Khelti Hai Zindagi, Aankh Micholi – Updated : 17 November 2013.

17 Nov

Episodes..4th Nov to 8th Nov. and 11th Nov. to 15th Nov.

Mehta family is going through a major crisis as their son-in-law Yogesh, gets arrested in a passport fraud case, with little proof of his innocence. This worried Sanjay.

Shruti, unaware of Sanjay’s problem, senses something amiss but hesitates asking him. The news gets flashed in newspaper and Shruti is shocked to know about it.
She contacts Sanjay’s lawyer and decides to give witness in favour of Sanjay’s brother in law Yogesh.
Sanjay tries his level best to stop her from doing so but before he could reach the police station , Shruti has signed her statement. Yogesh gets bail but Sanjay is annoyed of the false statement to police…
Shruti sticks to her decision …”Tumhe paresan nehi dekh sakti hu main kyunki….. tum meri best friend ho Sanjay..” was her retort.


Best Friend yani ‘Sabse acche Dost’….I remember a very famous line from a movie… “Pyar Dosti hai..”..
Sach mein..woh Dosti hi toh hai jo Pyar k neev ko itna mazboot banata hai k woh haar mushkil ka samna kar sake..haar seema ko par kar sake…bina sart ke, ek dusre ka sath nibha sake.

Mehta family is happy for her selfless act, but Prabhadevi, Sanjay’s mother, is not happy with Shruti. She finalizes Sanjay’s engagement with Bhavna which irritates Sanjay a lot and he declares his decision of marrying Shruti in front of all family members. Everyone except Sanjay’s father is shocked and is against his decision.

Sanjay’s mother meets Shruti and insults her to the core. She repeatedly mentions that Shruti is a widow and has two grown up daughters…her presence in Sanjay’s life will ruin his life.

Sanjay who’s little unsure about Shruti’s feelings, by chance meets Shruti’s mother in her absence.
Shruti’s mother blesses him for giving her daughter a second chance in life and also ensures Sanjay that Shruti also loves him but is unable to accept the fact. The mother..the daughter-in-law within her stops her from accepting her love for Sanjay. Sanjay feels happy and relieved.

On Diwali, Sanjay comes to Shruti’s house to wish them. Shruti is alone in the house and Sanjay gets a chance to express his love and also requests Shruti repeatedly to accept the fact that she also loves him equally. Shruti’s responsibilities as a a daughter…more over Sanjay’s mother’s words stops her from accepting her love.
For a while…Sanjay loses his patience and forces Shruti to speak out, but relents, realizes his mistake and repents for his behavior.

Pyar ko zabardasti se kab kisne hasil kar paya hai..
Pyar toh sahenshilta aur intezar ka pratik hai…


Shruti..who understands Sanjay and also loves him consoles Sanjay and also clearly states that she doesn’t love him…..though her moist eyes conveys a different meaning …
Sanjay who’s still very sure about Shruti’s love for him says…”Samajh raha hu Shruti par yakeen nehi ho raha hai..”
He leaves Shruti’s house silently.

Shruti..who controlled her emotion in front of Sanjay breaks down …she can lie to everyone but how can she lie to herself..!How can she deny that she also loves Sanjay very much..she also want him in her life..
But…a always a mother first then a woman..she can never think about her own happiness at the cost of her children’s happiness.

Sanjay gives a nod to his mother’s decision and Mehta family goes ahead with Sanjay & Bhavna’s engagement ceremony. Initially Shruti avoids the ceremony but destiny brings her in front of Sanjay.
Sanjay who loves Shruti immensely places the engagement ring in Shruti’s finger instead of Bhavna, pleading her to admit her feelings.


This unexpected act of Sanjay shocks Shruti and leaves all others stunned. Ami gets furious on learning that Shruti loves Sanjay. She feels that Shruti is betraying her late father and Shruti’s husband and runs away from the venue. She can’t think of anyone in her father’s place.
Shruti assures Amy that she’ll never marry Sanjay and for her children’s happiness she returns the ring to Sanjay. She further requests Sanjay to marry Bhavna if he has ever loved her.
Sanjay apologizes to Bhavna’s family and also to Hoshipura family.
He agrees to get married to Bhavna but at the same time he believes in his love and also has full faith on Shruti’s love for him.He…with full confidence says to Shruti…. “…Tum khud aayogi mujhe iss shadi karne se rokne k liye..yeh mera yakeen bhi hai aur chunauti bhi…”.


Will Shruti admit her love for Sanjay?
Will she come to stop Sanjay from marrying Bhavna?
Will Amy accept Sanjay as her father ?

I wish and pray Sanjay’s confidence on his love and his faith on their relationship will definitely unite Sanjay-Shruti kyunki…”Agar kisi ko shiddat se chaho..toh puri kayanat..usey tumse milane ki kousish mein lag jati hai”

Wonderful screenplay of Sonal Ganatra…Mind blowing dialogues of Rajesh Soni and Fantastic performances of Manav Gohil as ‘Sanjay’ n Gautami Kapoor as ‘Shruti’ make the show watch worthy.
Stay tuned to ZeeTV..Monday to Friday at 10pm to catch the latest episodes of ‘Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi’.
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— Sharmila Gupta Sen —

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