Saray raah jo unsay nazar mili …….

01 Dec



And it is some serious magic, you don’t think it’s possible, you don’t believe in it but “abracadabra” and you’re in love with him.

What’s great is that he is not your average poster boy, I mean he honestly would destroy a Fair and Handsome ad and the company along with it (which doesn’t seem like such a bad thing in retrospect). He isn’t even good looking, as good looking men go. If you’ve been hearing a lot about him, searching on google for his pictures is not a great idea either because that would just turn you off him. But watch him act,.. not just any show but NBT and you realize he’s charming. A couple of episodes down the line he becomes cute, intense, adorable and then, before you know it he is downright handsome! It’s crazy I know, but it happens,……true story!!!


Why I said “not just any show” is not because he wasn’t a good actor earlier, in fact if you watch his old performances now, you realize that he was very good even back then, when no one noticed him. It’s because Mohan, is pretty much him. It has come up many times that the character Mohan is a lot like Kunal and that is exactly how this spell has been cast on us, because that is what all of us are, isn’t it? Spell bound. All the sarcastic humor, guilt, good nature, pain, everything, it’s all him. And that is why it is so easy to become involved with him.

To love Mohan is to love Kunal. And you might have noticed that as they first changed his character in season 2 and then his entire personality, the spell’s hold on us started to loosen. It won’t break of course because it lives through Kunal, but as the daily spell-strengthening ritual of watching Mohan (read Mohan from Season 1) came to an end we all experienced a sudden disconnect, a sense of unreality and betrayal. Because this new Mohan, we didn’t know him.

Kunal being a brilliant actor still had us cry during the scene in the Awaz India office with Nanhi, after he discovers her identity, but I’m still not with the season 2 Mohan, like I was with our Mohan. Then came Vasu, and Kunal proved again that he is a victor, you throw anything at him and he will conquer it. How cute is it when talks in Marathi, right?! The last few months saw a revival of Kunal, thus reviving us from the enchanted sleep we had all seemed to be falling into. The parts with Vasu were great, unpolished and rude (but in a totally different sensibility from Mohan), Kunal managed to bewitch us all over again and in an all new avatar! But still, somehow, it just couldn’t match up to the sensation started by Mohan Bhatnager.


Of course a great deal of the credit also goes to the character Mohan, if not for him we would never have met the great person behind him. And if not for Kunal, the character of Mohan would never have developed into what it did. But that’s just it, it’s Kunal and it has always been him.

He’s damaged and flawed and so very real. Mohan becomes real to us because Kunal is and reality always warms your heart and touches your soul. Makes you want to help someone, wipe their tears, cover their wounds, be with them while they heal and keep them safe. So much of his on screen magic comes from his real life that you cannot but feel for him and I don’t know if he relates his life to that of his characters’, but in my head he does and that just fuels the whole craze.


So, not meaning any disrespect, cast Mohan out of your minds I say. Let’s give it up for Kunal. Cheers to him and his attitude that colours all his actions. And cheers to that piercing, knowing gaze of his that stirs our souls and keeps the magic living.

— Signed as a FAN —-


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5 responses to “Saray raah jo unsay nazar mili …….

  1. ckrishna

    December 13, 2013 at 10:07 AM

    You have nailed the sentiments of diehard kunal fans.. Thanks…

  2. Krithika Rao

    December 4, 2013 at 1:57 PM

    Word to word agree……lovely write up 🙂 its the feeling of each n very Kunalians .

  3. Nita Khandekar

    December 2, 2013 at 8:49 PM

    What an article!! Why is that the sentiments of all who have watched NBT are the same!! Only some are able to articulate it so well!! Loved every word of it since it rings a bell!! 🙂 Good going hope to see more writings!! The Mysterious fan!! 🙂

  4. Urmi

    December 2, 2013 at 7:29 AM

    Aah.. Lovely
    Well written Apt..
    As I always feel Mohan Bhatnagar was pure magic Something that will never be recreated but its only because of the magician.. Kunal Karan kapoor
    He puts his heart and soul into his characters and all we do is fall in love with him..

  5. Sakhi

    December 2, 2013 at 1:08 AM

    To the precise point yet so enchantically beautiful!


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