Khelti Hai Zindagi – Aankh Micholi

27 Oct

Kahani Ab tak – Meri Zubaani

Khelti hai zindagi aankh micholi, the new show of Zee TV at 10pm (Monday to Friday) is a touching story of a young widow Shruti Joshipura (Gautami Kapoor) and her two daughters…Amy (Ulka Gupta) and Khushboo (Reem A Sheikh). The story revolves around these three characters and their struggle to find a foothold after the death of Harsh Joshipura (Vinay Jain), Shruti’s husband, in an accident. After Harsh’s death, it was Sanjay Mehta’s (Manav Gohil) constant support that helped Shruti and the girls pull through the trauma, the girls finding a father figure in him.


Harsh Joshipura was a perfect family man, Shruti’s soulmate, a friend, philosopher and guide to Amy and a perfect son to Baa (Farida Dadi). His untimely death two years back created a vacuum in Joshipura family which is yet to be filled. Amy, a teenager is lost and confused and finds it hard to move on without her father, who she adored. For Amy her father was the best man on earth. She is unable to focus on studies and has fallen into bad company at school. Quite often her misgivings have proved challenging to her mother.

As a sole bread earner of the family, Shruti is trying her best to give her daughters good education and a secured life, despite struggling to strike a balance between home and work. The family is fighting for the insurance claim, which the Company has declined based on rumors that Harsh’s death was a suicide and not an accident. Sanjay comes to their rescue, he helps her get a lawyer to fight a case against the insurance company. Just when things seem settling Shruti loses her job due to Amy

Sanjay Mehta is a decent, caring,matured ‘n’a selfless man. Although he belongs to an eminent business family of Baroda, he has not joined their family business, instead runs a partnership company. When Shruti loses her job, Sanjay requests her to join him which she does hesitantly. He makes it a point that he does everything to keep Shruti and family happy. This said, his mother Prabha Devi (Soma Anand) dislikes their friendship and wants Sanjay to settle down with a girl of her choice. Sanjay rejects all the alliances his mother brings for him enraging his mother further. In the process he also realizes he loves Shruti and takes courage to propose to her. They say ”Pyar jab hona hota hai..toh baas ho jata hai.”. How true. Enraged at this sudden turn of events, Shruti decides to quit her job with Sanjay and break all ties with him.


Hoshipura family faces a new crisis when their landlady serves them a notice to vacate the house they were staying in a month’s time. The entire family, especially Amy is very attached to the house because she feels her late father’s presence in everything around. The Mehta family is also going through a major crisis as their son-in-law is arrested in a passport fraud case.
Having quit, Shruti is serving her month long notice period trying her best to remain normal. Sanjay tries to maintain a distance with Shruti and starts treating her like an employee. This hurts Shruti a lot, …..she feels humiliated when Sanjay shouts on her for a genuine mistake she commits. Unable to bear the dilemma, she breaks down wondering what made her lose a good friend forever. Sanjay tries to console her, makes her understand that he loves her very much and will love her forever.

”Ristein badal rahe hai Shruti…ristein badal chukke hai…” he tells her…. but Shruti is unable to accept this change in Sanjay. Shruti’s mother, who’s aware of Sanjay’s proposal, tries to convince Shruti to give life a second chance.

  • What will Shruti do?
  • Will she accept Sanjay’s love?
  • Shruti’s concern for Sanjay..Is it love or just friendship ?
  • Will Amy accept Sanjay as her father….???

Badaalte Ristein kya baadlav lata hai Shruti- Sanjay aur unn dono k parivaar walon k jeevan mein…..Dekhne k liye..Stay tuned to Zee TV..Monday to Friday, 10 PM.


—Sharmila Gupta Sen —


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