27 Oct

A gripping tale of death, life and love……


Some Love Stories are made in Heaven
Some are Born in Hell!!!
This Love Story goes beyond: Heaven & Hell !!!

Present day  :

Drip drip drip……

“Damn it!! Somebody shut the sound!” the man thought in frustration.
Beep beeeep beeeep…

“Goddamn it! Stop it; just stop this racket! Is nobody listening?”

The cacophony of sound was unrelenting.

“Where the hell am I???”

He tries to open his eyes but fails.
His eyes refuse to obey his command. As if they are welded shut not willing to watch the world around.
He tries to move his body but fails. As if it is made of lead. Solid and immovable.

“No!!” he roared in frustration. “This is not happening. I am the master of my mind and body. They are MY slaves. I command you to obey.”

They replied eerily “No! We wont bow to your command. We don’t recognise you as our master. We are not your slaves anymore”.

And then there was pain.

An explosion of fierce unforgiving pain. An unstoppable pain coursing through out his body hurling, hunting and hurting.

“Agghhhh!” A part of him voiced in pain “I am hurting. Somebody please stop this pain. This pain is hurting my body. This pain is burning my Soul”.

“Haa!!” Snickered another part of him “Soul? What soul are you talking about? You DON’T have a SOUL”.

“Then why am I feeling this pain, this burning, hurting, killing pain?”

The voice asked pitifully.

“Pain??” Mocked the harsher, unrelenting voice “pain is for humans. YOU are beyond pain”

“Yes!!!” Agreed the man.

Both the voices were startled and they stared at him.

The Man continued in a voice that was calm. Deadly calm.

“I am hurting.”

“I am in pain.”

“But it feels good”.

The voices were staring at him in confusion.

“You know what does this pain means??” the man mockingly asked the voices.

They kept staring uncomprehendingly.

“It means…” said the man



——-A series by Candy Lemon——-


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2 responses to “Angel

  1. Nita Khandekar

    December 15, 2013 at 10:16 AM

    Enjoyed reading!! Waiting to

  2. Urmi

    November 4, 2013 at 10:37 AM

    Gripping prologue.. Definitely leaves me wanting for more.. How can someone without soul still be Alive??


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