24 – The Race Against Time……

22 Nov

Written updates : 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th Nov
Episodes 11, 12, 13 and 14


Lots more drama and action over the past 2 weekends .Shabana Azmi makes an entry as Abhilasha Grewal ,the officer brought in to replace Jai the ATU chief who is still at large. A stickler for rules she is unpopular and there is some past animosity between her and Nikita as well .

More big bangs as Mehak Ahuja’s house blows up, even as Aditya and Prithvi are driving up. Aditya ‘s suspicion that it is not just a gas leak but murder is soon proved right as police find traces of a bomb in the house. Earlier Megha, Prithvi’s mother had admitted to him about being the one who had leaked the St Stephen’s incident to Mehak as she feels her son deserves to be the next prime ministerial candidate rather than Aditya .


Consequently Divya had gone to Mehak chachi ‘s house and threatened to make public all her corrupt dealings and her affair with the head of the opposition party ; if she did anything more to harm Aditya‘s reputation or career. But Mehak thinks she is bluffing. KK comes to meet Aditya .He threatens to plant clues to implicate Aditya in Mehak Ahuja’s murder the motive for which would be shown as a bid to surpress the St Stephen’s incident .Aditya is told that his only hope is to withdraw his name and propose Prithvi’s name as the prime ministerial candidate. Prithvi who has earlier thrown the murder allegation at his mother had been horrified that she had not denied it. Vikrant seizing the opportunity tries to project himself as the misunderstood person and Prithvi as the bad guy,


Naina too accuses Prithvi while Aditya is confused.

On the terrorist front we have the boss from the shadows Rajan giving Yakub an ultimatum of half an hour to trace Jai or else kill Trisha and Kiran and vacate the place after the failed assassination attempt Max the hired assassin, is told to lie low, as his false identity as a photographer is now known to the police. Rajan puts a plan B into operation .From his talk we also come to know angle and that these people want to kill and destroy Aditya as well as Jai to take revenge for something in the past.

Jai in the meantime hijacks Tarun Khosla’s with his car pretending to be his driver . Inspite of Jai’s threats, Tarun reveals nothing .However during the scuffle he dies due to an asthama attack and while dying mutters something in Tamil . Jai hopes to get some leads from a man called Kartik who was coming to meet Tarun. Kartik turns out to be none other than Jhanavi’s false father Jai overpowers him and compels him to drive him to Yakub’s hideout .He informs Nikita about this and tells her to look into the tamil links .She finds large sums of money transferred to Jia’s accounts from Tarun khosla have come to him from Sri Lanka .Their Sri lankan contact is asked to investigate this .From him comes the chilling news that a top Sri lankan assassin has already left the country and has probably already reached India.


Abhilasha orders Tej and Nikita suspended and interrogated separately on the charges of helping and shielding Jai. However before they divulge anything comes a phone call from Jai .He tells her that he has found his wife and daughter and also informs her about the presence of 11 terrorists and arms at the hideout . Jai wants a chopper for evacuation and armed commandoes to deal with the terrorists and promises to turn himself in for interrogation after that .At the terrorist jungle hideout earlier When Quershi comes to the shed after Yakub orders him to kill the women Trisha shoots him with a gun smuggled in to them earlier by Rohit. In the meantime Jai also reaches there .Rohit gets a van but they are discovered while escaping and in the cross firing Trisha and Kiran are sent off to reach a particular spot in the jungle for the evacuation while Anil Kapoor brings an injured Rohit later .When they fail to home there and Jai has to return to fetch them .There is an encounter with Yakub and his men but they kill themselves rather than surrendering.

Jai along with his family are evacutated .Trisha and Kiran are taken to the hospital while Jai is held for questioning .Jai tries to convince Abhilasha and the Raw officer who comes to investigate him about the possible LTF link and a link to a case called Trishul he handled in the past the and also the fact that he could be more useful if freed in view of the urgency due to the arrival of the Sri Lankan assassin .
Trisha and Kiran are moved to a safe house from the hospital as Nikita who has been sent to the hospital on Jai’s insistence realizes that the man claiming to be a raw officer who she had met there apart from the ATU people is not the person whom raw had actually sent .Aditya in the meantime is dissuaded on security concerns from attending a rally but he is insistent on meeting with Jai.


In the meantime we see the entrance of a new character the Bala the assassin from Sri Lankan who too swears revenge on Jai and Aditya Singhania .As always the episode ends with a twist and some suspense .It closes with Pooja an aide to Aditya coming to meet Bala the assassin in a hotel .Is she simply in love and is being used or she involved with the terrorist ??Well to find that out we have to wait for the next episode !

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— Vinita Gill —

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