24 The race against time

09 Dec

Episode ..….15th to 18th ; 22 / 23 Nov and 29th and 30th November.


Lots more action and excitement ! Jai Singh Rathore in not only freed from custody but reinstated as ATU chief by Aditya Singhania .Aditya is convinced by Jai’s belief that the assassination attempt is an effort by the LTFE to avenge the death of their Chief Ravindran and his family during operation Trishul in Sri Lanka . Aditya’s father as P.M had ordered the operation and Jai had headed it ; so they along with Jai’s family’s are on their hit list.

At the safe house Trisha realizes and is not able to deal with the fact that it is Nikita who was in her husband’s life during the turmoil in their marriage. Nikita realizing that at this moment it is better for someone else to handle the interrogation leaves .Unfortunately after this Max the assassin enters the safe house killing the agents on guard . Nakul manages to escape with the ladies but their vehicle crashes as he is shot by Max who is following. Max in turn gets shot by Kiran just after he has reassured Raja that both the ladies are dead .


Jai contacts Singh an ex operative on the Trishul case to get more information about LTFE. Singh manages to send the ATU some files before he killed from which they are able to get the pictures of the possible conspirators. Pooja, Aditya’s press aide is shell shocked to see Bala her boyfriend among the pictures of the terrorists during a security briefing . Jai wants to use this relationship to place a tracking device on Bala.

Sidhartha the agent sent by Gill to check the safe house calls back about what he finds there. He looks for Kiran and Trisha and manages to find them. The ATU agent who had been sent to fetch Veer Jai’s son has in the meantime been killed and replaced by a terrorist. At the Academy he is informed that Veer has gone to town with friends and will be back before curfew i.e 7p.m. Veer however offers to escort home Simran whom he meets at the pub since she is a little nervous as someone is following her. So when the terrorist reaches the pub he does not find Veer. Simran and Veer however land into trouble at her house as they are beaten up and threatened by some drug dealers who are searching for drugs Apparently they had some drug deal with her brother who is missing.


In Bala’s absence his room is bugged and hidden cameras placed .Jai and the agents watch from an adjoining room. Pooja though very emotional manages to place the tracking device given by Jai in Bala’s wallet. But something in her snaps ,when he places a necklace around her neck claiming that he is just waiting for the minute that they can get married and have a child.She stabs him. Bala is rushed to the hospital but chances of his survival are bleak. The necklace which is a remote operated bomb is removed carefully. Bala’s phone does not yield information as he has deleted everything. A call on Bala’s phone about a rendezvous gives Jai hope. He goes to the spot carrying a briefcase as he was supposed to be bringing money. From the conversation Jai’s comes to know that the man is being paid to turn off the electricity on a bridge at 7p.m but when Jai asks him the bridge’s location he gets suspicious and flees. Jai chases him but unfortunately one agent fires and the man dies.


At the rally ground a lot happens. Vikram waits in vain for Pooja and the blast that the necklace which she was wearing was to cause. Aditya comes clean with the St Stephen story and there is high drama as Prtithvi plays the recording on his phone and lets the entire audience and the nation hear his mother Megha admitting that she along with KK had got Mehak Ahuja killed in order to frame Aditya and make Prithvi the P.M .There is chaos as the press scrambles to question Megha . Aditya and his entourage leave the rally ground. Raja in the meantime is getting suspicious as Bala does not respond to his calls and sends someone to check. Noticing a lot of police presence oustside Bala’s hotel the terrorist calls the reception and learns that Bala’s floor has been vacated .He immediately calls Raja who realizes that something is wrong.


What is the plan of the terrorists regarding the bridge and will be will Jai and the ATU find out and foil them?
What happens to Veer and Simran ? Will Veer escape the drug dealers to get caught by the terrorist?

For the answers keep watching 24 on colors on Fri and sat at 10 and catch the repeat at 1pm on Saturday and Sunday.

— Vinita Gill —

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