Paanch – 5 Wrongs make a Right

07 Jan

Written Updates of Jan 1st and Jan 2nd episodes :

Roshni goes to check on Zara and finds her in a bad state, she had tried to suicide and had probably done drug overdose.

Roshni is scared and takes her to hospital. She does not want Zara to die, as she was there to take revenge with these 5, and not their lives. Roy feels guilty as he had hidden drugs in Zara’s room. Nihaal and Roy have an argument for Zara and Yudi blames them both for Zara’s condition. Gauri comes their and questions Roshni about the mail. Yudi tells everybody that Nikhil has found out that the mail was sent by Roshni. However, once again Nikhil had saved Roshni by changing the text of the mail.

The mail actually read about Roshni requesting dean to give Gauri one more chance in college elections. Doctor tells Roshni that this is a police case and he needs to know all the detail. Roshni lies that she and Zara had gone to a party where some boys offered a drink that Zara accepted and started feeling sick. When she was dropping Zara, she got unconscious and had foam coming out of her mouth, so she hurried her to the hospital. Gauri is annoyed to see that Roshni is being very helpful to which Roshni says that the truth would have put Zara in trouble as it would be a suicide case and also there will arise the question about how did she get hold off drugs in the college. Roy and Nihaal hug Roshni for helping them once again.

Even Yudi shakes hand saying they thought very wrong about her. Gauri also offers her handshake, Roshni is happy that she was being accepted. Roshni thanks Nikhil for saving her once again. Gauri tell Gauti to not be emotional about Roshni as she is a tough girl and not her types.

Zara and Nihaal have an argument and Zara breaks up with Nihaal. Gauti tells Roshni that he knows she is friends with the gang now, but he advises her to not to be like them and not to change herself.
Gauri invites Roshni to the pj party in her room and tells Roshni that they have decided to make her a part of the group.


Roshni is glad to be finally in. Gauri tells Roshni to prove her loyalty by changing her innocent self and being fearless Roshni. They have called Shivangi also. Gauri tells Roshni that Shivangi is her target; she has to prove her loyalty by punishing and torturing Shivangi and locking her in a box.

Roshni remembers that the gang had also locked Neha di in the same box. Shivangi pleads Roshni to not do that as she is afraid of dark. Roshni pushes Shivangi into the box and locks her in. Roshni is upset for doing this as she didn’t wanted to be like the group but had to, to win their loyalty.

Nikhil and Roshni have an argument. Nikhil tells Roshni that she has become one of them and this revenge is going to destroy her. He tells her that he is leaving and she is all alone from now. Roshni apologizes to Shivangi but Shivangi is very hurt and also afraid of her, as Roshni and Gauri are now friends. Gauti comes in with a cake and wishes Roshni happy birthday. She tells Shivangi to give the gift of forgiveness to Roshni and manages to calm her down.

Roshni and Shivangi hugs each other. Roshni ask Gauti why he got the cake, as he knows it’s not her b’day today. Gauti says today is birth of a new changed Roshni, dangerous roshni, so she should always celebrate this date. Gauti tells Roshni that she also wanted to be as powerful like Guari and hence she use to be around them and help the gang all the time. She is upset with Roshni and tells her he does not know her anymore, and goes from there. Roshni is sad to see Nikhil, Shivangi and Gauti upset with her and leave her alone.


Roshni talks to her dad and decides to go back home. She leaves a sorry note and gift for Shivangi and leaves with her bag. She goes to Gauti room to leave a good bye gift, but Gauti comes there and out of surprise Roshni drops Gauti’s books and some pics flew out of it. Roshni is shocked to see Neha di’s photo’s in Gauti’s book. Gauti tells her that he loved Neha.
It was a one sided love story. Roshni is shocked to hear this detail. Gauti says that he failed last year because of Neha’s death. On the other hand Nikhil goes to the dean to give his resignation but he comes across some information regarding Neha’s case, that how entire case was changed due to political pressure. Gauti tells Roshni, that she made him remind of Neha, as Neha was also bold and had challenged Gauri the same way.

Gauri had challenged Neha to kiss Gauti one time but she refused it, and Gauti admired Neha for her courage. He says her death was a case of drug overdose; however he is still trying to figure out why Neha took drugs that night. Gauti tells Roshni that this is the reason why Gauti requested Roshni to not change herself. Roshni walks out of the college with her bags, when Nikhil calls her.

Nikhil tells her that she was right. Neha’s case was not an accident and college authorities know about the same. But due to political pressure everybody lied and they made it looks like an accident due to drug overdose. He said he has heard few gossips from the staff but nobody knows exactly what happened that night. Nikhil tells Roshni that he is sure there would more evidences against them too. He tells Roshni that the game is on..Roshni goes back to her room more determined and strong.

Zara is reading a horoscope, which says good deeds and bad deeds come back ,and she is nervous to read that. Roshni tells her that she should take some anti-anxiety pills to feel better. Roy says that he has some pills for her. Roshni takes the bottle to Zara’s room and take the pic of the bottle. Roshni calls Nikhil and tells him to buy the bottle as she has some big plans, However Shivangi has Nikhil’s phone and she hears it all..

— Urmi Parikh —
Picture Credits : Indian Forums and FB

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