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14 Jan

The week that was…..

Roshni is going thru the old newspaper and takes the note about the writer who wrote about Neha’s accident, journalist Preeti Puri. Next day, there is an article regarding Zara’s suicide attempt. It is later showed that Roshni had called journalist Preeti and told her about the entire incident. This news shocks Zara and the college authorities. Dean calls Zara to question about the news. Zara denies but Dean asks he to go to a counselor if she needs help as suicide attempt is an crime.

Dean also reminds Zara about what happened last year to be careful about these things; Roshni enters the room at the same time. Dean has called Roshni to know the truth. Roshni sticks to her earlier statement about some guys drugging Zara at a party. Dean however tells Roshni if she is being pressurized in any way to lie. Dean is not ready to believe that the newspaper article is wrong, to which Roshni says that newspaper people twist the truth the they want, they present a accident as suicide and suicide as accident. Dean asks Roshni to give everything in writing for college records. Avasthi takes Dean to one side and says that he was scared if this was just a repeat of last year’s case.

Zara gets tensed hearing all that and just leaves the room in haste.

Roshni goes and checks on Zara, and questions her why she ran away from the room. Zara tells her that she wanted to practice for tomorrow’s competition. Zara thanks Roshni once again for convincing Dean and also giving the written statement, as she was scared that deans argument about matter of life and death would have made Roshni question her decision. Roshni says life and death are not same things. She says you are alive Zara and I lied to save your life, but if somebody is dead and you lie to cover up the truth , then it is definitely a crime and the culprit should be severely punished. Zara is nervous to hear this from Roshni.

She questions Roshni if someone is hurt or sad before death, then do their soul not rest in peace? Roshni question her why she is asking her that. Zara starts to tell her about Neha’s case but at the same time Roy comes into the room and Zara stop talking. Roshni and Roy plans to take Zara out to lunch.

Roshni is working in chemistry lab and Nikhil is teasing her that she is definitely going to blow the college. To which Roshni says, she has that plan but not to blow the college but only one person. Nikhil warns Roshni to not do anything dangerous. Roshni assures Nikhil that she will inform him once the plan is finalized. Gauti comes to the lab and sees Roshni so he asks Nikhil to move his slot after 2 hrs and leaves.

Roshni stops Gauti and asks for his forgiveness once again, but Gauti is still upset with Roshni and leaves from there. Nikhil teases Roshni and tells her why she doesn’t invite him for dinner. Roshni says she wants to keep Gauti away from this revenge plan. She also says that he is very sorry to hurt shivani and Gauti because of her plan.

Nihaal is apologizing to Zara again and explains that she took it all wrong. He is pestering Zara but Gauri comes to her help. Roshni, Zara and Roy meet for lunch. Zara is still stressed. Roshni says it would have been great if others would have joined in also. To which Roy says that Yudi and Gauri are couple and they already had plans and Zara might have got more stressed with Nihaal’s presence. Roshni is surprised to hear that Gauri and Yudi are couple. They all read the fortune from fortune cookies.

Roy gets “speak your heart out”

Zara gets “Good deeds and Bad deeds come back, so be good”. Zara is nervous and remembers all that she did to Neha.


Roshni tells Zara that she looks very nervous and is afraid about how she will perform in competition tomorrow. Roshni suggest that she should take some anti-anxiety pills. Zara denies and Roy tries to ask Zara if he needs anything to feel good. Nihaal enters and says Zara needs me. Zara also hugs Nihaal and says she needs him and is very nervous with everything that’s happening.

Nihaal takes her with him, Roy is disheartened. Roy is upset and is very drunk. Roshni comes and checks on him. She says that Zara and Nihaal have patched up but she does not think if Nihaal is a correct boyfriend for Zara. Roy gets upset and says never say anything against friends, never betray them and never try to take their belongings.

Roshni questions Roy if he has ever desired something that belongs to your friend. Roy gets annoyed and tells Roshni to stop asking such stupid questions. Roshni again tells Roy to give the anti-depressant pills to Zara as she is very worried about her performance tomorrow.

She finally convinces Roy to give her the pills by using the friend and boyfriend card. Zara is practicing when Roshni comes in her room. Roshni says she is happy to see her so relaxed, and she is sure that is because of Nihaal’s magic. Zara denies and says it all because if Roy’s anti-depressant pills. She is finally able to concentrate on the singing and feels very confident. She also shares that music director Manjit Singh is part of the judges panel and her life would change if she could impress him. Roshni manages to take the pic of the pills.


Nikhil and shivani meet in cafeteria and Nikhil goes to grab food for them. Roshni calls Nikhil, and tells him to check his message as she finally has a plan. However shivani has answered Nikhil’s phone at that time and recognizes Roshni’s voice. Shivani gets suspicious.

Roy is taking Zara’s pics and says that he is so happy because she has forgiven him. Zara questions if every mistake can be forgiven to which Nihaal says if you do small mistakes then yes, but if you do something major that can cost someone’s life then you surely get punishment. Zara gets nervous hearing it from Nihaal. She tells Nihaal that even they should be punished then for Neha’s death. We made her suicide into an accident, we should surely be punished.

Nihaal is shocked to hear Neha’s name from Zara in this way. Zara asks Nihaal if whatever they did with Neha is going to come back to them, showing her newspaper article. Nihaal says don’t think so much, as it is just a coincidence. He also reminds Zara that the group ha decided to never talk about this incident again, so why is she even mentioning it. Nihaal tells her that chapter is closed and she would not discuss with anybody again.

Shivani, Nikhil and Roshni are in Roshni’s room. Shivani questions Roshni why she sends photos to Nikhil and what is the relation between them. Also questions Nikhil why he has saved Roshni’s name as chusa in his phone. Nikhil makes up some story and tries to be funny. Roshni tells shivani to check the message and pic. It is a perfume bottle. Roshni tells shivani that she had asked Nikhil to buy it for you, as she wanted to gift her and apologize once again for whatever happened.

Shivani gets convinced and tells Roshni that if she really wants the earlier friendship back, then she has to gift her a spa session. Roshni agrees and they both share a hug. Roshni tells Nikhil to be more careful with his phone going further as she was able to save them this time around. Nikhil asks Roshni her plan. Roshni tell Nikhil that she wants him to buy the pills and few other things for her. Nikhil questions her intentions. Roshni shares an incident with him, where Zara had inserted some sharp object in Naha’s throat to threaten her and Neha was not able to talk for 10 days due to infection.

She says that this group took away her most precious belonging so she will take revenge by taking away their most important thing, and for Zara it is her voice. She has researched about a drug that works like medicine if taken in right proportion; if 200-250 mg is taken it freezes the throat and if 500mg is taken then the voice is permanently damaged.
Zara is practicing before the group. Everybody is very happy and confident that Zara would definitely win. Zara thanks Roy for the pills as she is feeling very relaxed. Roy tells her to take 2 more half an hour before the performance and she would get rid of all the stage fears and nervousness. Roshni takes the replaced pills bottle to meet Roshni right before the performance to exchange the bottle. Zara is nervous and shares with Roshni that she is scared about what the fortune cookie said.

As unexpected events are happening with her since last few days, Zara is very nervous as she remembers the way she had tortured and harassed Neha. Zara tells Roshni that she has also done some bad deeds and she is afraid if her bad deeds are coming back to her. Zara again brings up Neha’s topic and says that she had bullied her a lot , as it happens everywhere between seniors and juniors.

Zara said even she was bullied a lot by Gauri and her gang in her first year but then they became friends and when she reached second year then she also started bullying her juniors. However Neha was very brave and bold, so even they got tougher with her. They thought it was all part of fun and game but Neha use to get very harassed and upset because of all this and after few days she died. Roshni asks how, to which Zara quickly said that it was an accident and it had nothing to do with the gang. However she feels that she should have told her sorry and tried to patch up with her at least once.

Zara says if I were to believe the fortune cookie then till I say sorry to Neha, nothing good will happen to me and she probably might even not win the competition. Zara hopes that Neha forgives her and ask an apology from her. Zara thanks Roshni to be a good listener. Roshni had managed to replace the pills. Zara is performing well and Nikhil is wondering if Roshni replaced the pills or not.

Gauti had forgiven Roshni and he was sitting next to her for the event. Roshni is wondering loudly if an apology out of fear is genuine. Gauti ask Roshni if she said something, to which Roshni ask Gauti that she was thinking how he forgave her as he was still very upset with her yesterday. Suddenly Zara loses her voice and everybody is shocked. Zara is not able to say anything and judges gives her a zero for her performance.


Roshni says to herself that she could not forgive her because she is still lying about the incident that it was an accident. Zara is all shattered and all she can think about is the saying “Good deeds and bad deeds come back”. Roshni is determined and says these 5 don’t deserve any kind of forgiveness from my side.

Doctor says that Zara’s throat has severe swelling and even vocal cords have been damaged. Roshni thinks that she should replace the bottle before anyone notices. Gauri says what if someone had replaced the pills. Yudi threatens the pharmacist and ask him who bought those pills from him.

— Urmi Parikh —
Picture Credit : Paanch FB Page.

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