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Chat with Kunal Karan Kapoor

Hey everyone….here we are with a xmas gift for all of u …I m sure u all were waiting to hear something from him and so here we are uploading a short chit chat with everyone’s favourite kunal karan kapoor.

Since the video was wrongly accessed and made public by someone else without editing we’re uploading it in our blog too. The audio quality is matchless …so our readers can enjoy the beautiful voice of Kunal in any case ,the rest editing etc is just gloss .Its the man that matters and every nuance of his voice has been captured in this interview. So enjoy the much waited interview 🙂


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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi – Weekly Updates

The week starts on a sad Shruti leaves Mehta house with her daughters and Baa decides to stay in Bhopal separately. Sanjay, who is trying his level best to make this relationship successful, follows Shruti to Bhopal. Co-incidentally they meet at a Dargah, where Shruti realizes her mistake and understands that “Rista thodne ka nehi Nibhane ka naam hota hai.”
She decides to return to Mehta house with her daughters. Sanjay’s father is very happy to see Shruti and her daughters but this doesn’t go well with Prabhadevi.
Baa starts staying with her other son.
Shruti promises to herself and to Sanjay that this time she will do everything to win the hearts of all the members of Mehta house including Prabhadevi. She further requests Sanjay that their relationship as husband-wife will progress only after the family members accept her as the ‘bahu’ of their house.
Sanjay promises to be with her on every step.


Aami n Khushboo try to adjust themselves with their cousin Trisha.
Next morning Shruti starts her day by performing puja and aarti. She tries to make different and delicious breakfast for all but Prabhadevi does not allow her from doing so. She informs Shruti that Mehta house follows a fixed menu and if she wants to change it she needs to discuss it with her beforehand. She can change it only with her permission.


Shruti feels bit bad and uncomfortable. Sanjay’s father tries to comfort her . To make the situation light he refers Mehta house a ‘Hostel’ and Prabhadevi as the ‘Matron’ . This makes Prabhadevi furious and she creates a huge scene of this. She tries to handover ‘ghar ki chabi’ to Shruti and insults her to the core by blaming that Shruti only wants to take the control of the house. She wants her position.
Shruti returns the keys to Prabhadevi and tries to convince her the all she wants is acceptance and blessings not anything else.
Parul,the elder daughter-in-law of Prabhadevi , gets she wants those ‘chabiyan’ . Being the elder daughter-in-law she thinks she has the right to enjoy the supreme power of the house. She tries to take the keys but fails..Prabhadevi, keeps the keys with her.


Amidst of all these, Mr.Mehta(Sanjay) and Mrs.Mehta(Shruti) spends some sweet romantic moments with each other. Sanjay wants Shruti back in office but Shruti wants to concentrate on her household duties. She applies for few days leave which Sanjay approves. Their bonding has become more strong because of the mutual love & respect they have for each other.


Constant misbehavior of Prabhadevi with Shruti irritates Aami a lot. To teach her a lesson,Aami mixes glue in Prabhadevi’s mehndi. She applies the paste on her hair and her hair becomes stiff ‘n’ sticky ,looks peculiar. Everybody laughs on seeing her screaming with disappointment. Aami gets huge satisfaction on doing this but Khushboo fears for another storm.


Next day Shruti prepares breakfast as per Prabhadevi’s menu. Her ‘Dosa’ becomes a big hit . Family members appreciates her a lot..including her elder sister-in-law Parul. Unable to digest this, Prabha devi applies the age old strategy of ‘Divide and rule’. She appreciates Shruti to make Parul jealous. This works well and Parul feels extremely envious of Shruti. Parul jealousy gives Prabhadevi satisfaction and boosts up her so called ego.


In the mean while, Prabhadevi comes to know that Aami mixed glue in her mehndi. She promises to teach her a lesson. Sanjay , who’s very happy with Shruti’s success..sends her a bouquet n a card. Prabhadevi receives this from the delivery man. She can’t tolerate Sanjay’s love and appreciation for Shruti. In her anger, she destroys the bouquet and puts the blame on Aami. She protests against this blame very rudely and calls Prabhadevi “Jhoothi” and argues with her a lot. This triggers a huge unrest in the family. Prabhadevi refuses to hear anything unless Aami begs pardon . On the other hand, Aami refuses to say sorry as she has not done any wrong. Ultimately Shruti manages to make Aami understand the situation . She for her mother’s sake says sorry to Prabhadevi but her hatred for her increases further.

Sanjay supports Shruti in solving this problem and is always with her in all her decisions. He even protects Aami from his mother’s anger.


Prabhadevi’s daughter Riddhi leaves her husband’s house and comes to stay in Mehta house.
Now, together they plan to harass Aami to create distance between Sanjay & Shruti. Prabhadevi claims Aami to be the weakest link between Sanjay and Shruti …so to break their relationship…she needs to break Aami.
Shruti goes to her mother’s house and in her absence Prabhadevi and Riddhi , with Trisha’s help frame Aami . Make fun of her in front of Trisha’s friends . Riddhi then plans to harass Aami more by adding castor oil in Trisha’s friends food.

—Sharmila Gupta Sen—

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The reason of my smile : Kunal Karan Kapoor

Truth be told, I don’t know how to write anything except petty fiction, but the urge that I need to pen down my thoughts has been pecking at my brain, nagging me for a while now, so here I am. And all this is about someone who is much more than just a TV celebrity to me, someone who brings a huge grin to my face everytime I think of him, inspiring me in many real life situations. No guesses, he is none other than the dashing and the most amazing actor I have ever come across, Kunal Karan Kapoor.

Honestly, I had seen Kunal on screen long ago, but never noticed him. I do not really remember the days of Maayka as I was too young but the flashes of me being disgusted by Angad in Pratigya is still fresh in my mind. Such was his portrayal of the character Angad! He made me hate the character to the core, but now when I watch the same scenes on YouTube, I actually smile and blush. I mean, I smile at a local goon teasing a girl. Seriously? I laugh at myself for doing so, but then I realize the reason behind it, is, of course, the magic of Kunal Karan Kapoor

I went back and watched a few scenes of Yudi in LRL and believe me, he’s beyond cute. It was especially super-duper fun to watch him as Madonna. Can’t explain in words! Take a bow, Kunal for portraying Madonna so amazingly and for sure, playing the role of a glam doll was not easy but he did it with ease. The suicide attempt scene of Yudi gave me the shudders – goosebumps, brought a wave of sadness that remained with me for long. And then came Pratha and Amreek… The MOST adorable character EVER! Kunal and his Punjabi accent made me smile so much in awe that it hurt my cheeks. Trust me, I can sit all day, hear him speaking Punjabi and keep grinning. No doubt as Amreek, Kunal created wonders as always.

So when did I start noticing him and falling for him is something I ask myself. It was during Na Bole Tum. It just happened. I only know that I began to admire Mohan during Prateek track, which continued increasing until the end of Rashmi track when I finally realized that I have fallen head over heels in love with this television character.

TThe lone tear from Mohan’s eye after he joked about his confession during Rashmi’s engagement shattered me so much so that realization dawned and I knew that I just so cannot see tears in the eyes of this guy.

I clearly remember the episode after this when Mohan sitting by the window said,

“Waah Mohan Bhatnagar! Mazak mazak mein jo serious tha, woh bhi mazaak banke rehe gaya. Khud hi apne dil ke sachchai pe hasna padha tujhe”.

Sigh! That’s all I did when I heard him saying the lines. I then saw his eyes. So pale and somewhere moist. My heart turned heavy, overwhelmed with emotions, of pain and hurt, and at last when he mockingly chuckled at his fate, trust me, something inside me… died!

There are MANY beautiful moments in the show that made me love the actor’s natural performance. The off-screen segments, the interviews and the impact it had on me nailed down the fact that there is no other actor on TV that I have ever adored the way I do Kunal Karan Kapoor. It all started with his down-to-earth nature, smiles and laughter, way of talking, genuineness in every segment, obsession with his hair, moody nature, passion for traveling, attitude of putting heart and soul ito his performances… the list simply goes on. I do not know whether I even make sense or not, but in a nutshell, I would say that… I love Kunal Karan Kapoor as a human being and an actor.

As days went by, my love for him kept growing. I started admiring and respecting him for the way he is. He inspires me truly. I remember the first time I got a job, I was irritated because I was too lazy to handle my school and work together. But then I thought… Doesn’t Kunal work for all days and even until midnights? So why can’t I? I should be motivated by my favourite actor and at last, I was. In fact I still am. Currently I am doing my second job and believe me, whenever I feel tired of handling it, I just need to remember Kunal’s struggle to reach where he is today. Nothing is easy, but he overcame every hurdle in life to establish himself in the midst of the crowd, and so I decided that I should take inspiration from him and do the same. But to be honest, most often I do feel that I won’t be able to do it anymore, but the next moment, Kunal comes in my mind and off I go!

I don’t know what else to write. Coming back to the show, another power-packed performance was from the episode when Megha tries to commit suicide, thinking that she was a burden on Mohan and Mohan gets angry…

“Ek kaam karo na.. Nanhi ko maardo, Addu ka galaa ghotdo, main phir se truck ke saamne khadha ho jaata hoon. Phir jo karna hai karlo….”

I was speechless and had goosebumps. My eyes went teary and my heart seemed to be ripped apart really badly. All the emotions together. Trust me; I never felt that way ever while watching any character portrayals on screen.

Another heart-wrenching yet super amazing performance by Kunal was just before Mohan left home post Addu went missing. He did not have any dialogues, but his eyes and the tears in it said everything. Especially the moment left me in awe when he held the photo frame of Nanhi and Addu close to his heart and looking helplessly at Megha, trying to make her believe in him and his love for his kids. Throughout the scene I wished I could just get into the screen and hold him tight, making him believe in himself and support him while he is vulnerable. Sigh!

One more scene of Mohan that stands apart in season 2 is his imagination of Younger Nanhi at Awaaz India corridor after he finds out that Navika is his Chawanni. To be honest, the entire episode right from him protecting his daughter from Daddaji to his provoking her to speak up against him just to be sure that she was his Chawanni was bang on. He did not have so much of dialogues in the latter scene, but his teary eyes spoke so much… Sigh! To express happiness of meeting his daughter after 12 years and on the same time, the pain to see hatred for himself in her eyes is NOT easy at all, but he did it flawlessly as always. Followed by, the corridor scene ended up making me cry. Mohan helplessly tries to make Nanhi believe in himself but he fails, so he just looks on painfully. No dialogues yet again his eyes did the magic and at the end, when he burst out into tears, trust me, I broke down too.

Another scene of Mohan that stands apart is his conversation with Beera after he asks Navika to consider him dead. In a drunken state, he said that he hates his name and existence. My eyes immediately turned moist and all I wanted to do is to get inside my computer screen and hug him tight. I so wanted to tell him that he’s not wrong, instead the ones he loved did not deserve a gem like him, which shows how Mohan Bhatnagar had become a certain individual for me by then, someone I love and cared for. And this is certainly not easy. Making the viewers relate to the character is only possible when the actor works hard. Kunal did much more than just working hard. He breathed the character and put all his heart and soul in it and thus making it relatable and surely an important individual in my life. Mohan was never perfect but Kunal made me love his imperfection

. I fell in love with Mohan’s nature and emotions because perhaps somewhere I started seeing myself in him in some cases. I love and respect his attitude of loving his family with passion and devotion, so much that it eventually destroyed him but he never ever complained about it. So much feelings for just one TV character – not an easy task for an actor to make his viewers do so, but Kunal did it with ease, perfection and flawlessness. Even as Mohan, when he flinches, looks on, says nothing at all, thinks about something or just smiles for any reason – I can feel everything. In his every single scene, he blew me away to a different world of Mohan Bhatnagar which was full of happiness, laughter and pain.

Days went by, and my admiration knew no bounds. Everything was good until I found out that Mohan was going to “die”. On one side, I was depressed so much that I was quiet the entire day, but on the other side, I was super excited to see how Kunal would perform in this scene. And as always he didn’t disappoint me. Forget about disappointing, he did much more than what I thought. I still remember the moment when I watched Mohan falling off the cliff. I just could not cry as I always would, watching any emotional scene, but honestly I felt as if one of my closest persons left me for the time being, of course because I had a firm belief as well that he’s not gone. But even after knowing that he will come back and not would not be a different person but Mohan only, I was still depressed and feeling low.

Then Vasu entered the show – a personality completely contrasting from Mohan Bhatnagar. His attitude and intensity are the two things that made me love him. Kunal made sure to make both characters completely different in every way, and he did it too as always because the mannerisms of both the characters were poles apart. On one hand, Mohan was a soft and caring person. On other hand, Vasu was cruel and intense with a mysterious aura around him. Kunal did both the roles with perfection. Period.

Finally came the day when I heard the show would end. I did not react, perhaps because I was too busy with my family commitments, but when the D-day arrived, I had no words at all. I was numb because I knew that I won’t be able to watch Kunal on screen for a very long time.

That’s my journey as a Kunal fan, experiencing his magic and continuing to love him more and more. Yet wondering if I have said everything. Honestly there is much more about him that I feel which I cannot express, but for sure that he’s the first TV actor I felt for, like this. I remember the morning of 4th May 2013 when I was checking live updates of ITA in a half-sleepy state. Since I live on the other side of the world, it was morning, I could not wake up but I could not afford to miss the live updates either. I was so desperately waiting to know who the best actor winner was and when I heard that it was Anas Rashid, I was upset, but then I realized that I never expected anything good from any award shows. Suddenly I saw a picture of Kunal holding the ITA trophy in his hands. I was shell shocked. My half-sleepiness flew out of the window. I jumped and literally started bouncing on bed, shivered in sheer joy, pride and happiness. I don’t know what else to say to express my feelings, would just say that I felt as if I was the winner and won something great myself.

Now when he is not there, I would just say that I miss him loads. Just a glimpse of him makes me happy these days, and it was simply proven today when I was feeling low as there was no updates of him in the event and ended up getting mad at everything, but when I saw his picture, my heart calmed down and I felt happy again. In the midst of all, I even tried distracting myself, watching and getting into something else but all my attempts failed miserably and ultimately I came back to where I belong… the task of loving, admiring, respecting and missing Kunal Karan Kapoor. I would not lie if I say that the other reason of my smile and happiness besides my mother and few close friends is HIM. Even when I am depressed and feeling very low, he cheers me up and brings me back into the world of happiness in some way or the other. Just a thought of him and hearing his name would make my lips curve immediately. Everything reminds me of him, e.g. the books on the shelves at my workplace. I definitely sound crazy I know but all of this is true. Kunal Karan Kapoor has become one among the most important people in my life.

And..I dream to meet him, hopefully someday; Hope afloat even after a decade.

— Bidzie Meghan —


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Angel – Chapter 2 …..

The suspense continues…….On the man called Gabriel………..

smiley face

Samrat was staring at the mobile in his hand in disbelief. “He disconnected my call! That b****** disconnected Samrat Thakur’s call!”

Samrat Thakur; a young man at 27 years of age was blessed with a model looks, a floppy mop of hair he deliberately allows to fall on his forehead almost reaching his eyes. He was handsome and he knew it. But at this time he was angry. Murderously angry.

An older man was standing next to the bar. They were in a mansion. Thakur mansion. In a sprawling room which offered splendid view through its glass windows. But none of the men were interested in looking at the view outside. The atmosphere inside the room was explosive enough to drive out any pleasant feelings like watching greenery and relaxing; out and far away.

Samrat was still staring at his mobile. His eyes still disbelieving.

The older man poured whiskey in a glass filled to middle with ice then went near Samrat and handed the glass to him. Samrat took the glass but it was involuntary. He was still not believing some one had the gall to hang up on him. Not someone. Just one. A man he hated. Hated to his core.

The older man kept his palm on Samrat’s shoulder and said in a soothing voice.”
“Sam! How many times i need to tell you that you should keep away from …” before he could finish his sentence Samrat’s hand shot up. He threw his glass with full force on the floor. The whiskey flew in a golden arc then fell on the carpet soaking it, ruining a very expensive carpet. The shattered pieces of glasses fell on the floor making tinkling sounds and creating prismatic hues in the air while falling down.

Samrat looked at the older man with eyes blazing in anger.
“Why uncle! Why should i keep off that that .. ” he could not find a word vile enough to describe that man.

“Who the hell does he think he is?! He is just a bloody paid killer. WE hired him. He is OUR servant! Just because Dad gave him shelter he thinks he is above all!”

Uncle, the older man was Bhanupratap Singh. A man of medium height, salt and pepper hair and kind eyes. He has the looks of an elderly kind professor.
“Sam! Calm down!” he said in a gentle voice. “Why do you want to even think about him? Just stay away from that man. You know very well that your Dad, my brother in law Thakur Saab thinks of him as our best shooter. Besides Thakur Saab loves him like Son.”

Samrat flinched at that. Bhanu pratap noticed it and placed a hand soothingly on his shoulder again and patted it gently.
“I know Sam! It is unfair. You are the Son of Saab, His only heir, son of the wife he loved; my sister. Yet his affections as a father lie towards that stranger of a man as a son”.

Samrat looked up at the kind eyes of his uncle.
“He loves that Man more than how much he loves me! Doesn’t he Uncle?!” there was lot of hurt in his voice.

His uncle gently nodded his head and kept on patting Samrat.
“I just never understood your father nor will understand i guess Sam! But know this Lad! I love you! You are not my nephew Sammy… You are my son!”

Samrat’s eyes welled up. He manfully rubbed his nose, drew a deep breathe and said.
“I want to know about him uncle. Everything you know uncle. Tell me!”

Bhanupratap knew who the man Samrat wanted to know about for he asked the same question many times before but never listened to his answer. Sometimes he mocked calling it folklore. Sometimes he got agitated. But this time Bhanu Pratap knew Samrat would listen.
There is something in the air today which is beckoning past. Memories of past are rushing to merge with the present to create a pathway to future.

He cleared his throat went near the bar made a peg for himself and Samrat. He came near the young man who was now sitting on the bar chair and handed him the glass again. Samrat took the glass silently and waited for his uncle to start.
Bhanu pratap took a sip from his glass and took a deep breathe then he stared out. As if his old eyes are seeing through the present into the past; old dog-eared memories…neither faded and never forgotten.


Bhanu pratap Thakur started the narration of the Man called Gabriel.

“It’s been a long time. Close to 12years back. One day we, your Dad and I went to a hotel. Had some business dealings there. While coming back we stopped midway to meet some gang members of ours. Parked the car near a desolate area and went to a dhaba by the road side. When we returned to our car and opened the door we saw a boy no more than 17 years curled up in the back seat. Torn shirt. Bleeding all over. Too much of blood. On his clothes, his face and yes! His hands. At that time i felt the blood is not his own. At least not entirely anyways.

Thakur Saab just looked at him and the boy stared back. I have seen many grown ups, roughnecks, murderers withering looking into Saabji’s eyes. But this boy, just a wisp of a boy stared right back. No fear No pain.. No emotion at all. They stared at each other for a moment maybe or maybe longer. No words were spoken yet it looked like they communicated something. I don’t know what but i felt silent understanding and acceptance between the big man and the boy who is child yet not a child.

Saabji silently sat in the driver seat told me and the driver to hitchhike back home. I have no idea what transpired between Saabji and the boy. I never asked Saabji. And he never volunteered. Next day He called all the gang members for meeting. There he introduced us all to that boy. I don’t know how to describe that boy. Just a day before i saw him but i couldn’t forget his face. Then there he was standing right in front of me. You must have noticed Sam that man has a very casual devil may care style of stance. He stands with his hands in his pocket head slightly tilted to left and the looks that say ‘Go ahead! Amuse me!!’

He stood in that same stance. Just a boy standing in front of a bunch of tough hardened men. Yet no nervousness on his face, no fear and surprisingly; no curiosity either. For a long time i thought and still think that human emotions, feelings, thoughts are beyond him. I have never seen any other man besides Saabji to hide what he is thinking so well and so totally. Maybe i shouldn’t say this but Saabji can show emotions at times i guess… but this man?! ..And those eyes! The eyes that looks straight at you as if they can see through you.
Saabji addressed us all. I still remember each and every word he said. Each and every scene that played out that day.”

Samrat was listening intently. Just as a kid would listen to his favourite uncle reciting a fairy tale. In this case a macabre fairy tale.

Bhanu pratap continued… “Saabji said meet the new member who will be joining our gang from today on. I want all of you to welcome him. He will make his own place here and will earn the respect that he deserves. So treat him as you would treat any new boy in our ranks BUT remember this ‘This boy is mine’!”
The way Saabji announced that the boy as his own there was no doubt in anybody’s mind that this boy is special. He is off limits. To be treated with respect.”

Samrat’s face fell at that. He failed to remember a single time when Thakur Saab addressed him as his son with pride. In private or in public. What is this about this man that his own father would announce to the world that the Man is his own. And according to uncle Thakur Saab met that Man only one day before. Samrat his own son never received any fatherly pride from his dad his his whole life of 27 years. So he hates that man. He loathes him. How could he not. He had to.
Samrat mentally shook himself out of his thoughts. Those never ending thoughts. He started listening to uncle again..

The older man continued.
“I think even if Saabji has not warned us, nobody would have dared to tangle with that boy. Even at the age of no more than 17 he looked as if he can take anyone head one and emerge victorious. There was something about that boy which warned wiser men to back off. Though i felt men high on hormones; less in brains who take this boy as challenge and may try to break him in. After all who wouldn’t enjoy the kick of breaking down a mighty and proud Stallion? I knew the boy would be challenged or attacked. And i was proved right. It happened and How!”

Samrat’s eyes lit up with curiosity despite himself. Bhanu pratap noticed it and smiled slightly at his nephew.
He said “I will tell you about it soon Sam. First we should proceed with what happened in that meeting”.

Samrat pouted at that but obediently looked at his uncle to continue.

Bhanu pratap continued “Saabji then called up Rana”.

Samrat’s head jerked up at that name and he murmured ‘Rana’ in awe.

“Yes” the older man continued “Rana!! A legend in our world. I know you have heard of him Sam and you have seen him a few times but you don’t know the extent of his legacy. You were in boarding school at that time.”

“Yeah boarding school in London” Samrat muttered in low voice “Always in boarding school. The farther the better. If Dad could have found any place beyond earth he would have sent me there.”

Bhanu pratap could hear the low mutterings of Sam and feel the pain of his nephew. He soothingly said “Sam Thakurji did it to keep you safe”.

“Safe!” Samrat replied derisively “Virendra Thakur, the god of underworld had to send his only son far away from him, his house and his life to keep that son safe. Don’t tell me you believe that yourself Uncle!”

Bhanu pratap knew what Samrat said was true. He himself never actually managed to understand why Saabji sent his heir, his only son so far away for so long when there are men in here who could kill and die to protect Samrat Thakur, Son of their God, Virendra Thakur.
So the older man allowed the moment to pass. And waited for Samrat to calm down and control his pain and anger.

Samrat took a deep breathe. Then looked up at his Uncle as if to say Continue.

Bhanu pratap started narrating the past again.

“Rana!” Bhanu Pratap said “is the first and the finest sharp shooter of our gang. I would say the best Shooter of the entire underworld here. Most respected, most revered and definitely most feared. Not many people will think of challenging him. Not many did. And whoever ever tried to actually challenge him didn’t live long enough to tell the tale or even regret their actions. He in one word is Legend”.

Samrat was listening with total concentration.

“Saabji called Rana to come forward. Generally Rana doesn’t attend meetings. I was actually surprised to see him there. So when Saabji announced his name; he came forward from the shadows near the pillars where he was standing all the while. Rana was giant of a man. He still is of course. Not those bulky bodyguards kinds. He is more like tough, hardened, rock-solid kind of a guy. No one knows his real age. Now he is in fifties i guess. So he must be in his early forties then. Tall, extremely fit and handsome to look at; Rana doesn’t look like a man you could throw your attitude at. But that boy gave him the same devil may care look. And Rana stared right back at him. I swear i saw him giving his very rare and very slight smile. It felt as if Titans has acknowledged each other. Gladiators entered the arena and are ready for the game.”

Saabji looked at Rana and said “Rana! So you have seen this boy. From today onwards his is your responsibility. You train him in everything that you yourself are expert in. You teach him everything that needs to be learnt to survive in our game. And you give him your knowledge and experience about our work, our world. He is all yours. You are answerable to no one. Treat him as his deserves to be treated. Break him if you have to, Kill him if you must but make sure this boy is a worthy successor of yours.

Rana gave a slight nod of head then looked straight at that boy. That boy was returned his stare slightly tilting his head forward. Rana then asked that boy in his deep booming voice that echoed round the room “Your Name?”
That boy simply shrugged his shoulders blinked his eyes once gave a lop- sided smile and saying nothing. He just said absolutely nothing.

There was a pin drop silence around and everyone was staring at Rana and that boy as if we are watching a powerful clash of titans happening silently. No one ignores Rana, his command or question. Yet that boy; a stranger of a boy; was still standing in his devil may care attitude and was staring right back at Rana almost challenging the mighty man.

Rana then nodded his head slightly, gave the younger lad straight and stern look and pronounced
“Alright! So be it! Then from today onwards you will be called as ‘Boy’. Just ‘Boy’! When you are good and ready I will give you a name. And i will be the only one who will decide if you are ready indeed!’

Saabji watched the entire exchange with utter satisfaction and gave the boy a look of pride. He then dismissed the meeting a wave of his hand.
That day on the boy became the student of a legend to start on a trail to become a legend himself.”

Samrat’s nostrils flared at that. His own dad chose a rank stranger; a nobody and gave his the best of the best Guru to learn, to evolve, to arrive. And ignored his only son and sent him off to a faraway land to study and learn. Learn what?. How to read books! OK! So he did his MBA. What good will it does in his Dad’s world where the only language understood is that of guns, violence, blood, money and death. THAT man lived Samrat’s life, took his rightful place and above all earned his father’s pride. He will pay. Someday! Somehow. Samrat will make sure of that. That’s his promise to Himself.

Bhanu pratap continued oblivious to the raging storm in his nephew heart.


To Be Continued…………

— Candy Lemon [Nimmi] —

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Ek Boond Ishq……….


Our new addition……Kahani ab Tak………..hope you enjoy…………….

Story starts with Tara who takes up the responsibilities of her house after the death of her father. Her family has her elder sister (Nandini) and younger brother (Bunty). Whereas Nandini dreams to marry a rich and handsome guy, Bunty has dreams of Higher education. Tara has been running a small eatery in Bhopal. She stays with her family in a house which they have taken on loan. One day she had to fight with local stallwalas to open her stall. They throw the key in the temple of Eunuchs. Tara dares to enter the temple to recover the key when their worship was going on. She finds the key but gets caught by Kalavati (their leader). Tara puts sindoor in her eyes and flees from there. Fearing that Tara has seen her face she wants her dead. Later Tara’s stall is demolished by local officials

On the other hand Tara’s mother gets a marriage proposal for Nandini from Thakur Jairaj Singh who is very powerful businessman of Bhopal. But Tara’s mom (Aradhana) refuses the proposal. When Tara comes home she gets to know about it and rushes to him and accepts the rishta for herself. Later some people come to her house to recover loan and Tara calls Jairaj for help. Jairaj manages everything for the family and they start the wedding preparations. It is also revealed that Mrityunjay is an orphan and Jairaj adopted him when he was just 4 years old.

On the wedding day Jairaj comes to Tara’s house without the groom and says wedding will happen at airport as Mrityunjay have to leave immediately for some urgent work. He takes everyone in two cars: Tara in his own car and rest of the family in other one. On the way driver of the car misleads the family and later pretends that car has broke down. Jairaj and Tara reach Bhopal jail where she gets to know that Mrityunjay is a criminal. After initial denial she agrees to marry him for her family’s sake. Wedding happens but neither Mrityunjay nor Tara sees each other’s face.


Jairaj takes Tara to the new house provided to her family for bidaai. He then takes Tara to Shekhawat house where Meethi welcomes her and rest of the family ignores her. After few days Bunty goes abroad for higher studies arranged by Jairaj. And Yug (Aradhana’s neighbor) befriends mother and daughter.

On the very first day in Shekhawat house she discovers that this house if full of mystery. She also learns that nobody has a permission to enter Tayaji’s ( Rudra Pratap) room or even roam in the corridor at night. Despite this she has been spotted around the room. She even enters the room once for which she gets a good scolding from her mother in law (Nirmala). Later on it is revealed that Rudra Pratap is Kalavati actually but nobody knows this secret. So he lives two lives of Kalavati and Rudra Pratap. He starts getting mysterious calls from a girl who claims to know his both the identities. He mistakes Tara for that mysterious caller.


After MJ-Tara’s marriage Mrityunjay gets released on parole. And on the day of their reception she learns that Mrityunjay is facing charges of rape and murder. She gets upset and tries to run away from the house and runs into Mrityunjay. She asks help from Mrityunjay who suggests her to hide under the table near the reception venue. Since both never saw each other they mistake each other for someone else. Tara tries to run away but her attempt fails as Jairaj’s servants find her. Both Tara- Mrityunjay are lost in thoughts during their reception. On her wedding night Tara mistakenly spoils MJ’s sketch book and when he gets angry on Tara and warns her to stay away from him and leaves her alone in the room.

Since Rudra doesn’t want his secret to be revealed he attacks Tara twice. First by mixing Mrityunjay’s dark room chemical in water and then sending goons in mandir. But both the attempts fail as Mrityunjay unknowingly becomes her savior.


In the house Mrityunjay-Tara share a bitter relationship as Mrityunjay thinks Tara married him for money and Tara thinks that Mrityunjay is a criminal. Due to some misunderstandings Mrityunjay misbehaves with Tara and due to previous attacks on her life she thinks that Mrityunjay wants to kill her. On the other hand Nandini discovers that Adi is Tara’s brother in law and already married to Meethi.

She vows to take revenge on him so she comes to stay with Tara. Adi wants to get rid of Nandini so one night he plans to catch her but mistakenly catches Tara. Tara thinks it is Mrityunjay and runs away from house and hides in the stable which belongs to Mrityunjay and is like second home to him. Since Mrityunjay has never seen her face and vice versa he helps Tara.


Outside the house they meet once again and Mrityunjay helps her again. She thinks Mrityunjay is someone else who saved her life thrice. She keeps visiting the stable and both become friends and on the day of Diwali Mrityunjay finds out that this girl is his own wife Tara. Mrityunjay regrets for misbehaving with her but resolves to stay away from her as there is no guarantee of his life and future with his wife.

He plans a date with Tara and deliberately pushes her from sunset point and saves her as his friend. After this incident Tara decides to leave Mrityunjay and asks his help. Mrityunjay helps her but on their way police chases him and Tara finds out that her friend and husband are the same. She gets angry and vows revenge on him. She destroys his dark room but saves few pics before spoiling everything. She takes out Mrityunjay on a date and gets out of the car on the middle of the road and leaves him on the road.


Mrityunjay follows her and people think he is eve-teasing her and gets beaten up only to be rescued by Tara. She also puts fire in the stable but before that she takes out important stuff and Mariya (Mrityunjay’s horse) from the stable. Later Tara uses Rudra Pratap’s file to mislead Mrityunjay to Rurdra Pratap’s room. Rurdra Pratap spots Mrityunjay in his room and slaps him and starts cursing him about his orphan status, his crime, etc. It is then Tara finds out that Mrityunjay is not real son of Jairaj and adopted one. Tara feels bad about it. Entire family goes for Rudra’s election campaign and Mrityunjay -Tara are left alone at house. Mrityunjay takes her out to drop her at her mom’s place but on the way they meet with an accident. Mrityunjay takes Tara to hospital and saves her life by donating his blood to Tara. Later Tara decides to find the truth of Mrityunjay.

After accident Tara softens towards MJ and both start feeling for each other. But still they stay away from each other. One night Tara finds Nadini in Adi’s room in compromising position and slaps her. She also warns Adi. After the accident Tara’s mom invites her and Mrityunjay to her house. On her mayeka trip MJ-Tara come closer. During their stay Kalavati attacks MJ but he escapes without any injury. Mrityunjay visits Indore to get his Dadu who was kidnapped and kept hostage by RP. Tara gets high fever and Mrityunjay takes care of her and takes her back home.
Meanwhile Adi was found in a brothel. He was heavily drunk.


Fahim chacha brings him home. Nirmala asks him to change his bad habits but he insults her. Mrityunjay couldn’t tolerate this and slaps him. He feels bad for slapping Adi but Tara supports him. When Tara questions Mrityunjay about Radha he gets angry and leaves the place. Later Vasu and Tara go for shopping and Tara finds Dadu on road. Tara enquires him where wants to go. He mentions Shekawat villa so she takes him home. On the other hand Mrityunjay and Raghu kaka search for Dadu but fail. Tara takes care of Dadu and goes to take cover for him. In the meantime Mrityunjay comes back home and finds him sitting there. Before Tara comes Mrityunjay takes away and Tara keeps wondering where the old man has gone. Tara finds some party pics in the store-room and enquires about them but family members stay tight lipped about it.

Tara decides to investigate all this and finds out a flight ticket according to which Mrityunjay was not at home when the crime happened. She also finds out address of Raghu kaka (Radha’s father who was old servant of Shekhawat family).

Rudra asks police commissioner to trace the mysterious caller and he gets the address of Raghu kaka’s house. He sends his goons to the place and Tara also reaches there to meet Raghu kaka. Goons mistake Tara for that girl and tried to take her away when Raghu kaka saves her. Tara questions Raghu kaka about Mrityunjay and the relationship he shares with him. She asks why he is helping rapist and murderer of his own daughter. To all this Raghu kaka simply says “Mrityunjay kalyug ka Ram hai” and refuses to answer her questions.

—- Updates Mamta ——
—– Siggies Mannawar Seh Reen —-


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Nenjam Pesude…….

Last few weeks………..


The very first day at work, Meena realizes that it would be impossible for her to work at the same office where Mohan is a star reporter and is being praised for his recent article on Mahananda flyover scam implicating her husband Amar. She immediately decides to quit and leaves the office. Mohan understands the reason and realizing how desperately she needed the job he talks to Dhanya and makes sure that her mother joins back.. He further recommends her name to his boss Mr Praveen for redesigning the office for which Meena gets some remuneration for her work in advance through which she pays school fee for her children.


Meena is very happy about this new found independence. Meena’s mother in law Saroja is not happy with the idea of Meena going to work and when the family comes to know as to whom she is working for, everyone including widowed aunt who is usually supportive of her is extremely upset with her and they wonder what would happen when Mr Veera Raghavan come to know of this on his return back from work.


Meena through her reasoning and steadfastness convinces Mr VeeraRaghavan and others in the family that she has taken the job only for the sake of her children. Mr VeeraRaghavan empathizes with her and permits her to attend the holi party at Mr Praveen’s (Boss) house. During the party, Mr Praveen is drawn towards Meena. Ever since, Dhanya tells Mohan that her Dad was on leave on the day the papers were signed, Mohan is very intrigued and starts reinvestigating the case. On the holi day, in one of his routine missions, he comes to know that he was used by Mr Dinanath in falsely implicating Amar. He is totally devastated not just for his humiliation but at the thought doing wrong to Mrs Meena and her family.


He curses himself for not listening to his instinct which constantly urged him to believe Mrs Meena. He rushes to Mr Praveen ‘s residence where everyone is eagerly awaiting him and he apologizes to Mrs Meena. He tells Dhanya that he has found out that her Dad was not guilty and assures her that this time he will find the truth no matter what.


Meena is quite disturbed at this revelation and is not able to understand Mohan. Mohan wonders as to how to get Meena’s help /co-operation which is is important for unraveling the truth. Meena tells him that if a day can pass without him causing any problem for her, then she can think of helping him. However the day turns out to be a major disaster with both of them stuck up in the lift for a few hours. This encounter reveals the immature and innocent nature of Mohan….


This incident becomes the talk of the office and on hearing that Mohan blasts the people as he doesn’t want to let Meena’s image being tarnished. Mohan is quite annoyed to find Mr Praveen giving undue attention to her and he senses that his intentions are not good. He is quite upset as to why Meena is unable to understand this. The situation is complicated by the request of Prema ( Mrs Praveen) who is Meena’s friend to take care of her husband at the office. Mohan protects Meena from Mr Praveen’s advances during the lunch party at office , thereafter during ride back home with Mr Praveen .

On one occasion he resorts to setting up a false fire alarm to make Meena come out of Mr Praveen’s cabin. When he reveals that he did this to protect her from Mr Praveen, Meena tells him that he is doing this and all earlier acts because he is jealous of the importance given to her and that his status as star reporter is threatened.


He is deeply hurt by Meena’s reaction and when he tells this to Guru ( his house help), he relates Mohan’s feeling through the various anecdotes in the love story of his parents, indirectly conveying that he is in love with Meena. Mohan is not ready to believe this and he vows never to help anyone.


— Mythili —

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24 The race against time

Episode ..….15th to 18th ; 22 / 23 Nov and 29th and 30th November.


Lots more action and excitement ! Jai Singh Rathore in not only freed from custody but reinstated as ATU chief by Aditya Singhania .Aditya is convinced by Jai’s belief that the assassination attempt is an effort by the LTFE to avenge the death of their Chief Ravindran and his family during operation Trishul in Sri Lanka . Aditya’s father as P.M had ordered the operation and Jai had headed it ; so they along with Jai’s family’s are on their hit list.

At the safe house Trisha realizes and is not able to deal with the fact that it is Nikita who was in her husband’s life during the turmoil in their marriage. Nikita realizing that at this moment it is better for someone else to handle the interrogation leaves .Unfortunately after this Max the assassin enters the safe house killing the agents on guard . Nakul manages to escape with the ladies but their vehicle crashes as he is shot by Max who is following. Max in turn gets shot by Kiran just after he has reassured Raja that both the ladies are dead .


Jai contacts Singh an ex operative on the Trishul case to get more information about LTFE. Singh manages to send the ATU some files before he killed from which they are able to get the pictures of the possible conspirators. Pooja, Aditya’s press aide is shell shocked to see Bala her boyfriend among the pictures of the terrorists during a security briefing . Jai wants to use this relationship to place a tracking device on Bala.

Sidhartha the agent sent by Gill to check the safe house calls back about what he finds there. He looks for Kiran and Trisha and manages to find them. The ATU agent who had been sent to fetch Veer Jai’s son has in the meantime been killed and replaced by a terrorist. At the Academy he is informed that Veer has gone to town with friends and will be back before curfew i.e 7p.m. Veer however offers to escort home Simran whom he meets at the pub since she is a little nervous as someone is following her. So when the terrorist reaches the pub he does not find Veer. Simran and Veer however land into trouble at her house as they are beaten up and threatened by some drug dealers who are searching for drugs Apparently they had some drug deal with her brother who is missing.


In Bala’s absence his room is bugged and hidden cameras placed .Jai and the agents watch from an adjoining room. Pooja though very emotional manages to place the tracking device given by Jai in Bala’s wallet. But something in her snaps ,when he places a necklace around her neck claiming that he is just waiting for the minute that they can get married and have a child.She stabs him. Bala is rushed to the hospital but chances of his survival are bleak. The necklace which is a remote operated bomb is removed carefully. Bala’s phone does not yield information as he has deleted everything. A call on Bala’s phone about a rendezvous gives Jai hope. He goes to the spot carrying a briefcase as he was supposed to be bringing money. From the conversation Jai’s comes to know that the man is being paid to turn off the electricity on a bridge at 7p.m but when Jai asks him the bridge’s location he gets suspicious and flees. Jai chases him but unfortunately one agent fires and the man dies.


At the rally ground a lot happens. Vikram waits in vain for Pooja and the blast that the necklace which she was wearing was to cause. Aditya comes clean with the St Stephen story and there is high drama as Prtithvi plays the recording on his phone and lets the entire audience and the nation hear his mother Megha admitting that she along with KK had got Mehak Ahuja killed in order to frame Aditya and make Prithvi the P.M .There is chaos as the press scrambles to question Megha . Aditya and his entourage leave the rally ground. Raja in the meantime is getting suspicious as Bala does not respond to his calls and sends someone to check. Noticing a lot of police presence oustside Bala’s hotel the terrorist calls the reception and learns that Bala’s floor has been vacated .He immediately calls Raja who realizes that something is wrong.


What is the plan of the terrorists regarding the bridge and will be will Jai and the ATU find out and foil them?
What happens to Veer and Simran ? Will Veer escape the drug dealers to get caught by the terrorist?

For the answers keep watching 24 on colors on Fri and sat at 10 and catch the repeat at 1pm on Saturday and Sunday.

— Vinita Gill —

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