Paanch – The week that was

20 Jan

January 15th and 16th 2014………..

Zara is shattered and collapses on the stage. The gang runs to her help and ask her to talk, but Zara is not able to talk. Zara brushes them all and runs out of the stage. Everybody is tensed. Gauti is looking for Roshni. Roshni is in her room looking at the names, remembering every torture that Zara did to Neha.

She crosses her name from the list. Roshni feels good about making Zara pay for her deeds. Nikhil calls Roshni and informs her that doctor has arrived to check Zara. Doctor informs then that her throat is badly swollen and even the vocal cords are severely jammed. He says such symptoms in the middle of singing are very rare.

He questions Zara if she is allergic to something, some medicine or food. Doc informs the gang that this is possible in ole two cases, first by some serious allergic reaction, or secondly by over consumption to some chemical, diclo cetrazine. However, he is surprised how Zara could have consumed such a high dose of that chemical. Zara gets out of control and starts throwing things; Gauri and Nihaal ask her to calm down.


Nihaal tells Zara that you should have taken Neha’s name as she is such a bad luck. Roshni does not like Nihaal’s statement. Roshni spots the replaced medicine in Zara’s bag and gets worried, she thinks of misplacing them before anybody spots them. Roshni was trying to take the bottle just when Zara’s phone rings and she cannot change the bottle. Gauri asks Roshni to talk to Zara’s mom, so that she can stop calling continuously. Aunty asks Roshni about Zara’s wellbeing and also about how she did in the competition. Roshni tells aunty that she started pretty well but the competition was very tough and also the judge weren’t fair, so she didn’t get selected.

Aunty gets disappointed but asks Roshni to tell Zara to call her. She also tells Roshni to explain Zara that winning and losing is a part of life and she should not lose her hope. She is very sure that Zara will be very successful and become a big singer one day. Roshni is very disturbed to hear it all from aunty. She hangs up and apologizes to aunty in her thoughts. She says your daughter has only lost a music competition but I have lost my sister forever.

As Roshni is lost in thoughts, Gauti comes there. He questions Roshni why she disappeared from the music competition. Roshni says she couldn’t see Zara’s condition and hence came to hostel. Yudi tells Zara and the gang that the doc said that there is permanent damage to Zara’s throat and she can never sing again. Zara is shattered and start yelling. Yudi tells her that she has to calm down as if she would put anymore strain to her throat she might not be able to talk either. Gauri gets suspicious; she says Zara performed very well in the rehearsals, so something ought to have happened between rehearsals and the final performance.

She asks Zara if she had eaten anything, or taken any medicine or something. Roy tells everybody that he had given Zara his antidepressant pills. Everybody gets surprised, Nihaal gets mad on Roy and starts blaming and questioning Roy.

Gauti separates them both and tell them to stop doubting their own friends. Zara manages to tell everybody that Roy is not at fault, she was very depressed and hence Roy helped her out. She felt very good after taking the pills and she had taken them before rehearsal also.

Roshni takes this opportunity to make everybody believe that pills had nothing to do with Zara’s condition. Gauri asks Nihaal to give her the pills bottle. She looks at the pills and says what if somebody has replaced the pills. Roshni is shocked to hear that. Gauri asks yudi to get the pills tested in some lab. Gauri feels she is very sure that somebody has surely replaced the pills and somebody has planned all this to make Zara suffer.
Roshni shares it all with Nikhil and is much tensed.
Nikhil asks her to chill as anyone can replace the pills and nobody will doubt Roshni. Roshni tells Nikhil that she had gone in green room to meet Zara before her performance. Nikhil say and along with you there were probably 20 more people who would have met Zara before the performance. He says there are many people who can do that, so stop worrying. Nikhil asks Roshni, how is she feeling after taking revenge from Zara. Roshni says she felt very bad after talking to Zara’s mom, but then my mind kept saying that Zara is just not able to be a singer anymore but my sister will never come back. Nikhil asks Roshni who is her next target.

Roshni tells Nikhil that right before Neha’s death someone used to blackmail her. Neha had told Roshni that there was someone along with Zara in planting camera in her bathroom and now that person was blackmailing her. If she does not agree to do what he says, he will make MMS and share it with everyone in college. After hearing all this Roshni had even requested Neha to come back home and join some other college, as she is very worried. Neha says that’s not an option as if she runs away this time she will have to always leave in fear. Neha’s says once I deal with that guy, I will tell you his name. Roshni tells Nikhil that Neha couldn’t share that name with her, but it has to be one from yudi, Nihaal or Roy.

Nikhil says that person will have to suffer a lot more than Zara, for sure. Roshni says he will not spare that person, but she has no idea how she will find him. Somebody is overhearing Nikhil and Roshni’s conversation. Nikhil gets suspicious and ask Roshni to be quiet, as he sees a shadow. They try to look but don’t see anyone, the moment they get convinced nobody is there; shivani comes in front of them. Nikhil and Roshni gets worried. Shivani questions them if they were again planning some surprise for her. She also says that roomies should know everything about each other.

That gives Roshni idea that Neha di’s roomy might also know who was blackmailing Neha. Yudi gets the lab report and tells Gauri that she was correct, this medicine contains the chemical that doc had mentioned. Gauri tells yudi that know we have to find out who did this and why. Roshni goes to meet Gauti. Roshni talks generally about Neha, and manages ot Know Neha’ roomies name, Ankita kak. Gauti tells Roshni that amrita left the college after 1st semester itself, and he is still wondering why. Gauti invites Roshni for lunch as it is Sunday tomorrow but Roshni denies saying she is busy. Gauti questions Roshni about how come she is always so busy, to which Roshni promises Gauti that she will never deny her for any plans after this one.

Yudi, Nihaal and Roy are checking with chemist stores to find who sold these pills. Roshni calls Nikhil and ask him to get address information about Neha’s roommate, Amrita kak. Yudi is questioning a chemist to see if he remembers if he sold the two pills in last few days .chemist denies couple time. Yudi is leaving when he overhears chemist talking to his colleague that they should stay away from all such matters. Yudi gets furious and threatens chemist saying he is politician Kharbanda’s son and if he lies, he will get his shop closed in matter of mins and get him arrested.
Chemist got scared and agrees to tell the truth. He tells yudi that di-clo cetrazine is bought very rarely and hence he remembers selling it recently. Chemist says he does not remember the face or the name but they can check the CCTV footage.

Yudi, Nihaal and Roy threaten the technician to get the footage Asap. There were about to see the guy, when they loose electricity. Chemist tells yudi that he will get them the footage the next day. Roshni keeps thinking about who the black mailer could be. She is very upset and is wondering what he wanted from Neha, that she felt so ashamed to even share it with Roshni.
Zara and Gauri enter the canteen, when a fresher is singing with her friend. Zara gets upset; Gauri threatens the fresher that nobody would sing in the college from now on. She asks everybody to leave, one of the fresher grabs the cold drink with her, and Gauri stops her and pours the entire cold rink on her head. Roshni sees it all. Gauri assures Zara that nobody in this college would ever dare to insult her.

Zara is discusses with Gauri how the boys were not able to find anything yesterday and she is sure they won’t find anything today either. Roshni joins Gauri and Zara. Gauri question Roshni f she is going anywhere. Roshni tell her that she is going to meet her friend who is visiting Bombay. Roshni ask Gauri if they found anything about the pills.
Gauri was about to share the information when Zara says she doesn’t want to talk about all this and asks them to stop. Zara says she knows why all this is happening to her. Gauri asks Zara to stop talking about destiny and karma and all that, as it is all rubbish.

Roshni leaves to visit Ankita. Nikhil calls her and says he can still join her. Roshni says she could handle it by herself and as if she they should be more careful as she is afraid shivani might get doubtful about them. Nikhil says shivani is very lame and will never understand anything. Roshni tells Nikhil to not considered everybody except him duffer and be careful. Nikhil asks her to calm down and tells Roshni to keep his posted.

Shivani is searching for Roshni’s fb page and tries to find something. Shivani says she will surely find out what is going on between Roshni and Nikhil. Roshni reaches Amrita’s house, where she is followed by a dog. She jumps into the house through the window. She sees Amrita’s photos and the trophies that he had won before she sees amrita. She is shocked to see Amrita’s state. Amrita is very pale and lifeless. Rosin apologizes to Amrita for entering her house in this manner and asks her if she could make the dog stop as she is very scared. Roshni once again apologizes for entering in the house, and tells her she needs to talk to her. Roshni introduces herself saying she is from regent college.
Amrita does not react to anything. Roshni tells her that she needs to ask something about her roommate Neha. She tells her that its very important to know who was blackmailing Neha, she assures her that she would not involve her name in any of this. Roshni questions Ankita , is she noticed anything that was bothering Neha or troubling Neha.

She tells Ankita that Neha is no more and it’s very important for her to know what had happened. She requests her to talk, when her grand mom enters and inform Roshni that Amrita cannot talk or hear anymore. Roshni is surprised. Yudi, Nihaal and Roy get the footage. They show it to Zara and Gauri; they find out that Nikhil had bought all those medicines. Gauri gets furious; Nihaal says lets teach him a lesson. Gauri asks Nihaal to stop and wait for the right time. Roy tells everybody lets show this to Dean, they can teach him a lesson once he gets kicked out of college. Gauri says we will gain nothing out of it. He will get a fake prescription and save himself, on top of it they will lose the advantage as he would know that the gang knows everything. Gauri says we will have to make some strong plan but be very careful to trap Nikhil. Zara question why would he do this to her, as he doesn’t even know her that well.

Aunty tells Roshni that one day Ankita came home unexpectedly and locked herself in room. She started throwing things and screaming, in this chaos she tripped and fell of the stairs, and lost her sense. Roshni apologizes to disturb them and ask her leave. As she is about to leave, grandma stops her and asks she was here to talk about Neha right?
She tells that whatever happened to Amrita was after hearing about Neha’s death news. Dadi says amrita use to always talk about Neha over the phone. Dadi takes Roshni to amrita. She signs to Amrita and tells her that Roshni is Neha’s younger sister. Amrita is happy to see her. Amrita signs and tells that she knows something about Neha that she has not shared with anyone. She says someone was blackmailing Neha. Roshni says she know that and wants to know who was behind all that.
Ankita says that guy asked Neha to come to his room at night if Neha wants him to delete the video. He blackmailed her for many days but Neha was very strong and didn’t budge. However Ankita was scared of all this and hence she left the college and came back.

Shivani enters into Nikhil’s room and tries searching. She finds his license and is surprised to find he is from Nagpur as Nikhil ha told her that he is from Pune. She also remembers that Roshni is from Nagpur. He is searching in his belonging when she comes across a picture of Nikhil, Roshni and Neha.

— Urmi Parekh —
Pics credit Facebook….

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