Aur Ek Thi Mrs. Vyaas

02 Feb

She came across with a character so strong
Took down everyone, even when treated so wrong!
Her conviction sometimes would shatter,
But then she never let it matter!

Continued she and kept her audience enthralled,
Such strength of character she had shown!
She was beautiful as the morning dew,
With long hair and skin of golden hue!
The actress emotions at length can display,
And why not since theater was her forte!

Tears roll out by just emoting no glycerin required,
This girl can do it every time without getting tired!
Initially, Mohan was irritated, bowled but not unaffected,
And how could he be for she was so connected!
Megha had our Mohan following her around,
Dreams of her started him hound!

Then more seriously Mohan began her to pursue,
As if there had initially been no issues!
Farm house mein jake, badli Mohan ki aas,
But then she wrenched his hope appearing crass!
In her heart she loved him, she could not tell him so,
For word she had given, to her would be mom-in law!

Like every love story all is well in the end,
Except we don’t know how now time to spend!
We all love her and can’t forget the chemistry between them,
That we can’t help, other serials criticize and condemn!!
We keep wishing and hoping they get back,
And our lives once again crack!!

— Nita Khandekar —

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Posted by on February 2, 2014 in Random Ramblings


One response to “Aur Ek Thi Mrs. Vyaas

  1. aditya

    February 5, 2014 at 4:08 PM

    aakansha singh is the best actress of telly and she did wonders in her debut show ‘ na bole tum na maine kuch kaha ‘ . aakansha singh the mrs.simplicity is the best actress and a wonderful person ! she does not need glycerine and has natursl tears ehich emote the feelings so well ! she does not need glamoruous makeup as she has natural beauty ! mrs.vyas was a awesome character she played ! aakansha singh is a wonderful actress ! cheers to all her hardwork and dedication which make it look realistic !


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