Ek Boond Ishq – Synopsis

19 Feb

The Week That Was ….Feb 16th 2014 …

Epi 114 : Jairaj praises Tara for finding out Radha. Mrityunjay admires Tara. Meeti and Vasu tease Tara in the kitchen. Meeti asks Tara to sleep in her room as aadi is not there. Tara agrees. Mriyunjay feels sad. He finds excuses to take Tara back, but in vain. Radha breaks down, checking her babas pen and other stuffs.Yug comes and consoles her.
They share their childhood memories and comfort each other. Radha reveals to Yug that Mrityunjay is innocent. Nandini over hears it. She becomes jealous on thinking about Tara’s happiness and luxurious life and decides to spoil Tara’s life by hook or crook. RP cries over his bad fate and goes to his secret hide out in shekhwat mansion.
Tara gets restless and decides to go to her room as Meeti is asleep. While she passes by RP’s room, she hears someone crying and gets startled. Mrityunjay comes there and tells it’s just her imagination and takes her to their room.
RP promises himself to trap Mrityunjay in such a way that even gods won’t be able to save him.


Mritunjay and Tara shares a cute moment when Alarm rings. As the clock strikes 6 am, Tara goes to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Jairaj. Yug tries to make Radha cheerful by sharing some childhood memories.
Nandini joins them and tries to dig out what happened on that night, but Yug warns her. He tells her not to reveal anything about Radha to the outsiders.
Nandini agrees to it. Mritunjay and Jairaj leave to DIG’s office to give further clarification on the pistol found in Tara’s bag. In the police headquarters MJ reveals that he took the blame as he didn’t want his wife to come to the police station for a mistake which she has never done. Aradhana and Nandhini reach shekhwat mansion with The proposal of Mritunjay and Tara getting married again. Jairaj and Mritunjay agree to it. Everyone in the family is eager about the upcoming wedding.
Tara tells Jairaj that she wants her palanquin (doli) to come from asthabal. Jairaj agrees to her wish. Meeti packs Tara’s dress. Mritunjay gets to know that he’s not supposed to see Tara till the completion of pheras. RP goes to DIGs office and asks them to carry on the investigation against Mritunjay and Tara. Further Mritunjay goes to see Dadu, but finds him missing.
So he decides to cancel the wedding till he finds out about Dadu. Yug gives all the updates regarding marriage ceremony to Radha on phone as promised. Niramala goes to Asthabal to give the Shagun to Tara. Vasu comes and informs her about Jairaj.
In shekhwat mansion Mritunjay comes to inform Jairaj about the cancellation of wedding but gets surprised to see Dadu there. Jairaj tells him that he accidentally found Dadu in a temple. Everyone is happy to see Dadu back.

Just then RP enters and he gets shocked seeing Dadu in shekhwat mansion.
He moves towards Dadu ,but gets blocked by Mritunjay.

— Credit : Divya Nair ; Picture : Mritunjay&Taara aka Mriara Dream Land —


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4 responses to “Ek Boond Ishq – Synopsis

  1. Gauri Shah

    February 20, 2014 at 10:48 AM

    Well written synopsis Divya.

  2. Sonal Cb

    February 19, 2014 at 11:14 PM

    awesome analysis, Ek Boond Ishq rocks….good job Divya

  3. Mohima mahbub

    February 19, 2014 at 9:55 PM

    Thank you for this update! You’ve put it all in words in remarkable way! Ek boond ishq is awesome!! Xxx

  4. Mannawar

    February 19, 2014 at 9:24 PM

    Thankxxxx for the summary


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