Ek Boond Ishq….Kuch hamari zubaani…..

05 Jan

The two weeks that were…………

Mrityunjay apologizes for his harsh behavior towards Tara to which she asks him to tell the truth but instead of telling her the truth Mrityunjay takes a vow of silence. Tara tries her best to break his vow but fails. At last she burns her duppatta and while saving her Mrityunjay’s vow breaks. She says “khushi iss baat ki hai ki tumse mujhe aag mein jalte dekha nahi gaya” and giving him an indication that she could go to any extent for him.

On the other hand Raghu kaka is waiting for the recovery of a mysterious girl who seems to be against Rudra. Rudra plans to kill Jairaj in a rally.

Tara decides to keep Karva Chauth for Mrityunjay and informs him about the same. Mrityunjay refuses to come to break her fast and goes to meet his Dadu who had to be admitted in hospital due to bad health. In the hospital Mrityunjay keeps day-dreaming of Tara.

He refuses to go back to her but his heart is lost in thoughts of Tara. From the nurse he learns that Rudra is going to visit the hospital so he takes away Dadu with him.
Back at home Tara gets ready for Karva Chauth and witnesses someone with a gun in her room near window. She gets scared and keeps wondering who was there in her room in the house.

Later it’s revealed that Fahim Chacha was holding the gun.

He wonders does Mrityunjay know the meaning of the letter “K” written on the gun. He hides the gun in shoe box when he hears the sound of Jairaj’s footsteps.

Meethi and Vasu ask Mrityunjay to come home to break Tara’s fast and he asks them to decorate the stable. Meethi and Vasu take Jairaj with them to stable and decorate it as asked by Mrityunjay. The decorations were quite similar to the one Tara did it on Diwali. Now the stable is no longer Ujda Chaman.

Since Rudra’s men were after them he thinks that his stable would be the best place to hide Dadu for the time being. So he goes back to the stable where Tara was waiting for him. In the presence of Jairaj, Meethi and Vasu he open’s Tara’s fast and also accepts her as his wife. Later he asks Tara to go back to Shekhawat mansion and promises her that he’ll come there soon. Tara goes back with Meethi and Vasu.

In the house Nirmala taunts Tara for coming home alone. She says she was alone even during her grihapravesh. Tara feels sad about it but Jairaj supports Tara by saying husband-wife are not side by side always…even during phera sometimes husband is in front and wife is at back and vice versa. Mrityunjay comes back home after hiding dadu in the stable.

Tara thanks him for breaking his fast and Mrityunjay asks her to take rest. In their room Mrityunjay keeps pacing up and down. Tara asks him what is that he is thinking. She tries to make him talk and starts talking about his future.

She says that she knows palmistry and he has a long life but Mrityunjay says “dhyan se dekho yeh jeevan rekha fasi ke fande pe jaake rukti hai”.

This makes Tara sad and brings her back to the harsh reality that her husband is facing death sentence. After gathering some strength she says now that I’ve kept Karva Chauth for you, you’ll live longer. She sleeps after this and Mrityunjay goes back to stable.

In the morning she doesn’t find Mrityunjay in their room so she goes to stable in search of him. Mrityunjay misleads her so that she doesn’t find out dadu. He asks her to bring water for him. Tara goes back to take water and he takes away dadu from there. When she comes back and doesn’t find Mrityunjay in the stable she gets angry with him. Meethi and Jairaj also come there in search of them.

When Mrityunjay comes back Tara confronts him for fooling her and demands sorry from him to which he refuses. Both fight with each other and when Mrityunjay refuses to say sorry Tara refuses to go back to the house.

Rudra asks to deliver a parcel from one place to another. He keeps wondering what’s there in such a heavy parcel. When he reaches the place to deliver the parcel he finds out the baba who visited Shekhawat mansion few days back. After Fahim’s departure baba opens the parcel which had rifle in it to shoot Jairaj.

Jairaj asks Mrityunjay to pacify Tara and bring her home. He gives him a tip to make Tara happy. Mrityunjay comes to the stable with chaat. Tara pretends that Chaat is not delicious and directly confronts him to say sorry. Both fight again and Jairaj feels sandwiched between husband-wife’s fight. Things were back to square one. Neither Tara went home nor Mrityunjay said sorry.

Nandini finds some Rakhi in Yug’s room. She asks him about his family and sister but he avoids the topic.
Back home Jairaj stopped talking to Mrityunjay. Meethi and Vasu try to make them talk but fail. Night falls but Tara doesn’t come back home. Mrityunjay feels restless and goes to stable. He doesn’t find Tara there and speaks his heart out to Mariya (the horse).

Tara who was hiding in the stable itself feels touched and forgives him. Both start walking side by side and collide with each other. Tara says “jab humare raste baar baar takra hi rahe hain toh kyu na hum bhi rasta ek saath tay Karen… humare yeh ghar ki taraf badhte hue kadam agar hum ek saath aage badhayen toh kaisa rahe…” and holds his hands.

Both come back and Meethi-Vasu ties them with a thread and then asks them to go to their room tied like this. Nirmala notices them and tries to remind Mrityunjay of his promise and he immediately frees himself.

Yug burns some pics of Raghu kaka and the mysterious girl with a flower. Nandini is disturbed by mosquitoes so she comes to Yug’s room and asks for some mosquito repellent. He stops her from seeing those pictures.
Mrityunjay helps Tara in freeing from those threads. Tara misses her mother and calls her but her mother refuses to talk to her.

She shares her pain with Mrityunjay and he asks her why you didn’t go with her mom. Tara says that she knows that he is innocent and she can’t let her innocent husband go to jail. She reveals to him that she saw the plane ticket and has met Raghu kaka. After hearing her talks Mrityunjay decides to talk to Tara’s mother.

At night Mrityunjay had a bad dream in which Tara is chocked to death. Tara tries to comfort him and reads Hanuman Chalisa for him. On the other hand Aaradhna feels worried for Tara. Next day Fahim and others plan to celebrate Christmas. Mrityunjay goes to the stable and takes out the pearl which Tara gave him. He recalls the moments he spent with her and looks at the ray of light coming from a little crack of the wall.

He confesses this pearl belongs to you… mine pearl is you which I’ve got. He says I feel scared to lose you. Now I want to live with you as if it is last moment of my life. This was one of the beautiful love confessions I ever saw on television.

Jairaj, Meethi, Tara and Vasu come to the stable and decide to celebrate Christmas there as Nirmala has refused to give permission to celebrate in the house. Night falls and they celebrate Christmas near bone fire and enjoy. Everyone puts his/her wishes in little socks and puts it on Christmas tree. Destiny plays another game as they become each other’s secret Santa.

Mrityunjay wishes that Tara gets her pearl back and Tara wishes that her mother reconciles with her. Tara reads Mrityunjay’s wish and says I already have my pearl with me because you are my peal and I’ve got you. On the other hand Mrityunjay decides to fulfill Tara’s wish.

Next morning Mrityunjay goes to meet Aaradhna who takes a promise from to leave Tara and go to jail in lieu of accepting Tara once again. Mrityunjay promises her to follow her wishes. Tara writes a letter to Aardhna and hopes that her mother will forgive her. Mrityunjay decides to go back to jail.

He was talking to someone on phone and Tara hears the conversation. She confronts him and asserts her determination not to let him go to jail no matter what happens.

Rudra’s men plan to kill Jairaj in the rally. Entire family gets ready to leave for the rally except Mrityunjay. Both Tara and Mrityunjay feel as if something bad is going to happen.

— Mamta Kumari —


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3 responses to “Ek Boond Ishq….Kuch hamari zubaani…..

  1. Bharathi M Kumar

    January 6, 2014 at 4:41 PM

    Thanks for the Lovely Updates Mamta..i dont know much about story n rest of the character..but loved MJ Tara….:)

  2. Divya

    January 5, 2014 at 4:26 PM

    Thanks for giving such a detailed description! Even the minute details of each scene is explained beautifully!

  3. mannawar

    January 5, 2014 at 3:51 PM

    Thank u 🙂


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