Khelti Hain Zindagi – Aankh Micholi – Concluding Episodes

05 Jan

The weeks 16th December 2013 until 3rd January 2014

Prabha devi and her daughter Riddhi continue their mental torture ob Aami…primarily in absence of Sanjay and Shruti. Aami…a being child never understands their plan and reacts …these results in huge trouble in the family. Sanjay misunderstands Aami & scolds her for misbehaving with his mother.

Aami wants to tell all these to Shruti but Khushboo stops her from doing so. Shruti is very much disturbed because of her mother’s ill health . Baa is also a reason for her tension. Khushboo stops Aami because they don’t want to bother their mother with all these problems. Children keep on facing ill treatments and abuses from Prabha and Riddhi.


Shruti returns home and comes to know about Sanjay’s parents marriage anniversary and decides to organize a party for them. Sanjay is very happy to see that Shruti has taken this initiative and she herself is looking into every details to make the party a successful one, though in a very short period. Shruti tries every possible things to make Prabha happy and to win her heart.

But Prabha has become blind in her anger and hatred ….she does everything to hurt Shruti and to damage her relationship with Sanjay. She masterminds plans in such a way that Sanjay..his father ..all other members of Mehta family and the guests present in the anniversary party get disappointed with Shruti..taunts her..humiliates her.
Mother-daughter duo creates many more situations for which Sanjay and others misunderstand Shruti.. she feels alone and deserted..this gives Prabha and Riddhi immense satisfaction and a feeling of victory.


In the mean time…Yogesh, Riddhi’s husband, sends a divorce notice because Riddhi is neither picking up his phone nor ready to discuss the issues those are creating problems in their marital life..thus he thinks that they should end their marriage. Riddhi is shocked to get the divorce notice. Shruti makes her understand the value of a relationship and she realizes her mistakes. She decides to go back to her husband Yogesh . Her this decision irritates Prabha a lot but all other family members support her.


Now..Prabha is in search of a big issue that will permanently force Shruti to leave Mehta house along with her two daughters. She gets a golden opportunity when she comes to know that Harsh, Shruti’s first husband had Aids. She makes it a big issue and humiliates Shruti a lot. She demands HIV test of Shruti as she claims that she’s sure that Shruti has aids and marrying Sanjay is her plan to hand over her daughter’s responsibility to him. Prabha’s in human behavior hurts Sanjay very much. He says that he don’t want any proof but Shruti says that she’s ready for the test.
Prabha goes to collect the report and the report says Shruti is HIV+. This breaks Shruti …unable to handle this blow she leaves house. Sanjay is very much worried about her and he makes it very clear to his mother that he’ll never leave Shruti alone. Ultimately he finds her and convinces her to go to a doctor for further treatment. In that clinic they come to know that earlier report of Shruti was wrong..she is not a HIV patient. On querying the previous clinic they come to know that the lab assistant has tampered the report because Prabha paid him Rs.20000 for the job.

Shruti gives up and decides to leave Sanjay and his house forever. She doesn’t want to damage mother-son relationship any further and thus takes the decision of going away from Sanjay’s life. Sanjay,who loves Shruti immensely can’t think of a life without her. He pleas Shruti repeatedly and tries to stop her but Shruti remains firm in her decision.

Finally Prabha realizes that breaking Shruti’s relationship with Sanjay, ia actually breaking bonds with her own son. She also realizes Sanjay-Shruti is made for each other and together they’ll lead a very happy life.
She stops Shruti and also apologizes to her.

Aami also accepts Sanjay as her father when she realizes that he has supported and rescued them from all problems and has done everything that Harsh would have done.

The show ends on a happy note as the Mehta family gets united once again.
Sanjay-Shruti ‘s true Love overcomes all obstacles and they live happily ever after.
La….la….la…la…laaaaaaa……Alls Well that ends Well……


—- Sharmila GuptaSen —


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