Lost but never forgotten………..

02 Feb

Happenstance brings you reminiscences from some of the brilliant shows on television, the ones that have come and gone, made us laugh, made us cry…….

Happenstance dedicates this section to them………….

Anvita walks us through Wagle ki Duniya this week………………

It was a dull Saturday evening. I was not in a mood to socialise. Hence cancelled the plan of watching Jai Ho. I was reading Arthur Hailey’s ‘Hotel’. I don’t what prompted me to suddenly put down my book. And started reminiscing about my childhood. And the good old television viewing experience of those days .One of the most integral part of my childhood memories is ‘Doordarshan’, and the quality serials aired.

Way back in the 80s the only source of entertainment for us was ‘Doordarshan’. And I was fortunate enough to watch some of the best shows aired on dd. 30 years later the serials still have a very strong recall value. Doordarshan will always be remembered for telecasting programmes which were enriched in quality. And evoked a sense of happiness amongst us viewers.
One such serial was ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’.It was aired from 1988-1990. The sitcom was directed by Kundan Shah. The show was based on the characters created by the eminent writer/cartoonist R.K. Laxman . He had scripted this beautiful serial. Circa 1988 ‘Anjan Srivastav ‘ became a household name with his portrayal as the bumbling sales clerk.

Bharati Achrekar played the role of Mrs Radhika Wagle. I don’t remember the names of the child actors who played the role of Mr Wagle’s children.
The extremely talented Sulbha Arya played the role of a maid in one of the episodes. Shahrukh Khan had also played a cameo role in the sitcom before debuting in Fauji. The performance given by the stellar cast and the story line has resulted in the series gaining cult status.
I miss those days when my entire family used to gather around the TV set to watch ‘Wagle ki Duniya’


This is quality acting and quality serial. So simple Yet very best. Miss those typical middle class houses, the colors of the walls. Simple interaction between kids and parents. Discipline of parents.
I am pasting few links of the serial which I found on YT. Sit back and get transported to the Wagle world. (credit: Legitfreek) (Credit: Legitfreek) (credit: To the original uploader)

All I want is a time machine now. Wish to be transported back to the golden period of my childhood.

— Anvita Shetty —

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