Ek Boondh Ishq – Week that was……

24 Feb


Kahani is week – week ending 21 February 2014

Epi 116 : RP enters the shekhwat mansion and gets shocked to see Dadu. Jairaj informs him that Dadu recognizes only Mritunjay. RP feels relieved and does a drama of missing him. Vasu takes a picture of Dadu and shows it to Tara. Tara realizes it as the same man whom she helped and brought to shekhwat mansion. As she wanted to inform Mritunjay on this Meethi stops her due to the rules of wedding rituals. Later they make a call to Mritunjay where Tara demands for a haircut and clean shaven face of Mritunjay for muhdhikayi. Radha is excited about the wedding events in Shekhwat mansion.

Yug confronts her on this and she reveals her love for Mritunjay, but she says Mritunjay has loved only Tara and she’s happy for them. Mritunjay comes to meet Radha & Yug. Yug promises him that he will prove him innocent. He also warns Radha not to put herself in peril and to stay safe at home. Kalawati gets a call from the lawyer saying that Jairaj wants to reopen radha murder case. He tells kalawati that Jairaj sounded very confident. She disconnects the call and rants. Later assures herself that she will win this time as the lawyer is with her. Everyone is shekhwat mansion get worried about Mritunjay’s whereabouts. Meeti tries to call him, but he disconnects saying he is busy due to an important work.

Aradhana, nandini and Yug leave to shekhwat mansion for the Haldi function. Tara receives a message from Mritunjay to inform him when everyone leaves. DIG gets a call from his subordinate that they have tracked the person who kept the pistol in Tara’s bag. In UC, Tara is getting ready; suddenly she sees a shadow and gets scared. She hides herself and later comes out surprised to see her man Mriyunjay Singh shekhwat in short hair and trimmed beard, as she wished.

Mritunjay asks Tara whether she liked his new looks. Tara finds it difficult to express and gets shy. She then asks him to leave as it’s a bad omen to meet before the wedding. Mritunjay leaves saying he will be back. Radha is all excited and frustrated that she cannot attend Meer’s wedding, she calls Yug and tries to get the details about the ceremony.

Later Tara calls her and promises that she and Mritunjay will come and meet her after the wedding and also tells her to stay at home and remain safe. But radha decides to attend the haldi ceremony at any cost. Police arrests the person who has kept the pistol in Tara’s bag.

They question him but he refuses to answer. Jairaj introduces Dadu to Aradhana; Nandu & Yug. Niramala informs them that they have arranged dancers for the ritual. Radha reaches shekhwat mansion along with the dancers. Everyone gets shocked seeing Mritunjay’s new look.
Haldi rasam starts. Everyone applies haldi on Mritunjay and Radha too applies haldi on him while dancing. She feels sad and leaves the venue. Niramala sees her and orders her to join the dancers. Suddenly she sees RP and tries to hide. RP gets a call from the DIG about Guddan’s arrest and he request RP to bring Mritunjay & Tara to the police station for further interrogation.
RP asks to punish Mritunjay or Tara, if they are the culprits. Radha over hears it. She tries to run but RP calls her from back.

Epi 118 : Radha gets nervous, Daija comes and handover her wallet and ask her to leave. As she’s about to leave with the dancers Aradhana gifts them all. Radha asks the dancers to call her further for all the rituals and pays them. Mritunjay and Tara share a cute phone conversation where both reveal how they are yearning for each other. Later they decide to send messages through phone. RP informs Jairaj that he won’t be able to attend mehendi function as he is supposed to attend some important party work. Mritunjay calls Radha and asks her to stay safe.

He promises that he will come to see her immediately after the wedding. Guddan is getting questioned by the cops. RP also sees this along with DIG. Guddan reveals that he will be able to identify the person as he is not aware of that person’s name. DIG as per RP’s instructions ask to call up Mritunjay also for the identification parade. Tara gets ready for the rasam.
Yug teases Tara for wanting to be prim and proper before her in laws. Tara teases him back that she will ask him when it’s his time to get married and asks him if he has any girl in mind and he looks at Nandu. Tara understands & tells him when he gets the guts to confess he can tell her and she will take care of it and he agrees. Mehendi rasam starts in ujada chaman. Tara messages Mritunjay that she won’t be able to send messages further as she is going to apply mehendi.
MJ replies back reminding her about the deal they had made to message each other and no matter what she has to text him.
Nandini purposely sends some pictures of Aditya’s and hers to Meethi’s phone. Meeti fails to check the message as Aradhana takes for mehendi rasam. Radha reaches for the mehendi rasam and she starts applying mehendi in Tara’s hands. Nirmala asks her to remove her ghoonghat, but she denies it by giving excuses. Meethi too applies mehendi. Aditya comes and sits next to her. He takes up Meethis phone and starts to check the message. Nandini gets shocked.
Nandini purposely bumps into Aadi. Meethi’s phone slips into a decorative pot filled with water and gets spoiled. Nandini then apologizes. Radha applies mehendi for Tara. Mritunjay text to Tara. She asks for Radha’s help to reply. They keep texting to each other. The wedding day :- Tara cries as she misses Bunty and she feels sad that she will be missing her maternal place soon.

Aradhana cheers her up saying she is lucky that he got a husband like Mritunjay! Mritunjay in shekhwat mansion is all excited for the wedding. He is lost in Tara’s thoughts and Jairaj comes. He informs him of Radha’s case being reopened. Mritunjay reveals his excitement and feelings to his baba. He recalls how strange and unattached he felt when he got married in jail with Tara just for baba’s happiness and today how he’s excited to bring her back to his life. Radha hallucinates of putting Sehra to Mritunjay.
Yug comes in and tells her that someone has come to see her. Mritunjay tells her that he has to be here for her best friend. He asks her to make him wear the Sehra. He keeps on telling her to stay safe and not to take any risk. Then he leaves. Yug reaches shekhwat mansion with Mritunjay’s wedding attire and shera. Jairaj informs him that the case is reopened and the date of hearing will be the next day. Radha gets a call from the dancers saying that they won’t be going for the wedding.

She feels sad hearing as she won’t be able to attend Meer’s wedding . Yug calls up radha to inform about the case reopening. She gets excited to hear that. He tells her that he is going to help MJ to get ready.. Radha insists him to be as late as he could and not to proceed the barat on time.. In ujada Chaman Tara scolds nandini for being late. Nandini justifies herself saying she went to dress up for her sister’s wedding. Later they hug each other. Nandini has an envelope on her hand. Niramala and meethi reaches with Tara’s wedding attire. They are welcomed by Aradhana . Niramala informs them as per their custom, bride should be sent off from mayka in the clothes given by sasural.
Tara gets emotional seeing this . She runs inside while she sees an envelope which is half way tucked in the bed.

Epi 120 : Tara gets the envelope but nandini snatches it from her and asks her to get ready. Meethi and Vasu comes to see Tara. Nandini manages to out the envelope in the gift packet for Meethi. Then she distributes the gifts for everyone. As meethi is about to see her gift, Fahim chacha calls her ,she keeps her gift there and leaves. In shekhwat mansion, Yug helps Mritunjay to dress up. Daija enters with a woman and tells Mritunjay that the woman wants to see whether the shoes will fit him. Mritunjay agrees to it. As she sits ,she tries to hide her bracelet. Yug sees this and recognizes that it’s Radha. Nirmala comes there and asks the woman to leave, but Yug recommends to which Mritunjay also supports.
Later Radha helps Yug to dress up Mritunjay. Later Mritunjay takes blessings from Jairaj ,but Nirmala backs off.
He then takes Dadu’s blessings also and leaves to the wedding venue. Kalawati is in her hideout. She is taking snaps and celebrating as she’s leading for 15000 votes. Jairaj too makes a call and informs the same. As she starts celebrating her victory she gets another call saying she lost the election. Kalawati fumes in anger and despair of this loss. Mritunjay reaches ujada chaman with the Bharath. Rituals starts to welcome him. Aradhana puts tilak on him. Meethi welcomes Jairaj & Adi with garlands. Tara sees all this through the window.

Mritunjay too sees her. Meeti goes near Tara and teases her.
Later they hug sharing the old memories of the first wedding . Yug takes Radha to a side and scolds her for coming for the wedding. He makes her realize how dangerous it could be for her and Mritunjay. RP comes for the wedding, Yug asks Radha to wear her ghoonghat. Radha sees RP and gets shocked.

— Credit updates : Divya Nair ; Picture : Mritunjay&Taara aka Mriara Dream Land


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7 responses to “Ek Boondh Ishq – Week that was……


    February 24, 2014 at 10:52 PM

    Loved the show ek boond isqe. Viraf phiroz patel and chavvi pandy are doing fabulous .saba madam is very good, …cvs are rushing the show a bit.. they should show some development in mj tara and other relations.

  2. ruchika

    February 24, 2014 at 4:15 PM

    wow..its unique and so brilliant..whole summary with pic collage…great…

  3. erum

    February 24, 2014 at 2:49 PM

    you are a good writer dear keep it up!

  4. erum

    February 24, 2014 at 2:48 PM

    you are a good dear keep it up!

  5. Gauri Shah

    February 24, 2014 at 2:19 PM

    Well written synopsis, covered the whole week in detail.

  6. Mohima mahbub

    February 24, 2014 at 1:56 PM

    This ia an awsome update of the whole week.

  7. Mannawar

    February 24, 2014 at 12:57 PM

    Thankxx for the summary just love EBI :))
    last week was awsome week along with remarriage


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