Jab Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya …………….

17 Feb


Pratap Hada, the new kid on the block…..Gauti…Gautam of Paanch……..peep in to see what he feels about Valentine’s Day …..and of course his show….Paanch on Channel V…..

At the outset, Happenstance wishes you a fabulous Valentine’s Day.
Dedicating one of the famous Valentine’s Day quote to you.

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one, so I never have to live without you.” Beautifully said,right?

So tell us what makes Valentine’s Day so special to you? Is it a special day at all?
Yes its a special day as it gives an opportunity to make someone feel special and feel special yourself.

What are you doing this Valentine’sDay? Apart from shooting of course.
Well, I haven’t planned anything yet but yes i would try not to spend it like a regular day.

Would you mind sharing one of your most interesting Valentine’s Day story? How much do you remember and cherish this?
I remember each and every valentines story as there always a lot of outflow of money . LOL

There is a lot that has been said, unsaid about this day. Traditionally not one of those celebrations in India, wise men feel, it’s aping the west. What are your thoughts on this?
No we are not aping anybody… expressing love is a beautiful thing and it’s not a crime .
We should stop being hypocrites.

If you were to change something about this day, the concept, the notion, the celebrations, what would it be?
Just the acceptance of the people towards this day, And secondly this year let the boys feel pampered..

Our fans would like to know,what are some of the gifts that you would suggest for their Valentines.
Gifts are immaterial,’s the thought behind it.

From your heart…for your Valentine, a special quote:
Jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya.
On a concluding note, the show Paanch,in a very short time shot to fame for it gripping storyline, some excellent casting, great direction and not to forget an inimitable presentation.
How has the journey been? How do you feel being center stage to so much of adulation and popularity?

It’s been wonderful till now . We all are very happy with the show and the popularity it has received.
A special mention for the Captain of the Ship Shashank Sir.

All Gauti fans out there ….Dil Thaam Ke……….you will see you fav actor in an upcoming YRF film…Bewakoofiyan….releasing March 14th, 2014… Immi……..
Finally, thanks a ton for the interview.
Wishing you success and more with this show and many more to come.


— Credits : Sharmila Gupta Sen ; Lekz —

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