Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi – Weekly Updates

17 Dec

The week starts on a sad Shruti leaves Mehta house with her daughters and Baa decides to stay in Bhopal separately. Sanjay, who is trying his level best to make this relationship successful, follows Shruti to Bhopal. Co-incidentally they meet at a Dargah, where Shruti realizes her mistake and understands that “Rista thodne ka nehi Nibhane ka naam hota hai.”
She decides to return to Mehta house with her daughters. Sanjay’s father is very happy to see Shruti and her daughters but this doesn’t go well with Prabhadevi.
Baa starts staying with her other son.
Shruti promises to herself and to Sanjay that this time she will do everything to win the hearts of all the members of Mehta house including Prabhadevi. She further requests Sanjay that their relationship as husband-wife will progress only after the family members accept her as the ‘bahu’ of their house.
Sanjay promises to be with her on every step.


Aami n Khushboo try to adjust themselves with their cousin Trisha.
Next morning Shruti starts her day by performing puja and aarti. She tries to make different and delicious breakfast for all but Prabhadevi does not allow her from doing so. She informs Shruti that Mehta house follows a fixed menu and if she wants to change it she needs to discuss it with her beforehand. She can change it only with her permission.


Shruti feels bit bad and uncomfortable. Sanjay’s father tries to comfort her . To make the situation light he refers Mehta house a ‘Hostel’ and Prabhadevi as the ‘Matron’ . This makes Prabhadevi furious and she creates a huge scene of this. She tries to handover ‘ghar ki chabi’ to Shruti and insults her to the core by blaming that Shruti only wants to take the control of the house. She wants her position.
Shruti returns the keys to Prabhadevi and tries to convince her the all she wants is acceptance and blessings not anything else.
Parul,the elder daughter-in-law of Prabhadevi , gets she wants those ‘chabiyan’ . Being the elder daughter-in-law she thinks she has the right to enjoy the supreme power of the house. She tries to take the keys but fails..Prabhadevi, keeps the keys with her.


Amidst of all these, Mr.Mehta(Sanjay) and Mrs.Mehta(Shruti) spends some sweet romantic moments with each other. Sanjay wants Shruti back in office but Shruti wants to concentrate on her household duties. She applies for few days leave which Sanjay approves. Their bonding has become more strong because of the mutual love & respect they have for each other.


Constant misbehavior of Prabhadevi with Shruti irritates Aami a lot. To teach her a lesson,Aami mixes glue in Prabhadevi’s mehndi. She applies the paste on her hair and her hair becomes stiff ‘n’ sticky ,looks peculiar. Everybody laughs on seeing her screaming with disappointment. Aami gets huge satisfaction on doing this but Khushboo fears for another storm.


Next day Shruti prepares breakfast as per Prabhadevi’s menu. Her ‘Dosa’ becomes a big hit . Family members appreciates her a lot..including her elder sister-in-law Parul. Unable to digest this, Prabha devi applies the age old strategy of ‘Divide and rule’. She appreciates Shruti to make Parul jealous. This works well and Parul feels extremely envious of Shruti. Parul jealousy gives Prabhadevi satisfaction and boosts up her so called ego.


In the mean while, Prabhadevi comes to know that Aami mixed glue in her mehndi. She promises to teach her a lesson. Sanjay , who’s very happy with Shruti’s success..sends her a bouquet n a card. Prabhadevi receives this from the delivery man. She can’t tolerate Sanjay’s love and appreciation for Shruti. In her anger, she destroys the bouquet and puts the blame on Aami. She protests against this blame very rudely and calls Prabhadevi “Jhoothi” and argues with her a lot. This triggers a huge unrest in the family. Prabhadevi refuses to hear anything unless Aami begs pardon . On the other hand, Aami refuses to say sorry as she has not done any wrong. Ultimately Shruti manages to make Aami understand the situation . She for her mother’s sake says sorry to Prabhadevi but her hatred for her increases further.

Sanjay supports Shruti in solving this problem and is always with her in all her decisions. He even protects Aami from his mother’s anger.


Prabhadevi’s daughter Riddhi leaves her husband’s house and comes to stay in Mehta house.
Now, together they plan to harass Aami to create distance between Sanjay & Shruti. Prabhadevi claims Aami to be the weakest link between Sanjay and Shruti …so to break their relationship…she needs to break Aami.
Shruti goes to her mother’s house and in her absence Prabhadevi and Riddhi , with Trisha’s help frame Aami . Make fun of her in front of Trisha’s friends . Riddhi then plans to harass Aami more by adding castor oil in Trisha’s friends food.

—Sharmila Gupta Sen—

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