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Bhula Dena Mujhe……..Mohan Megha……

And here we are with another VM made on Mohan Megha

Bhula Dena Mujhe, Hain Alvida Tujhe, Tujhe Jeena Hain Mera Bina!!!

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Ek Boond Ishq – The week that was……

Week 27th January until 31 January 2014.

Mrityunjay and Tara leaves to Ramnagar. On the way Mritunjay loses his wallet & MJ, Tara share a cute moment in the car. In Shekhwat house, Jairaj looks disturbed which makes Rudrapratap question him, whether he’s missing his son & daughter in law. Jairaj informs everyone that MJ & Tara has reached Mangalgad & they will be visiting ‘tomb of Fateh bibi’. Just then, RP gets a call and his men informs him that MJ & Tara hasn’t reached Mangalgad. He smells fowl that Jayraj is up to something! RP doubts whether MJ and Tara are on their way to find out about Radha. Radha tries to escape from Kalawatis men, but she gets caught. Later as per Kalavatis instruction Radha is allowed to escape so that she reaches MJ, which may help Kalawati to get more information on MJ and Tara’s destination and mission.

Aradhana and Nandini celebrates Yugs birthday, were as Yug gets reminded about her sister in their childhood days. Media reports about the girl ( Radha ) who got shot in the rally of RP, being taken away from Bhopal. MJ and Yug notices the news. RudraPratap instructs nirmala to find out what jairaj is hiding from the family about MJ and Tara.
MJ & Tara’s car breaks down. As per the mechanic’s instruction they decide to continue their journey by bus. Cops come to shekhawat mansion for further questioning Mritunjay as the pistol found in Tara’s bag belongs to a Guddan singh.Jairaj informs them that Mrityunjay & Tara has gone to Mangalgad .Tara calls Meeti and asks her to inform Jairaj that they will be reaching Ramnagar soon, which Nirmala overhears. Meeti informs Tara about the cops & news regarding pistol. Radha is shown struggling to reach Bhopal whereas Yug finds his father dead. MJ and Tara reaches kalawati’s hideout, there they find out a wig & Radha’s notes, which Mritunjay recognizes. Further they try to find out Radha. Mrityunjay goes to arrange money, by that time Tara sees 2 policemen &gets scared & she hides out.
Tara tries to call Mrityunjay, but as the call gets connected the battery of the phone goes down. Mrityunjay comes in search of Tara & finds out that she’s missing. He starts enquiring about her.Tara, too comes out of her hiding place, and gets worried about Mrityunjay and starts looking out for him. Nirmala questions meeti about Tara & Mrityunjay’s whereabouts, to which meeti lies. Nirmala gets a call from RP. She informs RP that meeti is not willing to divulge anything when she herself saw her talking to Tara, which means she is hiding something.RP, instructs her to get the information from meeti. as early as possible. Radha is running through the streets whereas kala’s men are following her. She tries to hide in a temple. Tara too reaches there & prays to the gods to unite her with Mriyunjay. She finds out that her phone is on, but the battery is still low. She tries to call Mrityunjay, though the phone gets connected, they are unable to hear each other due to the sound of the bells.

By this time, Kalavati passes by, without noticing each other. Radha sees Kalavati & hides. Mrityunjay realizes that he has heard the sound of the bells and deduces that it was coming from a temple. He asks a passerby & reaches the temple. Kalawati is praying inside the temple whereas Tara is also praying outside the temple. Tara turns and sees Mrityunjay, runs towards him & they hug each other.
Mrityunjay asks Tara, where she disappeared all of a sudden? Tara informs him about what meeti has told her about the cops reaching Shekhwat mansion. Mrityunjay loses his hope of Radha Being in Ramnagar & asks Tara to return to Bhopal .Radha on the other side manages to escape from the temple. As Mrityunjay & Tara is about to leave, they see Radha. Kalawati’s men see radha & tries to attack them. They manage to escape, by misleading the henchmen. Kalawatis men informs her that Radha has escaped &she punishes her followers for that. In Shekhwat mansion,Nirmala is worried about Jairaj and she decides to find out the person who attacked her husband. Further,she questions meeti about Tara & Mrityunja, which Meeti avoids. Nirmala tells her that Mrityunjay will never be able to love Tara as he has loved only person ,his best friend, Radha, leaving a startled Adi & shocked meeti. Mrityunjay and radha shares their childhood memories & MJ hugs radha ,to which Tara gets disturbed & as she’s about to move, Mrityunjay holds her & gestures her, not to leave.
Jairaj gets a call about Raghu kaka’s demise.He reaches kaka’s house & finds Yug there,but conceals about Radha being alive. Mrityunjay ,Tara & Radha reaches the workshop. Mechanic demands about Rs.5000 for repairing the car. when the mechanic finds that they have no money ,he demands for the brooch .Mrityunjay gives him the brooch,though Tara refuses. As the car moves,the number plate falls down. On the way Tara informs Jairaj about Radha & Jairaj shares the news of kaka’s death to Mrityunjay . Mrityunjay hides it from both the ladies. Kalawatis car’s tyre gets punctured & she too reaches the same workshop with her men. There she finds Mritunjay’s car’s Number plate & the brooch. she finds out from the mechanic more Information on it.she handovers the number plate to mechanic and takes down his number ,so that she can use him in future.

Mrityunjay stops the car as the road heading to Bhopal is closed. He asks a person near by about the alternative route to which the person just points out the other route. Mrityunjay leaves & later the person is revealed as none other than Kalawati!

— Divya Nair —
Pic credit ..Mritunjay &Taara aka Mriara Dream Land


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Aur Ek Thi Mrs. Vyaas

She came across with a character so strong
Took down everyone, even when treated so wrong!
Her conviction sometimes would shatter,
But then she never let it matter!

Continued she and kept her audience enthralled,
Such strength of character she had shown!
She was beautiful as the morning dew,
With long hair and skin of golden hue!
The actress emotions at length can display,
And why not since theater was her forte!

Tears roll out by just emoting no glycerin required,
This girl can do it every time without getting tired!
Initially, Mohan was irritated, bowled but not unaffected,
And how could he be for she was so connected!
Megha had our Mohan following her around,
Dreams of her started him hound!

Then more seriously Mohan began her to pursue,
As if there had initially been no issues!
Farm house mein jake, badli Mohan ki aas,
But then she wrenched his hope appearing crass!
In her heart she loved him, she could not tell him so,
For word she had given, to her would be mom-in law!

Like every love story all is well in the end,
Except we don’t know how now time to spend!
We all love her and can’t forget the chemistry between them,
That we can’t help, other serials criticize and condemn!!
We keep wishing and hoping they get back,
And our lives once again crack!!

— Nita Khandekar —

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Lost but never forgotten………..

Happenstance brings you reminiscences from some of the brilliant shows on television, the ones that have come and gone, made us laugh, made us cry…….

Happenstance dedicates this section to them………….

Anvita walks us through Wagle ki Duniya this week………………

It was a dull Saturday evening. I was not in a mood to socialise. Hence cancelled the plan of watching Jai Ho. I was reading Arthur Hailey’s ‘Hotel’. I don’t what prompted me to suddenly put down my book. And started reminiscing about my childhood. And the good old television viewing experience of those days .One of the most integral part of my childhood memories is ‘Doordarshan’, and the quality serials aired.

Way back in the 80s the only source of entertainment for us was ‘Doordarshan’. And I was fortunate enough to watch some of the best shows aired on dd. 30 years later the serials still have a very strong recall value. Doordarshan will always be remembered for telecasting programmes which were enriched in quality. And evoked a sense of happiness amongst us viewers.
One such serial was ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’.It was aired from 1988-1990. The sitcom was directed by Kundan Shah. The show was based on the characters created by the eminent writer/cartoonist R.K. Laxman . He had scripted this beautiful serial. Circa 1988 ‘Anjan Srivastav ‘ became a household name with his portrayal as the bumbling sales clerk.

Bharati Achrekar played the role of Mrs Radhika Wagle. I don’t remember the names of the child actors who played the role of Mr Wagle’s children.
The extremely talented Sulbha Arya played the role of a maid in one of the episodes. Shahrukh Khan had also played a cameo role in the sitcom before debuting in Fauji. The performance given by the stellar cast and the story line has resulted in the series gaining cult status.
I miss those days when my entire family used to gather around the TV set to watch ‘Wagle ki Duniya’


This is quality acting and quality serial. So simple Yet very best. Miss those typical middle class houses, the colors of the walls. Simple interaction between kids and parents. Discipline of parents.
I am pasting few links of the serial which I found on YT. Sit back and get transported to the Wagle world. (credit: Legitfreek) (Credit: Legitfreek) (credit: To the original uploader)

All I want is a time machine now. Wish to be transported back to the golden period of my childhood.

— Anvita Shetty —

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Versatile Dushyant Uday Wagh……


Dushyant Wagh ….Naam Toh Suna Hoga…….

With the sensitive portrayal of a mentally challenged child in Mahesh Manjrekar’s film ‘Tera Mera Saath Rahe’ Dushyant started his illustrious acting career. We spoke to Dushyant to find out how it all happened, who identified the ‘actor’ in him.

I went to Balmohan Vidyamandir, a famous school in Dadar, Shivaji Park area. Many actors in Marathi industry r from the same school. In our school, Vidya Patwardhan, drawing teacher, but she mainly takes care of the extra-curricular activities…mainly acting n drama. She gave me the 1st opportunity in her own produced Marathi show ‘De Dhamaal’ on Zee TV Marathi. At the same time Mahesh Manjrekar Sir was casting for a young kid who could act in his upcoming film.
Vidya ma’am suggested him my name and I got “Tera Mera Saath Rahen” (in the year 2000?).
So to conclude.. Vidya mam is MY GURU…


Movies or TV is an oft asked question to actors, we asked Dushyant the same, having worked on both the media what gave him the creative satisfaction.

This is the most common question. I feel people do ask us, I mean to all the artists. TV or Film.
Well, I would say it depends upon what is your priority.
In films, of course, job satisfaction, acceptance is huge than a daily soap, if you ask me.
Working for TV is like working in any office. You have a boss, you have to follow certain rules n regulations, if your boss wants something you will have to delivery what he wants.. But the most imp thing is you are surely gonna get some fixed amount. Like salary at the end of the month. This is one of the important factors in our uncertain field. If you ask me, I enjoy both.
I love to for TV as people can interact with you on a daily basis. You are on the screen continuously, so aap logon ke dimaag main rehte ho.. which is again beneficial.
Films are like one shot and credit is for lifetime. For both of my films, Tera Mera Saath Rahen & 3 idiots I still get complements. People still recognize me by my character names. It’s like proud feeling.
In other words ultimate job satisfaction, if you ask me. Wink…….


‘Centimetre’ to ‘Guru’ Safar Kaisa Raha, how was the journey ?

Hmmm… Amazing….
It’s a superb feeling that you are being recognized by both of your characters, ‘Centimetre’ and ‘Guru’.
I am blessed that people loved me in both…

‘Sapne…Sapne …..Hona Zaroori Hai’……..we asked Dushyant what was his dream role something that he was dreaming about …..

A dream role….hmmm… any role with negative shade.
I don’t have a specific character or role in my mind. But I would love to portray a negative role.
Something which I have not done yet..

‘Mohan and Guru – will always be a thought apart and will live in our hearts forever’.
How can we not talk about these characters ?
So what does Dushyant feel ?

Mohan- Guru and NBT ….
I’m really really blessed that I got opportunity to work with Sunshine Productions.
Sudhir Sharma Sir is Gem of a person. In fact everyone in the team is so like your own family.

Mohan – Guru… you will see this kind of relationship in any random house. We just tried to be very natural. We are best buddies in real life. I guess this reflects in the performances. This role, the chemistry, the show is very close to my Heart.

‘Your success and happiness lies in YOU’ they say. Kya Rai Hai Aapka Iske Bare Mein ?

Totally.. Your happiness lies in ‘YOU’.
I believe in this principal. Success needs a slight push by your destiny.

2014, the new year what are Dushyant’s plans.
Something major you plan to buy/own : Something major I plan to buy was my own car which I bought in May. So right now I’m enjoying it.


A milestone with career : A milestone with career depends upon the opportunity I get.
Till date whatever I have worked I have done it from the bottom of my heart. I’m sure, soon I’ll get a good opportunity.

And finally he signs up in a true Guru style…..

Achchee logon ke saath hamesha achchaa hi hota hain… (wink..)

Dushyant, Happenstance and all the Na Bole Tum fans across the globe, wish you a fabulous 2014, a year filled with Happiness, Success and Prosperity.

Thanks for the lovely interview.

— Special Thanks to Sharmila Gupta Sen —

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