Ek Boond Ishq – Humari zubaani

01 Jan


The week that was ……………

Raghu kaka’s revelation about Mrityunjay leaves Tara surprised. She feels happy that the voice of her heart was right. Mrityunjay is really innocent. Tara resolves to save him at any cost. On the other hand Nandu informs Aradhna about Mrityunjay’s crime but she refuses to believe her. Nandu shows her the magazine and then she recalls how Tara got married and how they could never reach the wedding venue. She decides to confront Jairaj and take Tara back.

Tara comes back home in a deep thought. She keeps wondering what is the whole truth and why Mrityunjay is taking somebody else’s blame on himself. She notices that Vasu is giving head-massage to Mrityunjay. Both brother and sister share some light moments which brings smile on Tara’s face. Suddenly Mrityunjay turns and notices her. Tara goes to her room. She keeps on thinking about the mystery when Vasu and Meethi come to her room and say that they’ve arranged a surprise for her. Vasu brings Mrityunjay who was wearing Red kurta in the room. Mrityunjay and Tara share an eye lock. Vasu asks Tara how he’s looking Tara says “achche se bhi bahut achche… bilkul Ram ke jaise”.


Mrityunjay is stunned and feels little shy. Meethi leaves the room on pretext of some work and Mrityunjay goes to change clothes. Vasu tries to stop him but he says that he will wear the kutra on some other occasion. Vasu teases Tara and suddenly they hear Aaradhna’s voice. Aaradhna accuses Jairaj for misleading them and concealing about Mrityunjay’s crime.

Mrityunjay feels sad because of her Aaradhna’s accusations. She packs Tara’s bags and brings her downstairs. Jairaj pleads her not to take Tara away but she refuses to relent. Tara runs towards Mrityunjay and asks him to stop her but with heavy heart he says we have no future together and asks baba to let her go. Aaradhna holdes her hand and tries to leaves but Tara refuses to go with her. Tara says that she will support the truth and won’t leave Mrityunjay. Jairaj feels happy as Tara supports Mrityunjay and tries to explain Aaradhna but in vain. She breaks her relations with Tara and leaves from there. Mrityunjay feels helpless.

Rudra Pratap gets to know that Raghu kaka has been spotted on the address from where he was getting calls from the girl. His man also informs him that in Habibganj areas his influence is reducing because Mrityunjay is released on parole. He thinks that he has to do something big so that gets sympathy votes in elections. He plans to target Jairaj.

In stable Mrityunjay is sad. He wants to spend his life with her but he can’t be with her. He struggles with his own self.

Tara feels bad and cries in her room. Jairaj tries to console her and thanked her for supporting Mrityunjay. Mrityunjay also comes there and feels bad as Tara’s mom got angry with her because of him. Jairaj explains to him that Tara’s mom and Tara are right in their own way. Mrityunjay says it’s useless and nothing is going to change but Tara resolves to bring the change. She says that she will find out the truth and Mrityunjay himself would have to tell her the truth. Jairaj feels happy on her resolve.

Rudra instigates Nirmala against Mrityunjay and reminds of her promise which he took in lieu of bringing her to Shekhawat house.

Tara confronts Mrityunjay and asks whose blame he is taking. Mrityunjay tries to avoid her questions but she keeps on pushing him. Tired of her questions he leaves the room and spends the night in the stable. Next morning Tara goes in the stable with her bag and the idols of god. Jairaj tries to stop them from living in stable but Mrityunjay says he wants to repair the stable. Tara also refuses to stay in the mansion. Jairaj blesses them both and leaves. Mrityunjay asks Tara to go back but she refuses.

Rudra asks his men to keep an eye on Raghu’s house. Nirmala stops all the servants from taking food for Mrityunjay and Tara. She also bars Meethi from taking food for them but she secretively brings food. However, Tara refuses to take it and asks Meethi to take it back. She says from now on her husband will take care of her. This is what she wanted. Meethi takes everything back.

Tara starts her nautanki in front of Mrityunjay. She says you’re doing everything for Mariya (horse)… what about me. She keeps nagging him to make arrangements for food but he keeps on avoiding her. He keeps on repairing the stable and suddenly hurts his hand.

Tara feels bad and could sense his pain. She notices that heat of the Sun is hurting him. She stands on the staircase and spreads her dupatta to save him from direct heat but he avoids her. Suddenly she loses her balance and falls and Mrityunjay kicks the bundle of hay so that she doesn’t get hurt. She falls on the heap of straw and Mrityunjay helps her in getting up. Both could feel the closeness but Mrityunjay maintains the distance.
Raghu kaka notices that his house is being watched. He feels worried about the girl whom he has kept in his house secretively. He goes insides the house and takes away the girl.

Mrityunjay asks Tara why were you standing under the Sun. She said she did this for her husband. Mrityunjay gives her a glass of water and says thank you. She says thanks for the water and asks one more glass of water. Mrityunjay says you go and eat something. She asks him to bend little bit. He does so and she boos in his ear. He gets irritated. She says in my language it’s called “ear-test”. She emphasizes again that till you don’t feed me I’ll not eat.

Mrityunjay recalls when he himself vowed not to eat till Tara feeds him. He says you are “ziddi, adiyal… pagal”. Tara interrupts him and says I’m like this do whatever you can. He gives a little smile on this as he used to say the same to her. Tara is giving him taste of his own medicine.

Jairaj calls Tara to know whether they’ve eating something or not to which she asks him not to worry as Mrityunjay will take care of her. Mrityunjay over-hears the conversation. He gives her a stare and leaves to take food. Tara thinks “life mein kadve karele ko khjoor na banaya toh kya kiya”.

Rudra asks Nirmala not to feel bad for Mrityunjay and Tara. He says that he has made all the arrangements to send him to jail.

Yug brings Aaradhna and Nandu to his house. They notice the picture of Raghu kaka in his house but couldn’t see it properly. Yug avoids the topic and stops them from seeing the picture.

Rudra’s men hear sound from the house and they try to find out but no one is in the house. They get scared as Radhu has escaped. They decide not to tell didi sahib about this.

Tara complains to Mariya (Horse) that she is feeling hungry but Mrityunjay hasn’t returned. Mrityunjay comes back with the food. Tara again starts her nautanki. She says “din mein sapne mat dekh… abhi ajayega haath hilta hua aur bolega kuch nahi mila khane ko ab chalo dafa ho jao”. Mrityunjay keeps the bags on table and says I’ve brought something… cook and eat. To which Tara thinks he has really brought food and touches his feet and says “jo agya patidev” and touches his feet. Mrityunjay gets irritated. Tara cooks khichdi and asks him to eat. He says I’m hanging right now… I’ll eat later. Tara says how can eat till my husband is hungry. She asks him to come down for a minute. Mrityunjay says my ears are fine. After that she shows him three fingers and asks how many fingers are there. He says I’m not blind. She insists him to eat as it’s warm and feeds him and takes a bite herself.

At night both stand opposite to each other thinking who will sleep on the small bed. Tara breaks the silence and volunteers to sleep on floor. She says “ meri jagaha to aapke charno mein hai pranath” and tries to touch his feet again… He indicates not to do that again and asks her don’t try to become wife. She says I’m your wife. She says we’ll chat for sometime. I’ll tell you something about me and you’ll tell about yourself. He gets irritates and asks her not to be smart with him and he won’t answer her questions. He takes away the pillow and goes to machaan to sleep.


Tara takes the blanket and sleeps on bed. Both recall what happened during the day and the sweet moments they shared. In the middle of night it starts raining. Mrityunjay wakes up and checks Mariya and then recalls about Tara. He rushes to check her. He finds her in the corner completely drenched in the rain and shivering. First he tries to cover her with his hands and then body. She gets up and hugs him. He holds her hand and takes her. He recalls the wedding vows and takes her to the machaan. Both spend the night there.

In the morning Mrityunjay had a dream that stable is burning. He wakes up and finds himself covered with blanket. He spots Tara who is making tea. He keeps her watching and adoring her. When Tara checks him he keeps his down and pretends to be asleep. Tara brings tea for him and asks him to get up. He tells her I don’t have these habits and Tara says I want to change some of your habits. She says before marriage you were “jaanwar types” now I want to make you “insaan types”. He gets miffed and says I’m not animal from circus who’ll obey your command. He jumps from the other side of the machaan and says “main jangle janwar hoon” and stay away from me. Tara asks him to have the tea and make the roof and get a washing soap as she has to wash his clothes. He asks why you are doing this. She says accept me as your wife and your life will be easy. He gets irritated and says you will not get any answer from me.

A fake saint comes to the mansion. Rudra welcomes him and introduces him to the family. He takes him to his room and both plan to kill Jairaj.

Mrityunjay repairs the roof and Tara brings him breakfast and thanks him for repairing it. He says don’t get me wrong…. I’m not doing this for you. If it rained again I’ll have to share my bed with you and you take lot of space. She gets angry on hearing this and asks him to come down. She says don’t do anything for me … I can take care of myself. He asks have you finished… so that I can work. She says you can work but on a condition. You’ll have to eat the breakfast first. He asks whether she’ll let him work after that to which she says yes. He sits down to eat the breakfast. She asks him how’s food… “kabhi biwi ki tarif bhi kar liya karo… golu ke papa” He gets super annoyed and tells her that biwi talks don’t suit you. He goes back to work and hurts himself. She checks on his wound. He asks her not to get worried and he’ll be fine. She goes to get haldi –tel for him.

Mrityunjay completes his work and Tara asks him to get freshen up. They had an argument and Mrityunjay gets irritated and asks her to leave. She tells him that “mar jaungi par peecha nahi chodungi”. He says then die and leave me alone. Tara feels hurt and Mrityunjay realizes what he just said. He regrets it seeing the sad face of Tara.

— Review by Mamta ….Picture creations : Bhavya Lekshmi; Munnawar Seh Reen —

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