita: When during NBT season 1 did you feel you have become a celebrity?

Kunal: I don’t feel that even today.

Nita: What have you been doing after NBT and what do you want to do in future?

Kunal: Honestly, I want to do better roles. I have relaxed after NBT, traveled a bit… rather travelled a lot!! Am looking for work now!

Nita: We would like to play an old song of your choice for our audience, which one would it be

Kunal: Neele neele amber par……………

Nita: Finally some rapid fire questions, if there was heaven would you have been granted permission to enter?

Kunal: I hope so, but I don’t know if I would have entered or not?

Nita: It you had entered what was the first thing you would have said to God?

Kunal: Probably I would have said thank you. Since I got an opportunity to see so much in life!

Nita: Among small-small thing what is it that brings a smile on your face?

Kunal: Smell of soil, first rain

Nita: Brings tears to your eyes

Kunal: Memory of my mother

Nita: Makes you angry

Kunal: Injustice

Nita: A moment that you do not want to forget.

Kunal: There are many but to name one – when I received best actor award

Nita: Worst habit of yours

Kunal: Smoking

Nita: Things on your bedside table

Kunal: My phone, usually my laptop and some book

Nita: If you get stranded alone somewhere, what are the three items you would want?

Kunal : Camera, book and water

Nita: Beautiful eyes or smile

Kunal: Difficult – but eyes!

Nita: Your face book fans are increasing by the day, so what is the message you would like to give your fans?

Kunal: Thank you for all the love. Thanks a lot for all the support. It seems like an extended family, which is a rare feeling in my life. It feels very nice; it feels very-very humble.

— That was Nita Khandekar for Happenstance. —


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Yeh Kaun Aaya, Roshan Ho Gayi Mehfil Inke Naam Se……..

Happenstance brings you yet another interview from the vivacious Kunal Karan Kapoor as he speaks out to the ‘Radio’ fans.

Dr. Nita Khandekar, Principal Scientist at the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore who does a lot of professional work with them, as a true fan, managed to get Kunal, for a change, talk to the radio audience for ‘Yuvawani’ on All India Radio, Rampur, Uttar Pradesh.

So here we are with this interview, by Nita, as she unravels Kunal’s journey on small screen.


Happiness, Success and Good Luck be with you …..Kunal …Always.


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