Angel – Chapter 1

01 Dec

A gripping tale of death, life and love……

A day in the past:

Standing on the top of 27 storied building he felt a sense of elation looking down. The earth was so far away. Everything looks so small. Insignificant. Vehicles, smaller houses, trees and Humans.

‘God must be feeling like this every time when he looks down’ the man thought.
That made him smile. Just a small twist of lips.

‘All right time to work!’
He opened his briefcase and removed a Remington 700 sniper rifle. 4.08kg of lethal weapon to be treated with respect. Though its maximum range is lesser than its other cousins He loved it. Remington’s the manufacturing unit customises the gun. He customised his weapon to his liking. A shorter barrel, lightweight body and stronger telescopic focus. He will be using silencer, that will affect the trajectory of the bullet. Had to take that in consideration.

He removed the gun, attached the barrel, silencer, the telescope and finally inserted the feed; a 4 round detachable internal magazine. Expected accuracy of the rifle is less but then he loved challenges. Lived for them.
He bought the gun to his eye level then adjusted the stock of the gun on his shoulder. The weight and feel of his prized possession was comforting. He then adjusted the focus of telescope and swooped the barrel down looking for the target. His Kill.

The unsuspecting humans down on ground were moving as per their needs. Some running, some strolling but no one had time to stop by and take a breath.

A man shorter stockier in white kurta trying to move his heavier body in general direction of moving human mass.

‘Looks like he is in hurry’.

He adjusted the focus till cross hairs of the gun were trained on the man’s forehead.He pulled back the safety latch.He then touched the trigger with his finger. The trigger of his gun is crisp. He knows he had to be careful while pulling it. For once a bullet leaves the comforting nest of the magazine; its path is unforgiving. It can’t be recalled back. It can’t be stopped. It will stop its deadly journey when it will hit something. Or Someone.
So He waited for his moment.

There were too many of human bodies who were shielding his Kill. He did not want any bystander to get in the way of his bullet. Not out of mundane feelings like compassion for fellow beings. He has till date never hit anything or anyone unnecessarily. More often than not he used a single bullet for the job. He likes clean Kills. His own words!

The man marked by death himself momentarily lost his human cover by moving forward. Just couple of seconds and that’s all He needed.

The trigger was pulled.
The sound of the bullet being released for its deadly journey was hardly audible; its brutal journey was hardly visible; its end: sudden.
And then came death. The man collapsed with a neat circle of bullet in his head, eyes open. He could not even feel when death came calling and claimed him. It was sudden but total. For almost a few serene mundane moments there was silence marred by usual everyday noises. And then someone screamed. Unnatural harsh sound marring the regular day in the life of normal public. People finally noticed the macabre scene of a lifeless man sprawled on the road; blood oozing out of his head. A man who probably was walking alongside them just a moments back. Alive and unconcerned maybe. Now there is nothing but absolute finality that death brings in its wake.
There was sudden explosion of screams. People started running. Here; there; everywhere. Nobody knew where or why but they wanted to put a healthy distance between themselves and the dead man on the sidewalk.
Screams, sirens; running feet and shoving bodies. It was pandemonium.

Job done!
The man calmly stripped his weapon down, stashed them down in his briefcase hurriedly but with care. Then adjusted his tie and blazer and caught the handle of the briefcase with its deadly cargo in his right hand and ran for the fire exit.

He took three stairs at a time and stopped on the second floor. He was not panting for breathe. Calm and collected, he entered the corridor and called the lift. When the lift doors opened he entered and pressed the ground floor.People in the lift never suspected even for a moment that the man standing next to them has just snuffed the life of a breathing human body.
He entered the lobby and calmly walked towards the door. The pandemonium outside was slowly creeping into the hotel. But he kept on walking. No one gave him suspecting glances. With his blue shirt, stripped tie and dark blazer he looked like a business man. A purposeful business man who has to be given way. Yes despite chaos there were ladies who noticed him wishing He would notice them. And there were men who were wondering about this guy who looked as if he owned the world. At 5 feet 11 inches he was tall with a body that was more lean than bulking up. He was not handsome in technical sense but there was that ‘something’ in him that made women give him glances and men give him way.

Without breaking his long strides but not appearing hurried either he entered the road. People were gathering at the spot where the dead body is lying. He didn’t linger. Not in his rules of job.

He walked past the scene of death. He could hear sirens wailing and coming closer. Police arriving. He went near a nondescript ordinary car parked legally in the parking zone by roadside, pulled the keys out, opened the door and entered. He sat in the car for a moment taking the scene in through rear view mirror. Then started the ignition and slowly carefully manoeuvred the car forward. Not speeding but maintaining a reasonable speed he hit the road. Just another day in the job.

Job Done!!


Ringgggg!!! Ringgg!!!

Brows furrowed he looked at the mobile ringing on the dashboard. Picking it up he glanced at the caller number.’Samrat’ the name was flashing. He felt a flash of irritation. He slowly stopped the car at the road side allowing the traffic to move on. He then picked the phone.

Hi!hello niceties he had no time for.

“Is the job finished?” a voice enquired from the other end. Samrat’s voice.

His irritation increased.
‘When I take up a job, IT IS considered Done.’ He replied in a voice which would have told better men to back off.

Samrat did not catch up but went on “You mean Ranawat died?”

This time His irritation was total.
He replied without bothering to hide his sarcasm “Yeah bullet in the head has this habit of killing people. So i guess he died”.

This time Samrat didn’t fail to understand His tone.
‘You can’t talk to me that way!’ he rasped.

‘Well i guess i just did Kid!’ He shot off.

Samrat blew up at that insulting parting. He started spluttering “How dare u? Don’t you forget your place! But for us you would be living in the gutters of Underworld. My dad made you. Hell! My Dad owns you.”

At that moment He spoke and spoke in the voice that was chilling;
“No one ever did” He paused “And no one ever Will” that chilling voice continued “OWN ME!!”..
“I do what I want to do. My game! My rules! So take that attitude of Me master; you servant to someone who cares. Coz you know what I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!!”

Samrat barely containing his anger tried to interject “You!! You!!”

“The name..” He calmly said “is Gabriel!”

He disconnected the phone threw it on the back seat and started the car. Under his steering the car smoothly moved forward onto the road.



— A series by Candy Lemon [Nimmi] —

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