24 – The Indian Series … Updated : 14 Nov 2013

14 Nov

The race against time ….

Nov 1st and 2nd…

This past weekend brought up some up some interesting issues in ’24’. Is violence for a good cause justified ?
Jai who is mistakenly arrested for the assassination of Aditya Singhania at the end of last week manages to escape from custody .He gets into a car and forces the girl driving it to obey him by threatening to shoot her. She has no idea who he is and is absolutely terrified. Tej and Nikita try similar tactics with Jia, When she refuses to reveal any information beyond Yakub’s name, they get her son to the ATU premises to force her to talk .
So are Nikita and Tej justified in what they are doing …using Jia’s son as a bargaining tool? Is Jai justified in using force and threats when his wife and daughter are faced with similar threats to their lives .

Should Nikita and Tej help Jai who is being hunted by the police and who as the person allegedly trying to assassinate Aditya Singhania is India’s most wanted criminal at that time!
The right path it seems is never clear cut or totally white but has its shades of grey …
Nikita and Tej believing in Jai’s innocence, manage to help him by keeping him informed about the police’s moves by monitoring their transmission.

At the terrorist hideout Trisha and Kiran are almost shot by the goons when Jai is arrested but the decision is changed at the last minute. Both are now in terror of being killed and are in a state of panic. Trisha manages to take the cell phone of one of Yakub’s henchmen without his knowledge. They contact Jai but as the goon comes back, they have to hide it. They leave the phone on so that the call can be traced. However in spite of his efforts, Mihir at the ATU headquarters is not able to pinpoint the location before the call is cut .In the meantime Jai ,Nikita and Tej can hear the goon threatening Trisha and Kiran and realize that time is running out
One unfortunate thing happens in the meantime …The fear of being branded a traitor in front of her son and the knowledge that the terrorists would not spare him or her if she spoke out against them makes Jia commit suicide.
The Singhanias put up a brave front post the assassination attempt .Though thankful for her son’s lucky escape, Naina Singhania is also glad that it stopped Aditya before he could publicly come clean about his past and maybe spoil his political chances She uses the time that has been gained to convince the top shot news reporter Mehak Ahuja to drop the story about Aditya’s past. In return she is promised exclusive information on India’s top story at that moment, namely the assassination bid.

To our surprise we also discover that the good for nothing husband of Divya Singhania, Vikrant is not just a nuisance but is also evil. He is behind the plot to kill Aditya in cahoots with other villains, Yakoob’s boss. Vikrant is very upset about the failed assassination bid as it will now result in tighter security for Aditya making it more difficult to now succeed.

While investigating leads Nikita and Tej learn that extremely large amounts of money have been transferred to the bank account of Yakub Sayeed from an extremely rich businessman Tarun Khosla ..what is his connection to the whole thing ? Jai is determined to meet him and find out the truth behind all this.
Mehak Ahuja we see doesn’t take kindly to Vikrant trying to bully her and insists that he be at her place as usual. Aditya Singhania on hearing about Mehak’s decision not to go public with the information that she has is still determined to meet her and sort out things with her. Though Prithvi wants to accompany him ,he insists on going alone


The next episode promises to be even more exciting as the promo shows a killer coming into Mehak’s house .Who is the killer ? Is it someone sent by Naina Singhania or Vikrant? Will Aditya go there and get embroiled in it? Also who is the person who has let Mehak into the story of Aditya’s past that even he was not aware of.
The episode ends with the arrival of an actress par excellence Shabana Azmi as the much disliked Abhilasha Grewal the new ATU head in place of Jai Rathod . The next episode also brings the handsome and talented Rahul Khanna as businessman Tarun Khosla …so till next week … Happy viewing!

— Vinita Gill —

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