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24 – The Race Against Time……

Written updates : 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th Nov
Episodes 11, 12, 13 and 14


Lots more drama and action over the past 2 weekends .Shabana Azmi makes an entry as Abhilasha Grewal ,the officer brought in to replace Jai the ATU chief who is still at large. A stickler for rules she is unpopular and there is some past animosity between her and Nikita as well .

More big bangs as Mehak Ahuja’s house blows up, even as Aditya and Prithvi are driving up. Aditya ‘s suspicion that it is not just a gas leak but murder is soon proved right as police find traces of a bomb in the house. Earlier Megha, Prithvi’s mother had admitted to him about being the one who had leaked the St Stephen’s incident to Mehak as she feels her son deserves to be the next prime ministerial candidate rather than Aditya .


Consequently Divya had gone to Mehak chachi ‘s house and threatened to make public all her corrupt dealings and her affair with the head of the opposition party ; if she did anything more to harm Aditya‘s reputation or career. But Mehak thinks she is bluffing. KK comes to meet Aditya .He threatens to plant clues to implicate Aditya in Mehak Ahuja’s murder the motive for which would be shown as a bid to surpress the St Stephen’s incident .Aditya is told that his only hope is to withdraw his name and propose Prithvi’s name as the prime ministerial candidate. Prithvi who has earlier thrown the murder allegation at his mother had been horrified that she had not denied it. Vikrant seizing the opportunity tries to project himself as the misunderstood person and Prithvi as the bad guy,


Naina too accuses Prithvi while Aditya is confused.

On the terrorist front we have the boss from the shadows Rajan giving Yakub an ultimatum of half an hour to trace Jai or else kill Trisha and Kiran and vacate the place after the failed assassination attempt Max the hired assassin, is told to lie low, as his false identity as a photographer is now known to the police. Rajan puts a plan B into operation .From his talk we also come to know angle and that these people want to kill and destroy Aditya as well as Jai to take revenge for something in the past.

Jai in the meantime hijacks Tarun Khosla’s with his car pretending to be his driver . Inspite of Jai’s threats, Tarun reveals nothing .However during the scuffle he dies due to an asthama attack and while dying mutters something in Tamil . Jai hopes to get some leads from a man called Kartik who was coming to meet Tarun. Kartik turns out to be none other than Jhanavi’s false father Jai overpowers him and compels him to drive him to Yakub’s hideout .He informs Nikita about this and tells her to look into the tamil links .She finds large sums of money transferred to Jia’s accounts from Tarun khosla have come to him from Sri Lanka .Their Sri lankan contact is asked to investigate this .From him comes the chilling news that a top Sri lankan assassin has already left the country and has probably already reached India.


Abhilasha orders Tej and Nikita suspended and interrogated separately on the charges of helping and shielding Jai. However before they divulge anything comes a phone call from Jai .He tells her that he has found his wife and daughter and also informs her about the presence of 11 terrorists and arms at the hideout . Jai wants a chopper for evacuation and armed commandoes to deal with the terrorists and promises to turn himself in for interrogation after that .At the terrorist jungle hideout earlier When Quershi comes to the shed after Yakub orders him to kill the women Trisha shoots him with a gun smuggled in to them earlier by Rohit. In the meantime Jai also reaches there .Rohit gets a van but they are discovered while escaping and in the cross firing Trisha and Kiran are sent off to reach a particular spot in the jungle for the evacuation while Anil Kapoor brings an injured Rohit later .When they fail to home there and Jai has to return to fetch them .There is an encounter with Yakub and his men but they kill themselves rather than surrendering.

Jai along with his family are evacutated .Trisha and Kiran are taken to the hospital while Jai is held for questioning .Jai tries to convince Abhilasha and the Raw officer who comes to investigate him about the possible LTF link and a link to a case called Trishul he handled in the past the and also the fact that he could be more useful if freed in view of the urgency due to the arrival of the Sri Lankan assassin .
Trisha and Kiran are moved to a safe house from the hospital as Nikita who has been sent to the hospital on Jai’s insistence realizes that the man claiming to be a raw officer who she had met there apart from the ATU people is not the person whom raw had actually sent .Aditya in the meantime is dissuaded on security concerns from attending a rally but he is insistent on meeting with Jai.


In the meantime we see the entrance of a new character the Bala the assassin from Sri Lankan who too swears revenge on Jai and Aditya Singhania .As always the episode ends with a twist and some suspense .It closes with Pooja an aide to Aditya coming to meet Bala the assassin in a hotel .Is she simply in love and is being used or she involved with the terrorist ??Well to find that out we have to wait for the next episode !

Happy Viewing

— Vinita Gill —

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Khelti Hai Zindagi, Aankh Micholi – Updated : 17 November 2013.

Episodes..4th Nov to 8th Nov. and 11th Nov. to 15th Nov.

Mehta family is going through a major crisis as their son-in-law Yogesh, gets arrested in a passport fraud case, with little proof of his innocence. This worried Sanjay.

Shruti, unaware of Sanjay’s problem, senses something amiss but hesitates asking him. The news gets flashed in newspaper and Shruti is shocked to know about it.
She contacts Sanjay’s lawyer and decides to give witness in favour of Sanjay’s brother in law Yogesh.
Sanjay tries his level best to stop her from doing so but before he could reach the police station , Shruti has signed her statement. Yogesh gets bail but Sanjay is annoyed of the false statement to police…
Shruti sticks to her decision …”Tumhe paresan nehi dekh sakti hu main kyunki….. tum meri best friend ho Sanjay..” was her retort.


Best Friend yani ‘Sabse acche Dost’….I remember a very famous line from a movie… “Pyar Dosti hai..”..
Sach mein..woh Dosti hi toh hai jo Pyar k neev ko itna mazboot banata hai k woh haar mushkil ka samna kar sake..haar seema ko par kar sake…bina sart ke, ek dusre ka sath nibha sake.

Mehta family is happy for her selfless act, but Prabhadevi, Sanjay’s mother, is not happy with Shruti. She finalizes Sanjay’s engagement with Bhavna which irritates Sanjay a lot and he declares his decision of marrying Shruti in front of all family members. Everyone except Sanjay’s father is shocked and is against his decision.

Sanjay’s mother meets Shruti and insults her to the core. She repeatedly mentions that Shruti is a widow and has two grown up daughters…her presence in Sanjay’s life will ruin his life.

Sanjay who’s little unsure about Shruti’s feelings, by chance meets Shruti’s mother in her absence.
Shruti’s mother blesses him for giving her daughter a second chance in life and also ensures Sanjay that Shruti also loves him but is unable to accept the fact. The mother..the daughter-in-law within her stops her from accepting her love for Sanjay. Sanjay feels happy and relieved.

On Diwali, Sanjay comes to Shruti’s house to wish them. Shruti is alone in the house and Sanjay gets a chance to express his love and also requests Shruti repeatedly to accept the fact that she also loves him equally. Shruti’s responsibilities as a a daughter…more over Sanjay’s mother’s words stops her from accepting her love.
For a while…Sanjay loses his patience and forces Shruti to speak out, but relents, realizes his mistake and repents for his behavior.

Pyar ko zabardasti se kab kisne hasil kar paya hai..
Pyar toh sahenshilta aur intezar ka pratik hai…


Shruti..who understands Sanjay and also loves him consoles Sanjay and also clearly states that she doesn’t love him…..though her moist eyes conveys a different meaning …
Sanjay who’s still very sure about Shruti’s love for him says…”Samajh raha hu Shruti par yakeen nehi ho raha hai..”
He leaves Shruti’s house silently.

Shruti..who controlled her emotion in front of Sanjay breaks down …she can lie to everyone but how can she lie to herself..!How can she deny that she also loves Sanjay very much..she also want him in her life..
But…a always a mother first then a woman..she can never think about her own happiness at the cost of her children’s happiness.

Sanjay gives a nod to his mother’s decision and Mehta family goes ahead with Sanjay & Bhavna’s engagement ceremony. Initially Shruti avoids the ceremony but destiny brings her in front of Sanjay.
Sanjay who loves Shruti immensely places the engagement ring in Shruti’s finger instead of Bhavna, pleading her to admit her feelings.


This unexpected act of Sanjay shocks Shruti and leaves all others stunned. Ami gets furious on learning that Shruti loves Sanjay. She feels that Shruti is betraying her late father and Shruti’s husband and runs away from the venue. She can’t think of anyone in her father’s place.
Shruti assures Amy that she’ll never marry Sanjay and for her children’s happiness she returns the ring to Sanjay. She further requests Sanjay to marry Bhavna if he has ever loved her.
Sanjay apologizes to Bhavna’s family and also to Hoshipura family.
He agrees to get married to Bhavna but at the same time he believes in his love and also has full faith on Shruti’s love for him.He…with full confidence says to Shruti…. “…Tum khud aayogi mujhe iss shadi karne se rokne k liye..yeh mera yakeen bhi hai aur chunauti bhi…”.


Will Shruti admit her love for Sanjay?
Will she come to stop Sanjay from marrying Bhavna?
Will Amy accept Sanjay as her father ?

I wish and pray Sanjay’s confidence on his love and his faith on their relationship will definitely unite Sanjay-Shruti kyunki…”Agar kisi ko shiddat se chaho..toh puri kayanat..usey tumse milane ki kousish mein lag jati hai”

Wonderful screenplay of Sonal Ganatra…Mind blowing dialogues of Rajesh Soni and Fantastic performances of Manav Gohil as ‘Sanjay’ n Gautami Kapoor as ‘Shruti’ make the show watch worthy.
Stay tuned to ZeeTV..Monday to Friday at 10pm to catch the latest episodes of ‘Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi’.
For weekly updates visit our Blog…Happenstance…Serendipity of happy discoveries

— Sharmila Gupta Sen —

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Nenjum Pesuthe – Updated : 17 November 2013

Kahani November 15th, 2013 Tak…….


Following the newspaper report, the family is extremely angry with Mohan while all his colleagues are partying to celebrate his success at his home. Amidst this, Mohan is ill at ease and finds something amiss in the whole situation. Being a very close neighbor Meena is disgusted and pained to watch all the jubilation taking place. Unable to control his agitation, Mr VeeraRaghavan reaches Mohan’s office and flings his chappal at Mohan. The news reaches Mohan’s househelp, cook cum buddy Guru and his mother. Meanwhile Dhanya also faces lot of humiliation at school. All these developments make Mohan very remorseful and he is very pained when Dhanya breaks her ties with him. Addu in turn expresses his anger by tearing away Mohan’s motorcycle seat and puncturing the tyres. Despite her hatred for Mohan, she takes him to apologize to Mohan and pays for his damage.


Soon after, there is Shivratri festival celebration in the neighbourhood and as fate would have it, Mohan ends up saving Meena from the stampede that takes place. Mohan’s frantic attempt to mend the relationship with Dhanya fails. In one last desperate attempt, he risks going into Mr VeeraRaghavan’s household to meet Dhanya. He reveals his true self and convinces her to meet him. This is witnessed by the widowed Aunt ( Sister of Mr Veeraraghavan). Bothe these incidents set her thinking that Mohan is not really a bad person and this makes her develop a soft corner for him. This is further reiterated when Dhanya confides in the aunt (china patti) that Mohan was the one who traced her when she went missing and not her cousin brother Raju who took undue credit. Meena for her part tries to maintain the minimum courtesy that demands to be extended whenever she happens to meet Mohan.


In the mean time, Sanjay gets a new job and his wife Renu is now pressurizing him to spare money for her son Raju’s CA coaching instead of spending it on school fees for Meena’s kids Renu urges Meena to put her children in charitable school. Her taunts and humiliation is on the rise. Further, Renu listening to her friend Sangeeta’s gossip tries to malign Meena’s reputation saying that something is brewing between Meena and Mohan. Observing all this, Mr Veeraraghavan gives permission to Meena to find a job as he feels that Meena’s self respect is now at stake. She attempts to find job at various places like travel agency, school etc but she is not successful.
After the request from Mohan, Dhanya goes to meet Mohan. There Mohan showing all the evidence collected including her dad’s signed papers explains why he had to believe that her father was behind the scam. Dhanya is very hurt and dosen’t believe him. She points out that the day her Dad had signed was her birthday and that her Dad always takes holiday and that year also he had taken leave and spent time with them.


There is a fancy dress competition in Dhanya’s school. Once again due to unforeseen delay, Meena is forced to take help from Mohan to drop them at school as well as fixing the costume. Mohan hands over his phone to Meena and he forgets to collect. Mohan loves Dhanya and encourages her very much. Dhanya’s portrayal as butterfly and her sensitive message to save the environment to protect the butterflies helps her to get the Ist prize. She credits her mother for writing the poem and coming out with the concept. Noticing Meena’s creativity, the chief guest of the day (editor from a newspaper) offers a position for her in the new magazine “Manasi” which they are about to launch. Meena is very thrilled at the prospect of a new job offer and agrees to join the next day.
In the mean time, Mohan is fuming as he is unable to trace his mobile phone and on recollecting that he had left it with Mrs Meena, he is further agitated with her lack of tact to inform him. He is desperately waiting for her to arrive and soon after they start fighting. Meena tells him that even though she realizes and appreciates all the help that he has done for them but she would never ever be able to excuse him for the once incident with regard to Amar. As a fall out of this, both of them decide not to cross each other’s path and even if they see each other, they would ignore

Mohan is quite upset after this incident and wonders why every time he tries to help Meena it takes a negative direction.

Meena comes to the office without knowing that it is the same newspaper which reported of Amar’s involvement in the scam. She expresses her inability to the boss Mr Praveen who however convinces her to give it a try. Additionally she also has to face the wrath of the Star Reporter “Mohan Prasad” whose table she has been given inadvertently.
Mohan and Meena’s lives continuously cross paths and coupled with the recent developments bring in a subtle transformation in Mohan. For the first time Mohan sees a world beyond himself and slowly becomes aware of the world of Meena…..

Kunal Karan Kapoor as Mohan conveys the turmoil of fighting between his conscience and the so called truth very convincingly.
Meena played by Akanksha Singh displays the perfect restraint and strength that her character demands..

With the prospect of Mohan and Meena working together, expect more fireworks between Mohan and Meena and get your seat belts fastened as now you are on a flight for a beautiful destination …. with lots of turbulence on the way ofcourse……


— J.B.Mythili —

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24 – The Indian Series … Updated : 14 Nov 2013

The race against time ….

Nov 1st and 2nd…

This past weekend brought up some up some interesting issues in ’24’. Is violence for a good cause justified ?
Jai who is mistakenly arrested for the assassination of Aditya Singhania at the end of last week manages to escape from custody .He gets into a car and forces the girl driving it to obey him by threatening to shoot her. She has no idea who he is and is absolutely terrified. Tej and Nikita try similar tactics with Jia, When she refuses to reveal any information beyond Yakub’s name, they get her son to the ATU premises to force her to talk .
So are Nikita and Tej justified in what they are doing …using Jia’s son as a bargaining tool? Is Jai justified in using force and threats when his wife and daughter are faced with similar threats to their lives .

Should Nikita and Tej help Jai who is being hunted by the police and who as the person allegedly trying to assassinate Aditya Singhania is India’s most wanted criminal at that time!
The right path it seems is never clear cut or totally white but has its shades of grey …
Nikita and Tej believing in Jai’s innocence, manage to help him by keeping him informed about the police’s moves by monitoring their transmission.

At the terrorist hideout Trisha and Kiran are almost shot by the goons when Jai is arrested but the decision is changed at the last minute. Both are now in terror of being killed and are in a state of panic. Trisha manages to take the cell phone of one of Yakub’s henchmen without his knowledge. They contact Jai but as the goon comes back, they have to hide it. They leave the phone on so that the call can be traced. However in spite of his efforts, Mihir at the ATU headquarters is not able to pinpoint the location before the call is cut .In the meantime Jai ,Nikita and Tej can hear the goon threatening Trisha and Kiran and realize that time is running out
One unfortunate thing happens in the meantime …The fear of being branded a traitor in front of her son and the knowledge that the terrorists would not spare him or her if she spoke out against them makes Jia commit suicide.
The Singhanias put up a brave front post the assassination attempt .Though thankful for her son’s lucky escape, Naina Singhania is also glad that it stopped Aditya before he could publicly come clean about his past and maybe spoil his political chances She uses the time that has been gained to convince the top shot news reporter Mehak Ahuja to drop the story about Aditya’s past. In return she is promised exclusive information on India’s top story at that moment, namely the assassination bid.

To our surprise we also discover that the good for nothing husband of Divya Singhania, Vikrant is not just a nuisance but is also evil. He is behind the plot to kill Aditya in cahoots with other villains, Yakoob’s boss. Vikrant is very upset about the failed assassination bid as it will now result in tighter security for Aditya making it more difficult to now succeed.

While investigating leads Nikita and Tej learn that extremely large amounts of money have been transferred to the bank account of Yakub Sayeed from an extremely rich businessman Tarun Khosla ..what is his connection to the whole thing ? Jai is determined to meet him and find out the truth behind all this.
Mehak Ahuja we see doesn’t take kindly to Vikrant trying to bully her and insists that he be at her place as usual. Aditya Singhania on hearing about Mehak’s decision not to go public with the information that she has is still determined to meet her and sort out things with her. Though Prithvi wants to accompany him ,he insists on going alone


The next episode promises to be even more exciting as the promo shows a killer coming into Mehak’s house .Who is the killer ? Is it someone sent by Naina Singhania or Vikrant? Will Aditya go there and get embroiled in it? Also who is the person who has let Mehak into the story of Aditya’s past that even he was not aware of.
The episode ends with the arrival of an actress par excellence Shabana Azmi as the much disliked Abhilasha Grewal the new ATU head in place of Jai Rathod . The next episode also brings the handsome and talented Rahul Khanna as businessman Tarun Khosla …so till next week … Happy viewing!

— Vinita Gill —

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Nenjum Pesuthe


Tamil channel viewers, gear up to sit back and enjoy a very unusual TV show called Nenjam Pesude on Polimer TV at 9.00 PM, Monday to Friday and retelecast at 12.15 PM, for all those sweet ladies who can’t fight with the family for the TV remote.

Nenjam Pesude is a dubbed Tamil version of the Hindi show “Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha”, all about an unusual love story between an idealistic crime reporter and a strong willed widow with two kids. The story so far …. The widow Mrs Meena and her two kids Dhanya eight years and Aditya alias Addu 6 years come to live with her in laws in Indore after the death of her husband Mr Amar mysteriously during the construction of Mahananada flyover in Bhopal for which he was the Chief Engineer. This incident renders Amar to be a corrupt man and the family to face endless humiliation which follows them to Indore.

The father in law Mr Veera Raghavan and the whole family have full faith in Amar’s character and strongly believe that he had been framed by the corrupt builder Mr Dinanath. Having faith in the judicial system, the family is very confident that the judgment of the court case which is under review for the past two years will be given in favour of Amar soon. The family with a single bread winner in the form of brother in law Mr Sanjay is supported by Mr VeeraRaghavan as an insurance agent. In the absence of an access to Amar’s money from bank accounts due to the ongoing court case, and with the arrival of Meena and her kids the family is living a hand to mouth existence.

Dhanya is a very sensitive child and a silent spectator to the whole scenario of humiliation meted to them by outsiders and taunts by her aunt Renu (wife of Sanjay) about their unwelcome entry into the household. Dhanya decides to rid her mom of all the troubles by publishing an advertisement in a newspaper seeking an alliance for her mom thinking that the new husband will bring back all the cheer in her mother’s life as it is shown in TV serials. She is able to accomplish this with the help of reporter Mr Mohan Prasad (the hero) who is incidentally working for the same newspaper and also happens to be their neighbor. All hell breaks loose after this incident and Meena and family has to once again undergo lot of humiliation and in the process Sanjay also loses his job. Dhanya and the hero Mr Mohan being in the same neighborhood to the family realize the gravity of the situation and this becomes a ground for the two to bond together.

At the same time, Mr Mohan Prasad is investigating the case of Mahananda flyover scam and discovers that Amar is none other the father of Dhanya and Meena’s husband. All the evidences about the Mahnanda flyover scam point a direct role of Amar in the scam. Confronted with a major dilemma of supporting Amar, keeping in mind the unflinching faith his family has on him or going against Amar as per the evidences collected, Mohan takes a very difficult decision and publishes the report in the newspaper implicating Amar in the Mahananda flyover scam.

This article becomes a ground to turn the case against Amar and the investigating committee also implicates Amar in the scam. The family is shattered and devastated…..
PS: A word of caution…. The show takes a very slow pace to start with but please hold on as it is going to take off to amazing heights very soon…… The serial is unique because it is about the triumphs and tribulations of a normal middle class family and the characters so simple, yet dignified with whom each one of us can identify. A lot is conveyed only through eyes and heart as the title says Nenjam Pesude….

Share your views…

— Mythili —


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Picture Hub

A few offscreen moments with the Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha cast and crew, caught offguard….
smiley face






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