Ek Boond Ishq – The week that was…..

09 Feb

Week February 3 – 7 2014

Mrityunjay, Tara and Radha continue their journey as per the stranger’s shown direction. They reach a dead end and MJ takes reverse, then their car gets blocked by another car. MJ gets down and rants at the driver. Suddenly some henchmen come out and trap him on a net. Tara and Radha too gets caught. Kalawati comes out of the car and Thanks Radha for being a bait, so that she could reach Mrityunjay and Tara, her prey! Mrityunjay gets beaten up, Tara tries to save her husband from all the blows and she manages to release Mrityunjay from the net.
Tara and Mrityunjay beat up the goons and they escape from kalawatis’s clutches. Yug reaches his house.Aradhana and Nandini are shocked to see him without crutches. Yug shares about his babas death,Ardhana pacifies him,where as Nandu looks disturbed with Yugs sudden revelations. In shekhwat Mansion,nirmala shows concern for jairaj and lets him how worried she was due to his absence. Jairaj feels contended & shares his worry about Mrityujnay and Tara’s phone being unreachable. Mrityunjay,Tara and Radha get caught. Kalawati physically tortures Radha in Mrityunjay and Tara’s presence.


Nirmala questions Jairaj about Mrityunjay and Tara. fahim comes and asks for RP as some party people are waiting to see him. Jairaj calls RP. Kalawati is torturing radha in Mrityunjay and Tara’s presence,then she gets Jairajs call. Jairaj informs about the party people and Mrityunjay’s new lawyer.

Kalawati decides to punish Radha ,Tara and Mrityunjay. aradhana consoles Yug and asks Nandini to take care of him. Nandini asks Yug ,why he lied? Yug reveals his past,saying that he was thrown out of the house due to his bad habits and how his sister helped him to recover.He then reveals about his sister’s ill fate and also tells that the girl who was shot in the rally was his sister.Just then he gets a call from Jairaj asking him to meet. Kalawati questions Mrityunjay about Rp’s dad.

He denies to answer and further beats him. Kalawati locks Mritunjay, Tara and Radha in a room and goes for pooja. She asks her henchmen to keep an eye on them. Tara and Mrityunjay tries to find out a way to escape. Mritunjay sees a door,opens it but someone hits on his head. Jairaj informs Yug that Radha is safe and is With Mritunjay.Yug gets angry but Jairaj tries to convince him.


Mritunjay,Tara and Radha are locked in a chamber and poisonous gas is leaked. Mriyunjay and Tara tries to untie their hands but ends in vain. Mj collapses ,radha also faints. Kalawatis henchmen inform her that her work is done and all her three enemies are dead. kalawati thanks god and feels she can live peacefully hereafter and destroy jairaj & his family.

In shekhwat mansion,DIG comes to meet jairaj and informs that the matter is getting serious and Mrityunjay has to report to the Police Headquarters by the next day.Jairaj tries to call Mritunjay and Tara ,but their phones remains unreachable. Yug fumes in anger and declares that he will find out his fathers murderer. Aradhana tries to console him. Mrityunjay ,Tara and Radha manages to escape with the help of Taras plan. Radha regains her consciousness and Mrityunjay feels elated. Ardhana too tries to contact Tara,she gets worried when Tara doesn’t anwser and asks nandini to go to shekhwat mansion to check.Nandini agrees.

Nandini reaches shekhwat mansion,jairaj informs her that Tara and Mrityunjay has gone to mangalgad. She then goes to meet meethi in the kitchen. Adi comes to the kitchen and helps meeti. Nandini sees this ,get shocked to see the progress in the Relation. she curses Tara. Tara tries to distance from Mrityunjay as she feels she came in between Radha and Mrityunjay. Radha asks Mrityunjay,who Tara is ?

Mrityunjay replies,’Tara meri Patni hei’ !!


Mrityunjay tells Radha that Tara is his wife. Radha is shocked and tears rolls down.she wipes her tears and ask Mrityunjay whether his marriage was love or arranged? Mrityunjay narrates the journey of his married life of how they got married in prison,his rash behavior and denial towards Tara, but Tara’s fight and determination to prove him innocent. Radha feels sad for Tara and asks Mrityunjay to shower her with love and care.she praises Tara for supporting Mrityunjay in his tough times. Tara on the other hand tries to distance from Mrityunjay .

She roams around in the jungle to find out a way to reach Bhopal . Jairaj informs nirmala that he’s going out to find Mrityunjay and Tara as their phones are unreachable. Nirmala informs RP on this. Jairaj is on his way to Ramnagar,gets a call from DIG that Mrityunjay should report police Head quarters by tomorrow, or his parole will be cancelled and new charges will be filed as he violated the rules. Jairaj promises DIG that he will bring back Mritunjay.

Mrityunjay asks radha about the fateful night, Nov 27. Radha tells him that someone had mixed alcohol in her drink and she was feeling dizzy. So she went to rest in Mrityunjays room. Aditya too came there and he locked the room and cupped her face,but she fainted. When she became conscious,RP was sitting next to her. He then hit her badly with an iron rod.

Mrityunjay fumes in anger and promises that Rp will be punished for this . Mrityunjay feels sad and tells radha,that as a friend he couldnot save her from getting raped. Radha gets shocked and informs him that she was never raped. RP gets a dream of him being stabbed by Mrityunjay. But consoles himself saying that Mriyunjay is dead and prepares for election campaign in Bhopal.

Later,Radha asks Mritunjay to confess his love for Tara.


— Divya Nair —
Picture credit : Mritunjay&Taara aka Mriara Dream Land ; TT


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3 responses to “Ek Boond Ishq – The week that was…..

  1. Mohima Mahbub

    February 10, 2014 at 6:43 PM

    Divya what a write up.

  2. mannawar

    February 10, 2014 at 1:51 PM

    Thank u for the summary :))

  3. Sonal Cb

    February 10, 2014 at 1:19 PM

    Very well summarized…Wonderful serial #EkBoondIshq


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