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Ek Boondh Ishq – Week that was……


Kahani is week – week ending 21 February 2014

Epi 116 : RP enters the shekhwat mansion and gets shocked to see Dadu. Jairaj informs him that Dadu recognizes only Mritunjay. RP feels relieved and does a drama of missing him. Vasu takes a picture of Dadu and shows it to Tara. Tara realizes it as the same man whom she helped and brought to shekhwat mansion. As she wanted to inform Mritunjay on this Meethi stops her due to the rules of wedding rituals. Later they make a call to Mritunjay where Tara demands for a haircut and clean shaven face of Mritunjay for muhdhikayi. Radha is excited about the wedding events in Shekhwat mansion.

Yug confronts her on this and she reveals her love for Mritunjay, but she says Mritunjay has loved only Tara and she’s happy for them. Mritunjay comes to meet Radha & Yug. Yug promises him that he will prove him innocent. He also warns Radha not to put herself in peril and to stay safe at home. Kalawati gets a call from the lawyer saying that Jairaj wants to reopen radha murder case. He tells kalawati that Jairaj sounded very confident. She disconnects the call and rants. Later assures herself that she will win this time as the lawyer is with her. Everyone is shekhwat mansion get worried about Mritunjay’s whereabouts. Meeti tries to call him, but he disconnects saying he is busy due to an important work.

Aradhana, nandini and Yug leave to shekhwat mansion for the Haldi function. Tara receives a message from Mritunjay to inform him when everyone leaves. DIG gets a call from his subordinate that they have tracked the person who kept the pistol in Tara’s bag. In UC, Tara is getting ready; suddenly she sees a shadow and gets scared. She hides herself and later comes out surprised to see her man Mriyunjay Singh shekhwat in short hair and trimmed beard, as she wished.

Mritunjay asks Tara whether she liked his new looks. Tara finds it difficult to express and gets shy. She then asks him to leave as it’s a bad omen to meet before the wedding. Mritunjay leaves saying he will be back. Radha is all excited and frustrated that she cannot attend Meer’s wedding, she calls Yug and tries to get the details about the ceremony.

Later Tara calls her and promises that she and Mritunjay will come and meet her after the wedding and also tells her to stay at home and remain safe. But radha decides to attend the haldi ceremony at any cost. Police arrests the person who has kept the pistol in Tara’s bag.

They question him but he refuses to answer. Jairaj introduces Dadu to Aradhana; Nandu & Yug. Niramala informs them that they have arranged dancers for the ritual. Radha reaches shekhwat mansion along with the dancers. Everyone gets shocked seeing Mritunjay’s new look.
Haldi rasam starts. Everyone applies haldi on Mritunjay and Radha too applies haldi on him while dancing. She feels sad and leaves the venue. Niramala sees her and orders her to join the dancers. Suddenly she sees RP and tries to hide. RP gets a call from the DIG about Guddan’s arrest and he request RP to bring Mritunjay & Tara to the police station for further interrogation.
RP asks to punish Mritunjay or Tara, if they are the culprits. Radha over hears it. She tries to run but RP calls her from back.

Epi 118 : Radha gets nervous, Daija comes and handover her wallet and ask her to leave. As she’s about to leave with the dancers Aradhana gifts them all. Radha asks the dancers to call her further for all the rituals and pays them. Mritunjay and Tara share a cute phone conversation where both reveal how they are yearning for each other. Later they decide to send messages through phone. RP informs Jairaj that he won’t be able to attend mehendi function as he is supposed to attend some important party work. Mritunjay calls Radha and asks her to stay safe.

He promises that he will come to see her immediately after the wedding. Guddan is getting questioned by the cops. RP also sees this along with DIG. Guddan reveals that he will be able to identify the person as he is not aware of that person’s name. DIG as per RP’s instructions ask to call up Mritunjay also for the identification parade. Tara gets ready for the rasam.
Yug teases Tara for wanting to be prim and proper before her in laws. Tara teases him back that she will ask him when it’s his time to get married and asks him if he has any girl in mind and he looks at Nandu. Tara understands & tells him when he gets the guts to confess he can tell her and she will take care of it and he agrees. Mehendi rasam starts in ujada chaman. Tara messages Mritunjay that she won’t be able to send messages further as she is going to apply mehendi.
MJ replies back reminding her about the deal they had made to message each other and no matter what she has to text him.
Nandini purposely sends some pictures of Aditya’s and hers to Meethi’s phone. Meeti fails to check the message as Aradhana takes for mehendi rasam. Radha reaches for the mehendi rasam and she starts applying mehendi in Tara’s hands. Nirmala asks her to remove her ghoonghat, but she denies it by giving excuses. Meethi too applies mehendi. Aditya comes and sits next to her. He takes up Meethis phone and starts to check the message. Nandini gets shocked.
Nandini purposely bumps into Aadi. Meethi’s phone slips into a decorative pot filled with water and gets spoiled. Nandini then apologizes. Radha applies mehendi for Tara. Mritunjay text to Tara. She asks for Radha’s help to reply. They keep texting to each other. The wedding day :- Tara cries as she misses Bunty and she feels sad that she will be missing her maternal place soon.

Aradhana cheers her up saying she is lucky that he got a husband like Mritunjay! Mritunjay in shekhwat mansion is all excited for the wedding. He is lost in Tara’s thoughts and Jairaj comes. He informs him of Radha’s case being reopened. Mritunjay reveals his excitement and feelings to his baba. He recalls how strange and unattached he felt when he got married in jail with Tara just for baba’s happiness and today how he’s excited to bring her back to his life. Radha hallucinates of putting Sehra to Mritunjay.
Yug comes in and tells her that someone has come to see her. Mritunjay tells her that he has to be here for her best friend. He asks her to make him wear the Sehra. He keeps on telling her to stay safe and not to take any risk. Then he leaves. Yug reaches shekhwat mansion with Mritunjay’s wedding attire and shera. Jairaj informs him that the case is reopened and the date of hearing will be the next day. Radha gets a call from the dancers saying that they won’t be going for the wedding.

She feels sad hearing as she won’t be able to attend Meer’s wedding . Yug calls up radha to inform about the case reopening. She gets excited to hear that. He tells her that he is going to help MJ to get ready.. Radha insists him to be as late as he could and not to proceed the barat on time.. In ujada Chaman Tara scolds nandini for being late. Nandini justifies herself saying she went to dress up for her sister’s wedding. Later they hug each other. Nandini has an envelope on her hand. Niramala and meethi reaches with Tara’s wedding attire. They are welcomed by Aradhana . Niramala informs them as per their custom, bride should be sent off from mayka in the clothes given by sasural.
Tara gets emotional seeing this . She runs inside while she sees an envelope which is half way tucked in the bed.

Epi 120 : Tara gets the envelope but nandini snatches it from her and asks her to get ready. Meethi and Vasu comes to see Tara. Nandini manages to out the envelope in the gift packet for Meethi. Then she distributes the gifts for everyone. As meethi is about to see her gift, Fahim chacha calls her ,she keeps her gift there and leaves. In shekhwat mansion, Yug helps Mritunjay to dress up. Daija enters with a woman and tells Mritunjay that the woman wants to see whether the shoes will fit him. Mritunjay agrees to it. As she sits ,she tries to hide her bracelet. Yug sees this and recognizes that it’s Radha. Nirmala comes there and asks the woman to leave, but Yug recommends to which Mritunjay also supports.
Later Radha helps Yug to dress up Mritunjay. Later Mritunjay takes blessings from Jairaj ,but Nirmala backs off.
He then takes Dadu’s blessings also and leaves to the wedding venue. Kalawati is in her hideout. She is taking snaps and celebrating as she’s leading for 15000 votes. Jairaj too makes a call and informs the same. As she starts celebrating her victory she gets another call saying she lost the election. Kalawati fumes in anger and despair of this loss. Mritunjay reaches ujada chaman with the Bharath. Rituals starts to welcome him. Aradhana puts tilak on him. Meethi welcomes Jairaj & Adi with garlands. Tara sees all this through the window.

Mritunjay too sees her. Meeti goes near Tara and teases her.
Later they hug sharing the old memories of the first wedding . Yug takes Radha to a side and scolds her for coming for the wedding. He makes her realize how dangerous it could be for her and Mritunjay. RP comes for the wedding, Yug asks Radha to wear her ghoonghat. Radha sees RP and gets shocked.

— Credit updates : Divya Nair ; Picture : Mritunjay&Taara aka Mriara Dream Land


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Ek Boond Ishq – Synopsis

The Week That Was ….Feb 16th 2014 …

Epi 114 : Jairaj praises Tara for finding out Radha. Mrityunjay admires Tara. Meeti and Vasu tease Tara in the kitchen. Meeti asks Tara to sleep in her room as aadi is not there. Tara agrees. Mriyunjay feels sad. He finds excuses to take Tara back, but in vain. Radha breaks down, checking her babas pen and other stuffs.Yug comes and consoles her.
They share their childhood memories and comfort each other. Radha reveals to Yug that Mrityunjay is innocent. Nandini over hears it. She becomes jealous on thinking about Tara’s happiness and luxurious life and decides to spoil Tara’s life by hook or crook. RP cries over his bad fate and goes to his secret hide out in shekhwat mansion.
Tara gets restless and decides to go to her room as Meeti is asleep. While she passes by RP’s room, she hears someone crying and gets startled. Mrityunjay comes there and tells it’s just her imagination and takes her to their room.
RP promises himself to trap Mrityunjay in such a way that even gods won’t be able to save him.


Mritunjay and Tara shares a cute moment when Alarm rings. As the clock strikes 6 am, Tara goes to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Jairaj. Yug tries to make Radha cheerful by sharing some childhood memories.
Nandini joins them and tries to dig out what happened on that night, but Yug warns her. He tells her not to reveal anything about Radha to the outsiders.
Nandini agrees to it. Mritunjay and Jairaj leave to DIG’s office to give further clarification on the pistol found in Tara’s bag. In the police headquarters MJ reveals that he took the blame as he didn’t want his wife to come to the police station for a mistake which she has never done. Aradhana and Nandhini reach shekhwat mansion with The proposal of Mritunjay and Tara getting married again. Jairaj and Mritunjay agree to it. Everyone in the family is eager about the upcoming wedding.
Tara tells Jairaj that she wants her palanquin (doli) to come from asthabal. Jairaj agrees to her wish. Meeti packs Tara’s dress. Mritunjay gets to know that he’s not supposed to see Tara till the completion of pheras. RP goes to DIGs office and asks them to carry on the investigation against Mritunjay and Tara. Further Mritunjay goes to see Dadu, but finds him missing.
So he decides to cancel the wedding till he finds out about Dadu. Yug gives all the updates regarding marriage ceremony to Radha on phone as promised. Niramala goes to Asthabal to give the Shagun to Tara. Vasu comes and informs her about Jairaj.
In shekhwat mansion Mritunjay comes to inform Jairaj about the cancellation of wedding but gets surprised to see Dadu there. Jairaj tells him that he accidentally found Dadu in a temple. Everyone is happy to see Dadu back.

Just then RP enters and he gets shocked seeing Dadu in shekhwat mansion.
He moves towards Dadu ,but gets blocked by Mritunjay.

— Credit : Divya Nair ; Picture : Mritunjay&Taara aka Mriara Dream Land —


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Yeh Kahan Aaa Gaye Hum……

Mohan aur Mohan ki tanhayee…….

A mind blowing VM by Monica

Thanks Monica for sharing.

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha

Mohan and Megha cannot be forgotten on Valentine’s Day.

Sharmila Gupta Sen creates a lovely collage on them.


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Jab Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya …………….


Pratap Hada, the new kid on the block…..Gauti…Gautam of Paanch……..peep in to see what he feels about Valentine’s Day …..and of course his show….Paanch on Channel V…..

At the outset, Happenstance wishes you a fabulous Valentine’s Day.
Dedicating one of the famous Valentine’s Day quote to you.

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one, so I never have to live without you.” Beautifully said,right?

So tell us what makes Valentine’s Day so special to you? Is it a special day at all?
Yes its a special day as it gives an opportunity to make someone feel special and feel special yourself.

What are you doing this Valentine’sDay? Apart from shooting of course.
Well, I haven’t planned anything yet but yes i would try not to spend it like a regular day.

Would you mind sharing one of your most interesting Valentine’s Day story? How much do you remember and cherish this?
I remember each and every valentines story as there always a lot of outflow of money . LOL

There is a lot that has been said, unsaid about this day. Traditionally not one of those celebrations in India, wise men feel, it’s aping the west. What are your thoughts on this?
No we are not aping anybody… expressing love is a beautiful thing and it’s not a crime .
We should stop being hypocrites.

If you were to change something about this day, the concept, the notion, the celebrations, what would it be?
Just the acceptance of the people towards this day, And secondly this year let the boys feel pampered..

Our fans would like to know,what are some of the gifts that you would suggest for their Valentines.
Gifts are immaterial,’s the thought behind it.

From your heart…for your Valentine, a special quote:
Jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya.
On a concluding note, the show Paanch,in a very short time shot to fame for it gripping storyline, some excellent casting, great direction and not to forget an inimitable presentation.
How has the journey been? How do you feel being center stage to so much of adulation and popularity?

It’s been wonderful till now . We all are very happy with the show and the popularity it has received.
A special mention for the Captain of the Ship Shashank Sir.

All Gauti fans out there ….Dil Thaam Ke……….you will see you fav actor in an upcoming YRF film…Bewakoofiyan….releasing March 14th, 2014… Immi……..
Finally, thanks a ton for the interview.
Wishing you success and more with this show and many more to come.


— Credits : Sharmila Gupta Sen ; Lekz —

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Ek Boond Ishq – The week that was…..

Week February 3 – 7 2014

Mrityunjay, Tara and Radha continue their journey as per the stranger’s shown direction. They reach a dead end and MJ takes reverse, then their car gets blocked by another car. MJ gets down and rants at the driver. Suddenly some henchmen come out and trap him on a net. Tara and Radha too gets caught. Kalawati comes out of the car and Thanks Radha for being a bait, so that she could reach Mrityunjay and Tara, her prey! Mrityunjay gets beaten up, Tara tries to save her husband from all the blows and she manages to release Mrityunjay from the net.
Tara and Mrityunjay beat up the goons and they escape from kalawatis’s clutches. Yug reaches his house.Aradhana and Nandini are shocked to see him without crutches. Yug shares about his babas death,Ardhana pacifies him,where as Nandu looks disturbed with Yugs sudden revelations. In shekhwat Mansion,nirmala shows concern for jairaj and lets him how worried she was due to his absence. Jairaj feels contended & shares his worry about Mrityujnay and Tara’s phone being unreachable. Mrityunjay,Tara and Radha get caught. Kalawati physically tortures Radha in Mrityunjay and Tara’s presence.


Nirmala questions Jairaj about Mrityunjay and Tara. fahim comes and asks for RP as some party people are waiting to see him. Jairaj calls RP. Kalawati is torturing radha in Mrityunjay and Tara’s presence,then she gets Jairajs call. Jairaj informs about the party people and Mrityunjay’s new lawyer.

Kalawati decides to punish Radha ,Tara and Mrityunjay. aradhana consoles Yug and asks Nandini to take care of him. Nandini asks Yug ,why he lied? Yug reveals his past,saying that he was thrown out of the house due to his bad habits and how his sister helped him to recover.He then reveals about his sister’s ill fate and also tells that the girl who was shot in the rally was his sister.Just then he gets a call from Jairaj asking him to meet. Kalawati questions Mrityunjay about Rp’s dad.

He denies to answer and further beats him. Kalawati locks Mritunjay, Tara and Radha in a room and goes for pooja. She asks her henchmen to keep an eye on them. Tara and Mrityunjay tries to find out a way to escape. Mritunjay sees a door,opens it but someone hits on his head. Jairaj informs Yug that Radha is safe and is With Mritunjay.Yug gets angry but Jairaj tries to convince him.


Mritunjay,Tara and Radha are locked in a chamber and poisonous gas is leaked. Mriyunjay and Tara tries to untie their hands but ends in vain. Mj collapses ,radha also faints. Kalawatis henchmen inform her that her work is done and all her three enemies are dead. kalawati thanks god and feels she can live peacefully hereafter and destroy jairaj & his family.

In shekhwat mansion,DIG comes to meet jairaj and informs that the matter is getting serious and Mrityunjay has to report to the Police Headquarters by the next day.Jairaj tries to call Mritunjay and Tara ,but their phones remains unreachable. Yug fumes in anger and declares that he will find out his fathers murderer. Aradhana tries to console him. Mrityunjay ,Tara and Radha manages to escape with the help of Taras plan. Radha regains her consciousness and Mrityunjay feels elated. Ardhana too tries to contact Tara,she gets worried when Tara doesn’t anwser and asks nandini to go to shekhwat mansion to check.Nandini agrees.

Nandini reaches shekhwat mansion,jairaj informs her that Tara and Mrityunjay has gone to mangalgad. She then goes to meet meethi in the kitchen. Adi comes to the kitchen and helps meeti. Nandini sees this ,get shocked to see the progress in the Relation. she curses Tara. Tara tries to distance from Mrityunjay as she feels she came in between Radha and Mrityunjay. Radha asks Mrityunjay,who Tara is ?

Mrityunjay replies,’Tara meri Patni hei’ !!


Mrityunjay tells Radha that Tara is his wife. Radha is shocked and tears rolls down.she wipes her tears and ask Mrityunjay whether his marriage was love or arranged? Mrityunjay narrates the journey of his married life of how they got married in prison,his rash behavior and denial towards Tara, but Tara’s fight and determination to prove him innocent. Radha feels sad for Tara and asks Mrityunjay to shower her with love and care.she praises Tara for supporting Mrityunjay in his tough times. Tara on the other hand tries to distance from Mrityunjay .

She roams around in the jungle to find out a way to reach Bhopal . Jairaj informs nirmala that he’s going out to find Mrityunjay and Tara as their phones are unreachable. Nirmala informs RP on this. Jairaj is on his way to Ramnagar,gets a call from DIG that Mrityunjay should report police Head quarters by tomorrow, or his parole will be cancelled and new charges will be filed as he violated the rules. Jairaj promises DIG that he will bring back Mritunjay.

Mrityunjay asks radha about the fateful night, Nov 27. Radha tells him that someone had mixed alcohol in her drink and she was feeling dizzy. So she went to rest in Mrityunjays room. Aditya too came there and he locked the room and cupped her face,but she fainted. When she became conscious,RP was sitting next to her. He then hit her badly with an iron rod.

Mrityunjay fumes in anger and promises that Rp will be punished for this . Mrityunjay feels sad and tells radha,that as a friend he couldnot save her from getting raped. Radha gets shocked and informs him that she was never raped. RP gets a dream of him being stabbed by Mrityunjay. But consoles himself saying that Mriyunjay is dead and prepares for election campaign in Bhopal.

Later,Radha asks Mritunjay to confess his love for Tara.


— Divya Nair —
Picture credit : Mritunjay&Taara aka Mriara Dream Land ; TT


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Angel : A Tale of Life, Death and Love

Chapter 5

A handsome, lanky young man of 16 years with a man of floppy silky hair, dark brown eyes and a charming smile walked into the banquet hall as if he owns it; which technically he does. He was hungry. He could have had a princely spread in the dining area of his mansion but he wanted to have his lunch along with the other members residing in the mansion. He loves being treated as a prince the moment he enters the common area. After all he is the son of the King of the house and God for the men. He walked in tossing his head in the air with hands in his pockets. Wearing a pristine white t- shirt and blue jeans he looked every inch the royalty. The moment he entered people chatting, people having their food, even those who dozed off suddenly were jolted to attention.
‘Hi! Samrat babu!’
‘Namaste Babu!’
‘Welcome Babu!’
Resonated the whole area. Samrat smiled proudly and waved his hand at the people around in the imitation of royalty and then he started walking around. Suddenly he stopped reverted by a sight which never happened in front of him. A boy of close to 18-19 years was calmly eating his lunch from his plate on the table right in front of Samrat without paying a least attention to anyone or anything around him. A boy one would call attractive though may be not technically handsome. He has got lean body, serene face, shock of black hair and black eyes and that cleft on the chin and aura of something undescribable around him. An unusual boy in all.

Samrat stared at him. He couldn’t believe someone actually had the gal to ignore Samrat Virendra Thakur. He choose to think that maybe that other boy is either dumb or ignorant or too busy in eating that he failed to notice the prince of the house making his entry. So Samrat thought of correcting the boy and to make that boy understand the rules around the house. You always salute Samrat no matter who you are or what you are doing. People nearby stopped whatever they were doing and started paying attention to the scene that was about to unfold in the room.

Samrat went near the table where the boy sat and slammed his fist on it. The table shuddered at the impact. If Samrat thought the boy would be frightened he was grossly mistaken. The boy was neither scared nor did he even show a least bit of interest at the angry young kid standing in front of him.
He merely raised his eyebrows and said in a mocking tone.
“Any problem? Kid!”

That sarcastic tone and above all being termed as Kid by someone who is no more than two or may be three years older to him rankled Samrat.

“I will show you the problem you insolent pig.” Samrat hissed through clenched teeth.

The boy was not offended. On the contrary he looked amused. He merely gave a lopsided smile and the expressions on his face told more clearly than any words. ‘Oh really?’

Samrat was incensed.
“Do you know who I am?”

The boy simply folded his hands in the crook of his arms and sat back in the chair with supreme nonchalance said in that same mocking tone
“Will it break your heart if I say no?”

Samrat exploded
“You b*****d! How dare you?”

By now the silence spread throughout the banquet hall. People stopped chatting, eating and were jostled to attention. Those who were jut lounging sat up in attention. Everyone was playing the role of a spectator. Curious to see how and where this encounter between the prince of the House and the boy everyone secretly feared, would lead.

The boy merely gave a lopsided smile at the expletive used by Samrat.
“Kid! Why don’t you save the bother and time and just get to the point?”

Samrat was turning red with rage.
“Don’t you dare talk like that to me. You don’t know who am I?”

“Ok” drawled the older boy “Now you got me interested. So go ahead enlighten me. Who are you?”

Samrat announced loudly in a voice full of pride
“I am Samrat Thakur. Son of Virendra Thakur. The King of the underworld and your God.”

If Samrat thought the Boy would jump on his feet and show respect and fear at this announcement he was mistaken again.
The Boy looked amused.

He said in cold amusement.
“Glad to meet you Samrat Thakur. Will chat with you other time. Now why don’t you” He gestured with his hands towards the exit in indication for Samrat to leave “and let me” he gestured towards his plate “Finish my lunch. Unlike you I am busy”.
He gave that mocking smile again and slowly started to reach for the food in his plate.

Samrat was blind with the rage. Nobody ever so much as raised their voice at him in this house. Now he is insulted, mocked and dismissed by a boy, a mere nobody of no standing. He lunged.
Samrat swept the plate in front of the boy with his left hand in full force. The plate slid across the table and fell down on the ground with a clang and the food in the plate was thrown all over the table and the ground.
That got to the boy. He slowly looked up at Samrat. And for the first time in his life Samrat was scared. Looking into those eyes, that intensity of gaze Samrat was paralyzed with fear.
The boy did not waver his gaze. He was looking straight at Samrat in a way which told everyone including Samrat that he is now angry and the younger boy is gonna pay.
He reached for the table bottom with his right hand and simply tossed the heavy table out of the way. The table made a total 180 degree angle in the air and fell by the side upside down.
Then he slowly took a step forward towards Samrat. The younger boy involuntarily took a step back his gaze struck at the Boy’s eyes in fear. The boy who a moment back looked amused and calm is now looking menacing. His face arranged the expressions to a hard mask. He gaze was still intense and still frightening.

“What the hell is happening here!” a booming voice reverberated throughout the hall. Everyone knew that voice and respected its owner. They all slowly turned towards the direction the voice came from and looked at the man the voice belonged too.

Virendra Thakur, the king, the ruler, the God was standing at the door staring at the unfolding scene in the hall. And he was angry. With above average height, stocky and fit, face that is moderately well structured and big eyes that flash fire when in deep emotion he was a remarkable man. Dressed in light coloured kurta standing by the door with his expressions slowly turning to intense anger he glared at the entire room and boomed again.
“Can someone tell me what the hell is happening here?”

No one did. No one dared to.

He glared at the people around again and slowly walked towards the main players of the show. Samrat and the Boy. Both were standing in the same position as they were a moment back.

Virendra thakur or Saabji as he is called by all looked at the upturned table, the food all over the floor, then at the Boy who was now in control of his anger and looking more dangerous for that. Then he looked at Samrat. Before he could ask or say anything Samrat reacted. The young boy raised his hand and pointed his forefinger at the Boy standing in front of him and said in a voice that was slightly stuttering due to fear.
“He started it all”.

To his utter consternation his hand was shaking. The Boy in front of him merely looked at him with no change of expressions. Despite his current state of mind Samrat couldn’t fail to notice the boy was neither looking frightened or even awed by the presence of the great man himself, Samrat’s father Virendra Thakur. If anything he looked as if now he is getting bored.
“He started it all” Samrat reiterated. Then added “He was about to attack me Dad. He is crazy. I tell you Dad this boy is crazy”. He went on speaking fearfully in quick fashion words running one against the other.

Saabji stared at Samrat without blinking for a moment then he turned and gave another look to the boy who by now is openly looking bored. Then Saabji looked back at Samrat again and said in voice that was stern

If anyone was expecting anything it certainly was not this. Samrat couldn’t believe his ears.

He stuttered
“But Dad He is the one who started it all. He should be the one to apologize”

Saabji said calmly but sternly
“Give you father some credit for having good sense of judgement Samrat! I can see for myself who is right and who is wrong. The boy who is standing fearlessly and the boy who is shivering in fear.”

Samrat felt a sense of shame.

“Anyone can see who is guilty. So one more time.. Apologize!”

Samrat looked around at the people standing nearby watching the drama, in shame and humiliation. None voiced any opinion and certainly no one came in his defence to offer a counter idea.
He looked back at the Man, his father standing in front of him staring at Samrat in something close to anger and disappointment. Samrat respected his father and feared him. But apologizing to the Boy is something he can’t do. He won’t do.
His expressions turned obstinate.
“I won’t!”

Each one of the spectators was aghast. No one ever disobeyed Saabji. Never!
Saabji’s expressions didn’t change. He said in a smooth tone which he used when in extreme anger
“I think you have not heard me Samrat. I said apologize.”

Samrat started wavering. He was already scared now he was getting petrified. He saw his father occasionally for he stays far away in boarding school. He rarely dealt with that legendary anger. The instances where he did; he never forgot.

“NOW!” Saabji finally yelled.

Samrat flinched. He tried to look in his father’s eyes pleadingly but those eyes were unforgiving.
He then looked at the Boy. Among all those who were present in that room, only that Boy was calm, collected and supremely unfazed. The Boy gazed right back at Samrat. He was not expecting any apologies. Just felt no need for it. He couldn’t bother less with the drama unfolding right before him. His expression said it all. “Fine get over it. I am bored”.

Samrat whispered.
“I am sorry”.

“Loudly!” Saabji said sternly.

“I am sorry!” Samrat almost shouted.
Then unable to take it anymore he ran off from the room. Away from the gazing eyes of the people watching him, his humiliation, his retreat. Some eyes were pitying, some amused. Samrat did not want to look at any of those eyes. His sense of humiliation and shame was too much. He ran.
He ran towards his room, ignoring the voices outside the room.
‘Babu! Why are you running?’
‘Samrat babu slow! Wait! What happened?’

He ran till he reached his room and slammed it shut after him. Then he stopped. He started breathing heavily trying to take in as much as air as possible into his screaming lungs. He calmed down and then he remembered it all. The insult, the humiliation, the sense of betrayal, the shame and above of the Boy who is responsible for this all.
Samrat screamed and started throwing things all around his room. Breaking them against the wall, on the floor with complete and utter disregard to their value or his own safety.
He raged on and on.
Then finally as the storm in his heart reached its peak he broke down. Sitting on the floor against his bed he wept.
He wept till he could weep no more. Then finally wiped his eyes on his sleeves and remembered that Boy again. At that moment Samrat knew he would hate him forever. His hatred towards the Boy was complete, total and absolute. What he did not know that the Boy will not hate Samrat. Hate is a strong emotion and that Boy rarely invested in emotions. He is untouched and uncaring of surroundings, of people. For him Samrat just doesn’t matter. But for Samrat the Boy would forever remain as someone he would hate with passion. Someone who will pay someday for humiliating Samrat Thakur. Someone who will admit that Samrat is to be treated with respect and fear and someone who will be begging Samrat to forgive him.
Samrat took a deep breathe and stared right ahead unseeing, overwhelmed, fraught with emotions.


Samrat was gazing at the crystal seeing that 18 years old boy of yesterday sitting in the same room broken and emotionally bruised. His gaze was unblinking and heart unfeeling. He slowly kept the crystal back on the table then leaned back in the chair gazing at the ceiling. Over the years whenever he came back to the house he heard the whispers. The whispers of the mysterious boy who is being trained by the best, then whispers of how he is now one of the best and then came the whispers that tore Samrat.

Samrat closed his eyes and went back to that day in the past that haunted him since then and is still alive and burning now.

A lanky handsome boy of 19years was walking by the corridors of his home going out to hang out with his friends. Then he heard two men who worked in the lower rungs of his father’s kingdom talking and laughing. He still doesn’t know what made him hide behind the door alongside the corridor and hear the conversation of those two men. Maybe he shouldn’t have. May be he should have just walked away. The pain would have been less then. But he chose to listen in.

First man said.
‘I told you! Didn’t i? Nobody agreed with me! I told you!’
Second man waved his hand at him and said
‘OK i believe you! Now stop saying ‘I told you so!’. It is getting on my nerves.”
First man agreed.
“OK i won’t say it again, but hey i was right, wasn’t I?”
Second man agreed this time.
‘That you were. But i guess we all knew deep down that boy would do it.’
First man whispered
“No! He is not ‘the boy’. He is Gabriel now!’

Samrat’s ears pricked up at that name. He too heard the christening of the boy, his arch enemy and was none to pleased. And he certainly did not ask anyone to narrate the glorious tale of that boy’s first kill. He chose to assume that it was an easy kill. After all it was the first time. It had to be an easy one.

Second man said.
“Yeah he is Gabriel now. Can’t say i understand why Rana gave him that name. But great man he is. If he says the boy sorry Gabriel will rule who are we to doubt him? And just between us I think this Gabriel soon would reach the heights scaled by Rana himself. Fire! That boy has fire in him’.

There was lot of admiration in that voice. Samrat’s lips curled up in disgust.

First man readily joined his companion in singing that boy’s praises.
‘True! You just have to look at him to know that he is born to rule. In fact” he lowered his voice ‘I think He Gabriel is the true son of Saabji.’

Samrat reeled back in shock.

Second man paused for a second then slowly said.
‘I think you are right. He could be the son of Saabji’.
‘What ‘could be’?’ The first man rallied on ‘I tell you he is the real son of Saabji. The true heir. Now see both have same strength of character. Both have the same world is theirs attitude.
‘Yes! Yes!’ Agreed the second man. ‘Now that you mention it even i feel Gabriel looks more like a son to Saabji than our Samrat babu’.

Samrat was listening in with horror totally shocked to react.

‘Samrat Babu!’ First man said in scorn. ‘That kid have no similarities with our great Saabji. I think even Saabji knows that. No wonder he packed that kid off to another country for studying. I mean studying.’ He asserted the word studying as if it is something beneath his brethren.
‘And’ he went on ‘You remember Saabji brought that Gabriel home here from nowhere. Nobody knows who that boy is or where he came from. Maybe… you know’ he whispered ‘he really is the son of Saabji. I mean like illegitimate or something.’
‘Naayy!’ Second man disagreed.
‘Saabji is not a man like that. Whatever he did or does he always did it openly. He is an honourable man. So no i don’t think Saabji is the real father of that boy. But’ he held his hand up to stop the first man from cutting in ‘but that boy looks like his son and true heir more than Samrat. And yes i feel that even Saabji thinks the same otherwise why would he choose that boy over his own son to train under great man Rana. May be he readying that boy to take over after him’.
‘You said it buddy!’ First man said in admiration. ‘Even i think the same. And i for one would want to work under Gabriel any day than that Samrat. That kid cant hold a knife properly forget handling a gun. Such a sissy’.
He guffawed.
Second man shushed him. ‘Hush! What if he hears you! You dummy! Sissy or no sissy he still is our boss’s son’.
‘Oh what would he do?’ Said the first man still laughing ‘run off to complain about us to his uncle’.
‘Bhanuji dotes on Samrat’ the second man said sternly ‘he will have our heads off if he finds out we are making fun of his precious nephew’.
‘Let’s Go!’.

And they went off leaving a shell shocked Samrat rooted to his spot. He was horrified and in state of disbelief. He slowly walked off to his room like a zombie thoughts whirling round and round his head. He slowly entered his room unseeing anything. He sat on his bed.
‘So that’s why’ suddenly a thought popped in his head. ‘So that’s why, Saabji, the great Virendra Thakur sent Samrat far away from his home and world and brought in that boy to stay here in this house, to be trained under the best: to finally take over’.
Is that boy really the son and true heir of …..


Samrat eyes flew open. He started at the ceiling then looked around the room disoriented. He got up with a jerk from the rocking chair. And keep looking around the room then finally convincing himself that he is now no longer the same 16 years kid or that 18 years old young boy. He now is 26 years man who won’t sit in room and cry or simply sit here and wonder. He is the son of Virendra Thakur. That’s the fact. And it is time to make others realize that He not that Gabriel is and will be the true heir to this underworld. It is his right by birth. Years he spent years under the poisonous shadow of the boy now it is time to come out and reclaim his place. Dark though, reeking with death though this world is his. Samrat’s! And no one will take it away from him. Time to crib and complain is over. It is now or never. He wasted years sitting in the shadows mopping and moaning. He now has to go out and take what is rightfully his and his alone. His place under the sun. As the heir of Virendra Thakur, the king of underworld.

To be continued……..
—- Candy Lemon [Nimmi] —

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